It is obvious that Robert is very reluctant to show more wisdom than himself, and roared with anger, Ramon, there is no place for you to talk. Shut up.


The werewolf hierarchy is also very strict. Robert’s position is obviously in Ramon. When he said this, the werewolf named Ramon immediately said nothing.
Beth Na’s words shocked Cliff into a cold sweat. Since three people fled, Cliff has been surrounded by death. It is the first time that Cliff has been born today.
No, they’re going to do it. When Cliff saw Robert raise his shiny claws in anger, his heart thumped without thinking about it, and he wanted the other two powers to prepare for a desperate fight.
Cliff couldn’t help but be very annoyed at the thought that the royal lifeline treasure in his arms was about to be taken away by the forces of the dark world. Why didn’t he send it to Buckingham Palace on the plane to London early in the morning?
But it’s too late to think about anything now. At this moment, the only thing Cliff can do is to exhaust his last bit of strength.
Seeing Cliff coagulate the energy crystal ball the size of a ping-pong ball and attack him at the same time, Robert Bethany Lamont laughed in unison, as if killing Cliff was as simple as crushing an ant.
They think it’s true, but after all this, Li Yueling will let werewolves and vampires kill their first friend in a foreign country.
The dragon crossed with Li Yueling’s sudden drinking of the four-character combination, Xuanbingyang’s fire force, and it was as good as attacking Cliff’s front Robert three.
Li Yueling’s move is the most powerful one in Shenlong Jiuxian Boxing. This force suddenly rises with a strange way that combines extreme cold and fierce, covering the opponent three people.
The sudden change is assured. Robert and others are quick to react. They are feeling that Li Yueling’s move poses a powerful threat to them. They immediately turned to resist hearing three huge muffled noises in a row. Li Yueling took advantage of the enemy’s unprepared machine to shock the three people back far away.
However, Li Yueling’s body doesn’t feel so good. After all, two werewolves with super earth and amazing brute strength and the strength of the blood clan count, it’s not so good to absorb a burst of acid and numbness in their arms, especially the palm of their hand, which is marked by a sharp knife and nail of sinister Beth Na when contacting.
Grandma poisonous bitch, incredibly nail fight, Li Yueling can’t help but swear. But through this time, Li Yueling is also white. These three guys can’t solve it by themselves. Li Yueling can’t be so big that he is a savior like a hero, but it’s a flash. After the earthquake, he immediately flashed around Cliff.
Can Chloe still walk?
I can’t believe that I can still be alive. Cliff saw that the rescuer turned out to be a friend in China on a cruise ship. I couldn’t help but feel touched and smell speech immediately. No problem.
Both of them know that now is not a time to catch up with the past. After a look, Li Yueling wanted to put his hand on Cliff’s foot and rushed towards the church gate.
They tried to escape the werewolf Ramon roared.
Where did you get so much nonsense? Go and stop Robert from glaring at Ramon. Suddenly, a violent jump was actually stopped in a leap. The werewolf’s innate super jumping ability is really not comparable to that of human beings. Even if Li Yueling is so fit, it is difficult to repair people in the middle period. This is the speed.
A good dog doesn’t get in the way, but it’s not a thing for you to be a dog or a wolf. Li Yueling wants to shake off three people in one fell swoop and take Cliff to forcibly break through the church door. I didn’t expect this ugly werewolf to do this. He blocked the way today and let them finish the encirclement for a few seconds, so I’m afraid we can’t say for sure about this rescue operation.
Obviously, Robert can’t understand Li Yueling’s swearing words, but he also knows that it won’t be a good word. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he praises himself for being handsome. Even if he wants to praise himself, it’s not for this oriental who suddenly takes on bad things. It’s better for those noble female werewolves in the clan to praise himself like this.
Make way, Li Yueling doesn’t care about the willy-nilly. Now nothing is worse than being surrounded by them. Get through this big guy and get away with it.
Reading this, Li Yueling’s feet were in a hurry and she didn’t stop rushing at Robert. At the same time, Chinese was on the side of Clifford Road. Do you believe me? Just don’t worry about what happened later.
Before Cliff nodded, Li Yueling was only five steps away from Robert. At this moment, Robert smiled with a ferocious face, and his arms, which were covered with brown manes like steel needles, were wide open and a pair of people were eating.
Just before Robert stepped forward and was about to hit Li Yueling with a punch, he dragged Cliff’s right arm and flung Cliff high into a beautiful parabola and fell towards the church gate.
