You idiot, that trick roared that it was Wan Jianzong, but this guy is dressed as a god of death. How did you get Wan Jianzong?


You’re not smart enough to go there. You didn’t hear the old man accuse him of not going to wear clothes. Of course he wants to get a certificate.
Yeah, it is, it is.
Not far from the boarding gate, the battle that was not bloody but gorgeous has been completely regarded by these people as the plot scene of the contemporary Xianxia War. They are thinking about these two people going to shoot and not even going to the stunt. What is the dragon and the ten palms, the six-pulse Excalibur, all of them are handy.
Looking at the smoke barrier without any signs of rupture, Tang Yi scattered his left hand with a sword finger and gently returned to the body. The intense consumption of qi also slowly subsided. He slightly released the power of the dragon to attack the thief, and then forced it back. He quickly absorbed this skill power and at the same time was concise. The left hand knife was slightly shaken and the ice wing gently flapped behind a person. It turned out that a ghosting shadow was dragged along an inexplicable trajectory and the knife was slowly chopped in the hand. Firm but gentle this firm but gentle rotating ring back and forth is that he released seventy percent of the just-arrived true qi in this blow, whistling in the firm but gentle, not short, splitting one minute, two minutes, four quarters, although not just Wan Jianzong, but also determined not to be much smaller.
When the firm but gentle flight barrier is in front, it has been split into sixty-four paths. Every firm but gentle is the first quarter of strength. In this move, the energy is enough. Tang Yi’s idea can eventually be split into one hundred and twenty paths. Every firm but gentle is the first sixth of strength. At the same time, the energy around firm but gentle will be extracted to prevent the magician from releasing powerful magic.
This recruit in the plane to distance enough is bound to be a perfect means of fighting in the disorderly army, but at this time, sixty-four firm but gentle lines are densely arranged together, which has vaguely gained momentum.
Hey, hey, you little baby’s things are so miscellaneous. Although every move is more than enough to deal with ordinary people, is the old man comparable to those ordinary people? This messy firm but gentle is just a joke to the old man. It is absolutely impossible for you mortal body to really explore the artistic conception of heaven. You still don’t attack, but you put a few black gases to stop the sharp firm but gentle chop with a wave of your hand, giving people the feeling that it’s like a punch in the cotton power and no firm but gentle momentum. Then the black horse will wrap around and dissolve the firm but gentle in an instant.
On the occasion of the instant Tang Yi scattered is still rushed to the hands of the spirit-cutting knife repeatedly waved has cut five or six swords, each sword from the spirit-cutting knife flew a blue ice dragon after five or six swords, and the whole body was already flying with six frost wyrm imposing rainbows. Looking from a distance, I took the spirit of the imperial dragon to cut the demon and get rid of the evil spirit, and behind him, a thick dragon tail had been quietly raised, and after rushing away, it was thunderous and violently whipped.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-three Dragon Yue frame
PS um Sanjiang recommended to add a chapter, while Xiaobai’s pure eyes are cool and handsome, asking for a ticket for nothing.
Six frost wyrm rushed in with the same momentum, and the black-robed old man was finally a little bit serious, and that’s the truth. His left hand kept making one puzzling gesture after another in front of him, and when he looked at it, his thumb and finger tapped together, and at the same time, he was a Buddhist.
After making several changes, the left hand suddenly pushed forward, and immediately a black palm print emerged from his palm, which increased rapidly and became almost the size of a van when meeting the six ice dragons.
Boom a loud noise, where the six ice dragons collided, a wave of light blue semi-permeable impact ring was even visible to the naked eye in the gas. Six ice dragons were smashed by this huge handprint and burst at the same time, and the broken ice actually flew back in the direction of Tang Yi powder at the same time.
Silently sighed Tang Yi scattered his left hand gently, and the ice and snow control force brought by the ice-skating pill with the spirit-cutting knife has already dialed most of the broken ice, but the dozens of pieces of ice with black gas have just been restored by him, and all the spirits of the North Ghost can’t affect his progress at all.
