The ground suddenly flooded with many springs, which condensed into thousands of strange fish with sharp teeth. The head of the strange fish bit Meng Fei, and the strange fish sprayed water arrows in its mouth. It was a big water polo that opened its mouth to hit Meng Fei and then suddenly exploded.


Here we go again. This is the essence of sunflower water condensed into fish essence. Kill it, Jinlong laments one.
Meng Fei is silent and doesn’t talk, as if to save energy. All kinds of magical powers of the watery branches are put to use again, and the magic sword is hacked everywhere. This time, this group of strange fish condensed from sunflower water essence is good for dealing with some. The only powerful thing is that they spit mines in their mouths.
Bang bang bang bang.
Strange fish were chopped, caught and exploded by the giant sword, and the most pure water vapor was integrated into the watery branches.
And those mines were resisted by the fire cover of hexagrams.
I didn’t suppress the fierce baby that the seven nights demon king won the battle sky. It’s really hard for me to enter these five sacred places. I don’t know how many sunflower water essences Meng Fei killed and condensed into strange fish, but the spring water gushed from the ground is endless.
The magic sword and the spirit of the vault looked tired, and the light of the furnace was dim.
Seeing this situation, he repeatedly sprayed the true qi and poured it into the battle sky, the magic sword and the battle sky, and also into the divination furnace.
Although these two immortals are powerful, they can’t be kept strong forever. When they are attacked violently for too long, they will be tired and then lose their efficacy, and they will be able to recover after a rest.
Of course, if people can infuse them with true qi, they will be fierce at once.
In the field, the world tree is huge, and its vitality is poured into the dantian of Meng Fei, and it turns into true qi after a little rolling.
Then the true qi will destroy the avatar or pour it into two fairy bodies to keep their greatest power forever.
After fighting for nearly half a day, Meng Fei didn’t stop for a while
It’s really a big fight. After fighting for so long, it’s incredibly still able to keep up the skill. Even giving him a magic spar is not enough to consume. In the list of gods, the gods are shocked by Meng Fei’s skill.
Now even an epic master has exhausted his skills and is dead tired.
Finally, a huge water whale was chopped by the magic knife, and the essence of sunflower water was absorbed into the watery branch of Meng Fei, and this illusory spiritual branch changed a little bit.
Hua Hua
The branches of the world’s trees are swaying like waterfalls falling from mountains, and it seems that rivers are surging and their strength is soaring.
He suspects that if this branch is removed, it will soon condense and form a complete watery branch.
But I’m afraid it’s too much for me to kill this group of elite strange fish, Meng Fei, who suddenly sprayed sunflower water from the ground. If the world tree didn’t come with a steady stream of energy, even if he was pregnant with more treasures, he would have to run out of oil and be besieged by thousands of monsters and die.
This place is not only immortal, but also epic. It is also alive and exhausted, and immortal. Because the fairy house is forbidden, it is impossible to come here. As a result, this five-element holy land is absolutely a death for people. If you want to come in, you will never want to live again.
Jinlong was also dazzled by these monsters for a while.
Our two immortals are still full of vitality, and they are all so tired. Everyone in this place will die except the immortal level.
There are some lingering fears in the sky. Although it is a fairy device, it has fallen into an exhaustive siege. Although the body will not be destroyed, the spirit of the device will be silent and fall into a deep sleep.
Meng Fei meditated for a while while restoring his energy. Although his skill is endless, his body is flesh and blood after all, and now he is sore all over. He hurriedly transports the magical powers of the Five Elements Gate to adjust the spiritual power of the practice, nourish the body, and massage the muscles and muscles to relieve fatigue.
The magical powers of the Five Elements Gate are all-encompassing, and many of them are well managed when fighting for life and death.
It is really shocking to hear that the old man of Five Elements Buddha did not get tired of fighting for months in a row when he was fighting for monty outside the territory.
The monster came again. The three-legged sword screamed and woke Meng Fei up. However, in the distance, the horizon screamed one after another. There were several figures. These figures were all ordinary people, six or seven times taller and giant.
Meng Fei saw the wooden lines on the bodies of these giants as soon as he saw them clearly.
Is actually a wooden giant.
Ten million is a huge army.
Swish swish swish.
These wooden giants jumped violently and jumped very well, gliding to the ground like a big bird, violently shaking their hands, wooden weapons, wooden axes, wooden guns, wooden knives, Mu Cha, etc. A pair of eyes were green and bright, fierce and violent, and mosquitoes and flies in Meng Fei swooped down at the sight of blood.
A tall wooden giant was the first to kill his hand. A wooden gun was shot and there were phantoms everywhere. A similar wooden qi and killing gas enveloped Meng Fei in it.
This time, it’s a pity that my wooden branch has become a real wooden branch in dzogchen, but it’s good to kill these wooden giants and draw more vitality, but they can give birth to the five elements.
Seeing these wooden giants, Meng Fei will certainly not let go of the five elements. The more vitality, the better. There are also many places behind the five elements.
Magic knife hand
As soon as I cut away the layers of guns and shadows, I cut them to the head of the wooden giant and turned them into dust. A green wood vitality was absorbed by the wooden branches.
Bang bang bang.
In the magic sword and the sky, hundreds of wooden giants were killed immediately, and all of them became pure wood vitality.