At the same time, Robert’s fist, which is almost the size of a football, hit Li Yueling’s shoulder in suspense. This is still because Li Yueling’s gap is short and moved a little half step, otherwise this punch can directly hit his heart. Will the werewolf’s strength of the earth directly smash Li Yueling’s small body bone?
At this moment, Li Yueling felt as if his insides had been moved by the earthquake. At that time, let alone exercise and heal. Even when he moved, he felt distressed. It seems that Li Yueling still overestimated his ability to fight and fight. It should not be said that he underestimated the werewolf’s attack of the earth.
And he’s also flying in the direction of Robert’s punch, so he can get to Ramon Bethany.
Seeing that Li Yueling was about to be driven to Ramon Beth Na’s dismemberment, suddenly he seemed to be out of gravity and flew to the middle of the school in violation of the rules, but Li Yueling could touch them at arm’s length.
Li Yueling unexpectedly dumped Cliff in the same way as before. In the middle, his body crossed a wonderful parabola over Robert’s head and landed at the church gate. At this moment, Cliff just coagulated a small energy ball and heard that the door lock of the church slammed and broke. Li Yueling Cliff quickly escaped from the cathedral that almost killed both of them in the night.
It was almost a blink of an eye from Li Yueling’s fist to his incredible flight from the church, and it was already impossible to chase after Robert and others came to their senses.
How can they all fly Ramon? At this time, they asked a stupid question at an inappropriate time and attracted Robert to scold them.
This oriental is so cunning. He is this angry Beth who picked up a thin thread from the ground and said angrily
Now, people have run away, and things they want to get are lost. Even in an absolutely strong situation, they have been tricked and turned into human beings. Robert jerked the fishing line in his hand and refused to look at the sly oriental who opened the church door. You provoked our dark world, so you have to pay the price.
Chapter sixty-four Very Association I
Cliff helped a few people to fall in a dark alley in Southampton. Li Yueling was worried and said, My friend in China, you are hurt.
The werewolf’s crazy punch was sharp. At this moment, Li Yueling’s trauma was heavier than Cliff’s, which inspired him. He spat with blood and said, Find a place to stay first, or we two seriously ill patients will be in danger. I think that those heterogeneous people may chase Li Yueling at any time, and they will be forced to die with one bite.
Just now, thanks to Li Yueling’s quick wits, he threw Cliff and took a fishing line from the cold-fighting ring and stuffed it into his hand, but he took the other end of the fishing line. In this way, when Cliff landed, Li Yueling pulled the fishing line with his strength and took advantage of the reverse lift, which was a close call. Speaking of it, it was also Li Yueling’s salvation.
Seeing Li Yueling still has the strength to speak, Cliff’s heart is light, and Cliff is also very clear about the strength of that werewolf Robert. After all, how many times have you been chasing me for two days, and Cliff can’t know the weight of his opponent?
Yueling doesn’t mind me calling you that, does it? Cliff laughs sincerely.
I called you Chloe, don’t you think it’s appropriate? Li Yueling shrugged his shoulders and smiled easily, but he had to talk a lot because of chest pain
I’ll explain what happened tonight. Let’s talk about it after the association connects here.
Cliff then put Li Yueling’s right hand on his shoulder, and the two of them followed suit into the darkness.
After Cliff helped them through several long streets, they came to a detached villa and stopped.
Come in with me. When you get here, it should be safe, and it can also heal you. Cliff quickly took the golden eagle pendant hanging on his chest and pointed it at a dark slot near the iron fence of the villa door. Press it, followed by dim light, and the villa suddenly lights up to close the iron fence and slowly move it.
All the way to the house was blocked. Immediately, a well-dressed white man greeted Cliff and saluted him. After seeing Cliff Li Yueling’s injured state, the man exclaimed, Master Cliff, what’s wrong with you? This is also.
Raul, don’t ask so many questions. My friend needs to be treated immediately. When he enters the villa, Cliff’s mind is relaxed. Because his physical injuries are all flesh wounds and physical strength, after a while, walking has recovered a lot of physical strength. Cliff is most worried that he has fallen into a semi-coma. Li Yueling’s werewolf Robert’s punch has made Li Yueling suffer enough.
In Raul’s help, Li Yueling was placed on the sofa in the living room, but Cliff rushed to the second floor and didn’t know what to look for.
A moment later, Cliff excitedly came from the second floor and got a disposable syringe with strange green liquid in it.

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