The knife in the hand was aimed at the big black handprint, which has been reduced a lot. Suddenly, this knife was cut with a sharp momentum, which was the same as the courage to go forward and never take a step back. Facing the evil, it was a blow with strong belief.
His ground motion is very direct, that is, he simply chopped at the head, except that the path of the knife was slightly strange, but it was this simple and ordinary chop that actually chopped the black handprints of the six ice dragons that seemed to be easily destroyed.
After cutting this knife, Tang Yi’s eyes flashed a bit with the color of the blade, and that bunch of knife gas surged three feet in vain. With a blow, he broke away from the shackles of the knife, and took a knife with a length of six or seven meters, and the ghosting went straight to the eyebrows of the black old forehead.
This Dao Qi is almost the same as a true spirit-cutting knife, which is generally caught in the hand by the old black left hand in an airy way. Two thin fingers are born with many wrinkles, and one place name is full of unwillingness, which means that there are several cracks in the place where the blade is caught, and then the Dao Qi collapses. Even Tang Yi scattered this knife, which has been doped with his imitation of the peak of Ran Dao and strangely added his will to it, but still can’t frustrate the old black robe.
That is, the knife’s gas eye has reached the point where the dragon’s tail crossed a semicircle arc in an instant, and the old black body was heavily smoked, and the broken tail was completely frozen. The cold ice froze the old black robe alive in the blink of an eye, and the light blue ice surged and solidified for a moment, which has become a huge ice cube. In this huge ice cube, the old black robe still kept his left index finger and middle finger clamped, and even his face expression did not change a bit. His right hand still held the short black stick tightly.
Dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-shaped dragon-
Carefully looking at the ice that was falling towards the ground, Tang Yi scattered it, knowing that it was a dragon’s scaffold, it was absolutely impossible to do any serious harm to the black-robed old man. He waved the ice dragon repeatedly and was chopped by Tang Yi, screaming and rushing at the ice, constantly expanding the thickness of the ice and reducing all the surrounding temperatures. The misty white frost fog slowly spread in the square, and the gas in Fiona Fang dropped for more than 100 meters in an instant, so the huge contrast made some people feel the chill and retreated one by one.
Tang Yi, holding high the spirit-cutting knife, set foot on the ice hockey ball that has been expanded to seven meters in diameter. Suddenly, the temperature in the air suddenly dropped again by thirteen or fourteen degrees. At this time, the temperature has reached eleven degrees, which is so low that even in winter, K City has never experienced the global warming in recent years. In winter, the lowest temperature in K City is just a mere degree, while the low temperature is still over winter.
After Tang Yi scattered it and inserted it, the pair of beautiful wings slowly broke into pieces with a strong cold breath, and the ice flakes landed on the ice hockey and quickly proliferated. For a moment, the ice hockey was expanded and the knife was gradually changed back.
After a strong shock, the ice hockey actually smashed a shallow pit on the ground of the airport, and even if it was hundreds of meters away, it could still feel the huge vibration on the ground.
Looking at the huge ice hockey girl, she quickly rubbed her hands, her eyes were mixed with angry flames, and she waited coldly to put Tang Yi on the ice hockey and spread her feet on the soil. Her body kept shaking and stepped back step by step, and every step back, she had to take a look at the huge ice hockey, and the sense of loss in the face of the dark figure was increasingly strong.
Ha, ha, ha, I can’t believe that this little baby of yours is still doing this. My old man was taken away by your sneak attack at the moment. It seems that my old man’s means have been rusty for many years. Just when the girl’s face was lost more seriously, the old voice was frozen again from the ice hockey for ten or twenty seconds, but the old voice in black didn’t show any signs of weakness. It was still full of gas.
There was a crack popping up from the ice hockey, and then it quickly expanded for two or three breaths, and then it was full of ice hockey, and then there was a rush, and the ice hockey collapsed and broke into white spots all over the sky, and finally it slowly disappeared, and the temperature in the air also rose.
The black figure flying from the ice hockey is like a big bird, but it happened that it fell down and took a step lightly. Now, the girl’s right hand, the black short stick, lit one by one at the girl. The previously opposite white gas emerged from the short stick and slowly entered the girl’s body, but when she saw her frozen blue face, the horse became ruddy, and it was obvious that the white gas had magical effects.
