At present, France has already fallen into a shock, and the German army is advancing too fast, which is beyond their expectation! Betan Xiafei, two big men, made great efforts to mobilize millions of troops and began to prepare for the battle. The most terrible thing was not passivity, but the sudden lack of close cooperation between France, Britain and Russia and other allies!


Chapter one thousand one hundred and forty-five Panicked
Paris, France
President Faliere’s mind has been in a mess. I didn’t expect the German army to start fighting when it said it would start, so that I was not prepared at all! Now the whole French army is in an emergency, but all of a sudden, the cooperation between the ministries and departments is interrupted, and it’s like ants in a hurry!
Isn’t it not just the various army departments that are in chaos now? Worse, generals?
Faliere shouted, "Marshal Petain, General Xia Fei, what do you think we should do now?"
Betan Xiafei’s face is gloomy, and both of them are equally angry. These military leaders in the German Empire are crazy, even if they are fighting, they can’t suddenly declare war like this, can they? Just a trumped-up crime! Now, the German right wing has rushed into Belgium and is besieging Liege fortress. No one knows how long Liege fortress can stop the Germans!
Petain replied, "Mr. President, the urgent task now is to fight immediately. I have made our army main force start to move towards Lorraine-Alsace in the south, and will arrive at the border at the latest the day after tomorrow to join the war. The main force of the North Army has also been in place, but it will take two to three days to prepare for joining the fray. After all, it is too hasty. Our military supplies have not yet arrived …"
"Of course I know to fight! Didn’t you say it was nonsense? People are already at home. Should we hide like cowards if we don’t fight? I am asking what your coping strategies are! "
Faliere called the novel.
Aside Xia Fei replied, "Mr. President, in addition to fighting the war, you have to get in touch with the British and Russians immediately and ask them for emergency assistance!" In particular, the Russians are only a dozen divisions on the eastern border of Germany. If the Russian army approaches the German border, the Germans will never sit idly by. A large number of troops will be transferred from the western line to the eastern line, so that our critical situation can be alleviated in Britain. We demand that the British government immediately send their main army, and we will fight side by side. If we lose, it will not benefit them at all! "
Faliere nodded and replied, "Well, this will send an urgent request to Serbian Prime Minister Nicholas II to declare war on Germany!"
Petain pointed to the map and said, "Mr. President, General Xia Fei, you see that the main German offensive is now on our right wing, that is, in the direction of Belgium and the Netherlands. There are fewer German divisions here, and the strength exceeds 900,000. We are eager to organize a confrontation with a million troops. In a long time, they will invade our country, which is too dangerous for Paris!"
Xia Fei sneered, "It’s dangerous, but their main attack direction is north, so we’ll put the main attack direction in the south. When our army can support it for a while, the British army will cross the sea and then it can stop the German attack!" And we are going to focus on the south. Our main force will attack Lorraine and Alsace, and we will try our best to defeat the Germans there. There are only a dozen divisions, but we have mobilized 32 divisions in the south. They are definitely not our opponents! I won’t believe that Berlin is imminent after taking Lorraine Arthas for a short time and then pushing Berlin through Munich. Do they dare not return? "
Xia Fei’s strategy is very targeted, but his success is to build the foundation that Britain can send troops at any time. Once the British send troops to meet the crisis from time to time, it is not Berlin but their lair Paris!
However, Hafey Petain’s estimation of the Germans’ combat power is seriously insufficient. They still stayed two years ago and lost their accurate judgment of the enemy. Can it not suffer?
Faliere sink a way "good marshal petain, you come to personally command the downtown army main general Xiafei, we will hand over the war in the north, especially in the northeast to you! Get rid of it and stick to it until the British arrive! For me, I will personally send a letter to Britain’s Russia asking them to declare war immediately and transfer troops to join the battlefield! "
When several people were discussing the military situation, a staff officer hurried in and said, "Mr. President, Marshal Betan, Belgian King Albert I is in a hurry!"
