Chapter four hundred and forty-one Mysterious tunnel


Chapter four hundred and forty-one Mysterious tunnel
Suddenly, from the Tianxing Houshan generate, there was a loud roar in Xiao Datian. Fighting for money will win. Haha, I laughed. Haha, I won’t play with you. By the way, I will give you some wonderful things. Haha, after that, money will win. When you drink to your younger brother, you will be completely removed.
Guo Xiaosi didn’t expect this group of people to withdraw so cleanly. There may be other purposes here. Before Guo Xiaosi thought about it, he felt that Tianxingshan seemed to be shaking.
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Guo Xiaosi shook disbelievably and looked at Tianxingshan. Before Guo Xiaosi came to his senses, the ground of Tianxingshan was divided. Seeing this situation, Guo Xiaosi hurried to drive Ling Cuiyu and slowly rose to the middle school. Others also woke up from the tension and panic, and hurried to drive all the magic weapons to fly to the middle school. Looking at the sight of these naked-eye speeds, Tianxingshan was divided.
When I saw this, Tang Xiaoqian said in a low voice, let Guo Xiaosi come here for nothing. This is because the pulse disappears and the Tianxing Mountain collapses.
What’s the matter? Zhang Qingfeng, Ouyang Town, who was trapped in Jiugong array when Xingshan collapsed, and others also came to Xiao Datian’s place. When Xingshan collapsed, the law was chaotic and dissipated, but look at the tragic appearance of Zhang Qingfeng, Ouyang Town and others to see the power of Jiugong array.
Tianxingshan collapsed, Xiao Datian said gently, his eyes were cold, and he looked at the gradual solution. Tianxingshan’s eyes were full of complex expressions, and he couldn’t say for sure.
What Ouyang Town should exclaim with a full face of shock? Looking at the sight, Tianxingshan is gradually collapsing. It’s impossible. It’s absolutely impossible. But what Ouyang Town says and does? The fact that Tianxingshan is still collapsing is already in front of him.
The collapse of Tianxingshan was fatal to Ouyang Town. At this moment, he was crazy, sometimes crying and sometimes laughing. Xiao Datian and Zhang Qingfeng also looked at the collapse of Tianxingshan coldly. One thought was that this spiritual pulse could really migrate, and the dry Kunmen was really a cancer. I’m afraid that Zhang Men could not escape this situation without removing it.
There is no pulse. Tianxing Mountain collapses and slowly sinks and gradually lands. No one can stop it and no one can stop it.
On the same day, when the main part of Star Mountain fell to the ground, it made a huge shake. Guo Xiaosi and others were also stunned and looked at the gradual landing of Star Mountain. They said in their hearts that it was not a taste of fear, horror and shock.
Ah, help! Just then, I suddenly remembered a cry for help, only to see that when the main body of Tianxingshan landed, it actually hit a crack in the earth. This crack was dark and abnormal, and it also brought a strong suction, which made Guo Xiaosi very depressed. When he was next to this crack, he was sucked into the crack without making any preparations. Seeing this, Xiao Datian and others quickly shouted "Leave here, leave here."
When others saw this, they were far away from this crack, and they looked at it with horror and didn’t know what it was.
Xiao Datian was also secretly surprised by the strong attraction of this crack, thinking silently about what this crack is like and how it can be such a crack.
Don’t you think it’s just then that Zhang Qingfeng said to Xiao Datian that Ji Xian underground palace
Guo Xiaosi, the underground palace of Ji Xian, muttered and remembered that Ji Xian’s underground palace nodded gently in the middle of the talk. Perhaps it was really Ji Xian’s underground palace. Just as they were talking about this paragraph, the crack suddenly closed, and it was not a lot of younger brothers. No one would have thought that there had been a big crack here.
Whether it is a blessing or a curse to meet the underground palace of Ji Xian depends on their chances. Xiao Datian said silently and pondered that Wei De got the ancient books, probably from the underground palace of Ji Xian.
Guo Xiaosi was caught in a crack, and his eyes were full of darkness. He felt that he was slowly falling on his ear. Many people screamed constantly. When Guo Xiaosi wondered what they were screaming, he found that he was constantly hard and the object was colliding with Guo Xiaosi, a fairy treasure like this, if he was not wearing it, he could not guarantee that he would be able to get well.
When the collision finally occurred, Guo Xiaosi was sure that he had landed, and he couldn’t help but look at his environment in amazement. He saw that the surrounding roads were full of years, and the smell of soil corrosion was full of gloom.
Is this a tunnel? Is it a secret tunnel of Tianxingzong? Guo Xiaosi silently looked at the immediate environment and guessed where he was. He didn’t feel anything unusual here. It was too quiet to walk. One step would lead to a reverberation. It’s true that Tianxingzong once built a tunnel. Then why did they build this tunnel? It seems that these tunnels should be Tianxingzong in some years.
Guo Xiaosi is wary of walking in the dark slate and constantly guessing the origin of this tunnel. Guo Xiaosi carefully looks at the tunnel. Everything can be extravagant to shape this tunnel. Because the slate on the ground is paved with lingshi alone, the walls on both sides are made of good hard stone, which makes this passage full of mystery and strangeness.
What did this passage do? Who built it? After careful search and observation, Guo Xiaosi Ji determined that this passage was definitely not built by Tianxingzong, and it was probably more than when Tianxingzong was founded.
This channel paved with lingshi is about two or three meters wide and four or five meters high. At regular intervals, a night bead illuminates the channel on the walls on both sides.
Guo Xiaosi was also full of excitement when he was shocked by this big hand. Since even the materials are so extravagant, what kind of treasures will be hidden in this tunnel? Just thinking about these Guo Xiaosi is very exciting
Guo Xiaosi groped his way forward in the tunnel, being careful at every step, but he didn’t want to be trapped by the secret array or other traps. Judging from the material created by this channel, what array traps are really here is certainly not simple and easy to avoid.