It’s really advanced that the physical body of both sides is unreal.


In the demon gourd, the Biluo boy roared and blocked several branches and leaves. Without the thunder pool, the demon gourd became too easy to be invaded at will.
When he was worried, suddenly the millstones flew over to take the place of the thunder pool.
Ghost Phoenix laughs. Little Hong Haier can rest assured that the Lord knows that the depth will not transform the abode of fairies and immortals at random. After that, I will suppress the entrance to the abode of fairies and immortals. If you want to enter the abode of fairies and immortals, you must see if you can withstand the grinding of the millstones of heaven and earth.
Biluotong was relieved. Although the thunder pool is powerful, there is still a chance to break into the abode of fairies and immortals. The millstone of heaven and earth is different. The nine channels of the millstone of heaven and earth, that is, the nine orifices of the millstone, must be entered from these nine orifices if you want to enter the abode of fairies and immortals.
When you enter the nine orifices, Ghost Phoenix can choose to let go or attack with a millstone.
The attack of the millstone of heaven and earth is far more terrible than the thunder pool, which can also protect the fairy. This millstone crushing alone can make the true fairy directly turn into dust.
This demon spirit has destroyed the millstone of heaven and earth. This is the integration of attack and defense. It is an abode of peace and tranquility.
That Luo Xiu’s Yang Ji is constantly absorbing the power of robbing the stars from thunder, and the destructive power of robbing the thunder is the greatest when the stars are extinct. That Yang Ji is made of celestial fragments, which are also the hardest star structure.
Repeated refinement of the Yang Ji has turned into a crimson leitian, and the night emperor’s door Shenmu is half-melted into his seven-star magic gun, which is also tempered by thunder.
Two people, Du Jie Night Emperor Men Jinxian, were very surprised to find one by one, because in their view, Leitian had not yet reached the point of Du Jie, but they took the initiative to attract thunder, which can be said that they had been mistaken before.
Leitian power would have triggered Armageddon, but he forced it to go.
No one will believe that a magic method can see through the fairy power, but the fact is right in front of us. Is it possible to Du Jie at any time, but deliberately exert pressure to achieve the strongest achievement?
Leitian didn’t mean it, but he wanted Du Jie because Luo Xiu Du Jie drove two people, Yuan Shen Fa Zhu, to directly promote his strength. If he hadn’t Du Jie, he would have achieved true immortality, but his achievement would have been much smaller. Maybe Jin Xian had been relying on Luo Xiu’s advanced skills to drive his strength.
Leitian chose immediately and Du Jie stopped waiting.
I don’t know how long it took Leitian Luo Xiu to be truly divided into fairies. The fairy spirit has been refined like the purest crystal, which makes the strength of two people rise by hundreds of times. Because they can’t master the true fairy level of two people, fairies are all blurred and transformed into adults.
So as to bring the fairy back to her true body, Luo Xiucai recovered her human appearance by magic.
Luo Xiu Qingcheng Mountain turned a colorful cloud into a long skirt, which became his second unique fairy device. With a wave of his hand, a crack was created. In the crack, various kinds of flames, such as robbery, thunder, fire, five aggregates and true fire, were still burning, but the core of the flame was a star fire.
Leitian doesn’t seem to have changed much, but in his rare, Qing Di has completely changed, and the magic inside has been graphically displayed, but the level of the true fairy Jin Xian Tao has been revealed.
A huge thunder pool in the purple mansion abdomen slowly rotates and releases three kinds of thunder to refine the leitian flesh.
Leitian’s physical body changes into a real body. The power of the nine-character mantra may not be Luo Xiu, but the physical fighting ability is that Jin Xian will be killed by him.
Leitian finally found out that when he manipulated Jin Ren and felt Jin Ren was in his hand, he was almost afraid of all attacks, and now he has similar power.
Gong Bai, the head of the night emperor’s gate, smiled and said that although it was fun, it didn’t envy Leitian. Now the faeries are strong enough to catch up with the faeries.
Three seniors don’t want to make fun of me. Luo Xiu Du Jie also thanks to three people who are on the side. This is a little gratitude. Leitian said that he made a ring and put it in some special metal. This kind of metal armor can guard against the attack of the true fairy soul.
Oh, isn’t it possible to defend against the attack of Jin Xian’s soul by arranging some fairy arrays?
That’s a huge consumption. Leitian answered with a smile and acquiesced in this statement
Consumption is not a problem. If we can let our brothers live, the three golden immortals will accept the precepts, which is considered as a favor for Leitian.
Leitian Road came to ask the Qingcheng School to make a fairy tale of blue thunder. For a short time, I can’t do this thing at night.
It’s good to have enough in front of you. The three Golden Immortals don’t care if they are registered as Li Bihu in the Night Emperor’s Gate. The three of them will also be the most loyal elders. These Li Bihu have said.
Leitian’s eyes flashed. What about the demon gate?
There have been a large number of true fairy level magic generals, and now it seems that the general attack is necessary.
Leitian’s achievements are true, and the queen’s mind has grown a lot. He laughed and said, I won’t delay it for a few more months so that the Qingcheng Sect can successfully refine the sword and destroy the underworld door in one fell swoop.
How to delay the three golden immortals is also very strange.
Leitian laughed and three seniors helped me. I’ll go and see Leitian. He said, Lei Guang came to the door of the underworld. The magic gas of the door of the underworld is already rich. The liquid is close to the door of the underworld. A large number of magic soldiers are not coming from the door of the underworld, and some powerful creatures of the underworld are now.
Chapter three hundred and forty-five The hype
Leitian Luo Xiu saw this scene and his heart surged with a desire to fight.
The three Golden Immortals hit the portable abode of fairies and immortals, released 10,000 younger brothers, and took a gourd of fairy beans and released 10,000 fairy soldiers to protect themselves.
Leitian, I have to have an addiction to the three Jin Xiandao predecessors first.
Three Jin Xian nodded with a smile to see how leitian is enjoyable.
Leitian Luo Xiu jumped on the door of the underworld. The door of the underworld was so high that millions of creatures from the underworld rushed to Leitian Luo Xiu like a flood. Two people laughed and changed into themselves.