A few people were shocked and Xia Fei shouted "Read!"
"On March 4th, at noon, the Germans dispatched powerful and appalling heavy artillery to attack Liege fortress constantly. After two days of fierce fighting, they destroyed the twelve battery parts of Liege fortress. The Germans have completely broken through Liege fortress and panic in the two infantry divisions of Fabian Coalition forces. The main force of the Germans is thinking that the border on the west side of France will advance rapidly, and in a few days, the Belgian Dutch territory will fall. Please ask President Faliere to make a heavy rescue immediately! King Albert of Belgium! "
After reading the newspaper, the staff handed it to Xiafei.
How can a few people be so shocked that they took Liege fortress so quickly?
Xia Fei Petain estimated that at least two divisions were stationed in Liege Fortress, and at the very least, the permanent fortifications could be maintained for more than half a month. Even if it lasted for one and a half months, it was not impossible!
It’s only ten days since the declaration of war, the Liege fortress has changed hands, and most of Belgium has fallen into the hands of the Germans!
"Impossible, absolutely impossible!"
Marshal petain gaffes roared
"Well, Petain, don’t be like that. We’re a little careless …"
Faliere replied difficultly, "I’m going to ask Prime Minister Sevan to send troops immediately, and you can’t have another delay. You should also split up!"
Xia Fei said, "We can’t delay Petain and immediately make the southern French army go into battle and storm the opposite German army! You must also leave for the south of France at once, and I will take care of it personally in the northeast! "
London, England
Sevan is holding a telegram from Faliere in his hand, and he is hesitant. The Faliere newspaper has arrived to send troops, and now he wants the British to send troops. This is just the beginning of the war. Isn’t the French too timid? Where is the pride of the French? The german army has just attacked, and they are already a little overwhelmed! A bunch of fools!
Chapter one thousand one hundred and forty-six Britain and Russia declared war
Last night, Sevancai received a message from the other side asking him to postpone sending troops to France for a few days. If he sends troops now, it will cause great loss to British military strength. On the British army, Britain, France, Germany and Russia, the British army is the weakest. Even though his navy is called the enemy fleet, the army is definitely not that strong! At present, the whole British army is only a few million people, and a considerable part of them are stationed all over the globe. However, hundreds of thousands of elite troops will lose more if they encounter huge losses in the coming war!
Sevan is also a little tempted to send troops. After all, the interests of the British and the French are the same. It is necessary to curb German ambitions within the scope of the ball. If Germany is not suppressed, its colony will be greatly threatened. However, it is necessary to estimate when sending troops. It is also a good choice to try the German level first and protect the British strength to some extent. Well, delaying sending troops for a week should be almost the same.
Sevan sink a way "French, I’m going to postpone sending troops to France for a week …"
French is the chief of the general staff of the British Empire Field Marshal and a staunch supporter of the British-French alliance. After hearing Sevan’s words, he asked, "Mr. Prime Minister, what should be postponed? Now the Germans are strong and the French can’t stand it!"
"Give in? Can we British troops hold up when we go? The French people will kill us, and we need to protect a certain strength. What if we show our card department and still can’t hold it? "
Sevan light replied
French quickly argued, "Mr. Prime Minister, that’s not what he said. Allies must help each other at the first time in case of war. Otherwise, who will believe us later? How can we beat Germany if we don’t work together? They are too strong! Look at that fortress in Liege, which has been captured by the Germans in just a few days! "
Sevan hesitated and replied, "Well, we will postpone the invasion for six days and grant the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a declaration of war to Germany at the same time! This can always make Germany a little jealous? "
French declared war with a wry smile? What the hell is it just to declare war? However, the Prime Minister has made a decision, which is really not good, and it is difficult to earn more. "Mr. Prime Minister, how many troops should we send out to participate in the war?"