Old slightly pleased to pat a few faces on the girl’s head, a little relieved and smiling emerged. You did a good job, son. You just left without looking back like my ancestors and my disciples, so even if you are my ancestors and descendants, I will get to know your worthless grandson.
With a wave of his hand, Tang Yi, the right-hand sword, waved lightly toward the sky, and immediately chopped a firm but gentle sword. Then his left hand pinched a sword finger again and slowly flew away. This time, the speed of firm but gentle flight was not particularly rapid, but vaguely felt a sense of hysteresis. However, firm but gentle was magically not short in flight, as if it had become a skin, and then people kept blowing into it.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four Sword Art Wine Sword Fairy
PS Royal Swordsmanship Wine Sword Fairy Li Bai’s grandfather asked for a ticket.
Shock wave soared to fly in front of the black-robed old man, and it has become a sword as long as one foot wide, more than two or three inches thick, and the light of the sword is moving back and forth in blue and white, crackling and exploding.
After this shock wave, Tang Yi’s face suddenly turned white and his forehead was bright and clean, and he also vaguely took a few minutes of sweat. It was the release of this move that made him feel that his spirit had been consumed by more than 50% in an instant.
sword surgery
Swordsmanship skills Sword and Chivalrous Man can control the firm but gentle to cause damage to the enemy. Firm but gentle will constantly absorb the aura of heaven and earth during Ling’s flight, so the farther the distance, the stronger the firm but gentle damage, and the farthest distance can’t exceed 300 meters. The speed of firm but gentle flight requires the spirit to display skills.
The firm but gentle wind is blowing. At this time, Tang Yi’s casual dress is replaced by a long-sleeved fluttering ancient one, so it seems that it is really a bit of a sword fairy style.
Consumption is too large, which is why Tang Yi San is never willing to provoke Xianxia skills.
Swordsmanship in XianXia body is not a powerful move, but this most basic attack skill has already cost him more than 50% spirit.
It is said that those sword fairies who control the light of the sword will travel thousands of miles in one hand, and the light of the sword will be earth-shattering. The rocks and vegetation everywhere will collapse, and this power will be scattered one after another. Now Tang Yi can easily touch the category rashly, so it takes mental energy to give him a lesson that will never be forgotten.
The ground was almost ploughed into a wide ravine with the power of sword light, but nothing was smashed in the ravine after the sword light. The ground was completely turned into the smallest dust, and the black robe was blown away by the sword light, which had not yet reached the front. The old man felt a little dangerous, and his face was a little serious. The short stick of his right hand waved a dark fog in a dignified way, and at the same time, the viscous liquid rushed in and quickly spread a light black barrier on his girl’s body for a hundred years. At this time, it showed that the barrier was different.
Ha, ha, ha, you little baby are so interesting that you even dabble in swordsmanship, but your skill is not enough to force swordsmanship, which is neither fish nor fowl. The man who was taught you knows that he must be angry.
The boom and boom of the sword light exploded in the thin barrier, and it exploded one after another. After listening to the waves one after another, it gave people a feeling of eternal rest. At the same time, the amazing firm but gentle radiated from the explosion place and strayed around irregularly. The concrete floor immediately showed a small hole with a diameter of three or four centimeters, and I don’t know how deep it was. After the firm but gentle rampaged, it turned the ground into a real honeycomb.
Although it sounds like a rest, the firm but gentle still stopped after all, and the black barrier settled the mountain after the smoke.
Face a Tang Yi scattered eyes flashed a few minutes decisively hand cut spirit knife heavily in his hands in his chest eyes narrowed slightly.
Looking at Tang Yi’s posture, it’s not urgent to look at Tang Yi with Rao’s interest. I want to see what other moves this young man can put to use. When people spray in the distance, they are also distracted to slowly observe all the ruins in the field. Although the building was not destroyed, I looked at the broken ground and there were several wide cracks. The ruins can perfectly shape everything.

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