In the previous article, Qiao Fang was finally willing to try to marry a rich husband, Liu Xin, and destroy Qiao Fang’s family happiness. She wanted to leave quietly, but she was best brought back to earth by the night fog because she could not stand up.


Life is emotional, and the soul is sympathetic. In the volume, Qiao Fang was brought back to the best by the quasi-god. After all the twists and turns in the Song Dynasty, Axin finally reunited to interpret a new story.
Volume main character
Ashin I was the best classmate friend of the earth G in the Song Dynasty. Gao Boyuan’s spirit was very weak, and she was reincarnated by Gao Boyuan’s blood and flowers. She was reincarnated without washing her memory. Liu Suxin was unwilling to marry Gao Boyuan’s concubine, and she tried her best to escape. In the 1st century, she became Liu Xin’s reincarnation. After all, Liu Suxin Qiao Fang returned to the best Song Dynasty and became a 16-year-old runaway bride.
A Fang I was Liu Suxin, a Wulin woman in G Song Dynasty, and Qiao Fang, a noble lady in B1 century, returned to G Song Dynasty for reincarnation in this life.
Fox matchmaking female match Fomen Zhenshan originator Fang is ten years old and a temporary female.
Gao Huan-sheng, male with Fox, Gao Tu, Xue Yan-hua, senior brother, was sent to B, the head of the B1 century earth repair organization, because of the quasi-god Liu Xiaoqing’s homosexuality.
Liu Xiaoqing’s male match is regarded as a kind of god by the protoss. Temporary mortals don’t want to be gods because of love. In the previous article, they were unhappy and were carried on the list of Mansfield gods.
The new male actor Leng Qingyun, the Jin brothers Gao Boyuan, Ge Jing Wan Chang, Bajard and so on.
More than 110,000 words of Fox 1, The Fox Caught Beauty have been finished.
More than 160,000 words of Fox Stunning Hook demon fairy have been finished.
Master Fox 3, my little girl, loves you. More than 460,000 words are over.
Fox 4 hurts smiles send us light, don’t run away.
I’m a lovely girl, but I’m not a fox. More than 30 thousand words have been written. Chapter 1 is a runaway bride and divorced lady.
Song dynasty barren hills
The heavy snow seemed to bury everything.
Ashin’s eyes were wide open and his vision was blurred as if he saw the flames beating.
This is not a good sign. She remembers that she was dry and flinty, and she was so stiff that her fingers could not move.
Survival can make her just roll up and roll to a stone cliff, where there is a concave cave and a piece of hay that is not buried by snow is rustling in the cold wind.
After a few rolls, her fingers were lucky enough to move and play, rubbing flint for the first time.
It’s so warm, the bonfire skill is restored, and the fire is avoided. Before the dry food is heated, she will devour a large piece of dry food, and then she will shake her head. Who am I?
Silly, I’m Liu Suxin’s runaway bride. I want to escape back to my previous hometown Guangnan East Road in Wuyishan District to find my previous widow’s knot and wear it to the 1st century.
In the 1st century, dribs and drabs welled up in my heart. Her eyes sparkled. My aunt left them in the 1st century. Although she couldn’t get along there, she was a dresser and won’t be caught again.
The courage to wear a woman is three feet long. In the past, the bride in the Song Dynasty didn’t know how to argue, but now she can March forward bravely in different directions.
We all know that you can’t succeed if you want to run around in the mountains and break your legs.
The runaway bride didn’t live up to wearing the pie laurel. After more than ten days of tossing and turning, she finally saw people cooking smoke.
She couldn’t help crying and thinking of Qiao Fang, a friend of the first century, on her honeymoon, and I will live well.
The earth is made up of grapes. Ashin is now the best G on the earth. She used to wear it in the B1 century. When B is not the worst or bad enough, it flows much faster than G. More than ten days have passed. B How can her good friend Qiao Fang be a bride? Her family is already a lady.
At the moment, a Boeing plane is flying in the blue sky, and Qiao Fang is sipping juice slowly.
Everyone will say that in her life, lucky strike used to be a small clerk and a rich husband, and her career became bigger and bigger, and she was listed on Forbes’ rich list. She was not a twin of the second ancestor’s daughter-in-law, noble daughter and beautiful grandson.
She already knew that her life was a ridiculous joke, but it was only yesterday that she learned that her husband was divorced and remarried, and asked the lawyer to send her a DNA test sheet more than 20 years ago, telling her that filial piety was not him, and that he was weak and childless, which was a product of her accidental absurdity.
YYD took medicine after she slipped that day far away. It can be seen that there were too many fake medicines, and all the medicines were fake and hateful. At that time, because of too much psychological pressure, she tried to get pregnant with a rich man and even made Siebel goods every ten days.
You can become a talent without Siebel goods. If I want wealth, I will go through the formalities when I get it.
She has been looking for her future life for so many years, but she has never found her friend Axin who disappeared quietly on her wedding day. There is no marriage defense in the future, and she is also idle to look for a dead silly girl who has gone with a man I have never seen before. Maybe she has already thrown away her cat and polished her shoes on the street, and she has not given me a bag as a follower.
The more Mrs. Joe thinks about it, the more proud she is. She forgets that people’s good luck will eventually lead to a lottery accident when this Boeing plane is not careful.
When the earth people die, the foundation is that the soul is dead and the body is dead. The soul is quite weak, but fortunately, it will be killed by the blast.
However, Lady Qiao is just a blessing. When she was a beauty queen in her early years, she took a boyfriend who was an observer in B of the earth’s repair organization. When she saw it, she fished her spirit body to observe the leader Gao Huansheng. At first glance, it was the goddess Qiao Fangman who washed her spirit body and sent her to G reincarnation. Zhang Shuaishuai took a look at the little orphan girl.