Sevan replied, "French, you are the chief of the general staff. Just make decisions on military matters."
French gritted his teeth and replied, "Then send the fourth regiment and the fifth regiment to the war and send 200 thousand troops. I’ll immediately arrange for someone to cross the English Channel in six days!" "
The British sat down to discuss, and the Russians also received the Faliere newspaper
Nicholas II, with Faliere in his hand, felt a burst of ecstasy. War! War! How exciting!
Because Nicholas II is too clear about the situation on the Russian-German border, the German army has only deployed more than a dozen divisions on the eastern front, with less than 300,000 troops. If you want to send troops before the Germans can defeat France and mobilize the army to Huiyuan, you can send a million troops together in lightning speed and put an end to the German lair. Don’t say that the Germans can fight and fight again. He can resist the old million troops, and everyone can drown them!
Nicholas II "Kalistov immediately ordered the first, third, fourth and third regiments on the western front of the empire to make a rapid advance towards the eastern part of Germany. In 20 days, he had to reach the designated position and then attack Germany! Order the Russian troops on the southern line to continue to March southward and be ready to enter the Austro-Hungarian Empire to wage war against the Austro-Hungarian Empire! "
Kalistov, the secretary of the army, was shocked. This is crazy. Two fronts are waging war at the same time. This pressure is not small. There are 700,000 troops altogether! It is too great a pressure on the imperial economy to put the Ministry into battle! Moreover, once all the elite troops of the empire are transferred to the western front, what should we do in the future once the Chinese revolutionary army marches north to attack Siberia?
Kalistov hesitated. "Should we consider-I think we need to leave some troops behind as much as possible to guard against future military actions of the Republic of China? Otherwise, what shall we do once the Republic of China declares war on us? Our present Siberian military strength is absolutely unable to stop the Chinese revolutionary army! "
Nicholas II sneered, "Kalistov is now a golden opportunity, and we have a chance to completely defeat the Germans while Germany, Britain and France are developing at the same time! It’s difficult to get rid of our dormitory unless this menace is removed! So what if you sent troops to China and the Republic of China? Siberia is a vast country with a length of more than 6,000 kilometers, and it is only in summer that it is suitable for the war. The three seasons after the war are all ice and snow, and the climate in China is a problem. How can you fight? Even if they are lucky enough to launch a war and push the front to western Siberia, we will have enough time to deal with the fact that our imperial population exceeds 100 million, and we can arm a million troops at any time, even if it is a crowd, we can absolutely defeat the Chinese revolutionary army! "
This …
Kalistov is still hesitant.
Nicholas II shouted, "Kalistov, you want us to be white. There is an agreement between Britain and France. President Faliere has asked for help. If we don’t send troops, what will happen in the future?" Once the Germans defeat the French, they will try their best to deal with us. At that time, we will be faced with the attack between China and Germany, which is even more dangerous than the present situation! Are you white, punk! "
Kalistov was horrified and surprised, but it was forgotten that the French were definitely no match for the Germans without Russia’s assistance. Once France fell and the Germans wanted to declare war on Russia, it would be even more critical for Russia. At that time, there would be no helper, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire was eyeing Russia, which was even worse!
Kalistov has a bitter war in his heart. This war is really terrible. Even if you don’t want to think deeply, the current situation alone will not be less than one million. Once the war continues to expand, it may rise to two million.
Nicholas II sank, "Immediately declare war on Germany by passing the ball! Send troops immediately! "
Chapter one thousand one hundred and forty-seven Make the finishing point
Britain and France declared war one after another, while the Ottoman Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire were not to be outdone. Bulgaria and other little brothers declared war on Britain, France and Russia almost at the same time. The whole war broke out completely in just one month and has spread to almost all countries in Europe.
The two sides are divided into two camps: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman, Bulgaria and Italy are the allies, so there are more Britain, France and Russia sending Serbia, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain at the same time, and the whole Europe has been completely chaotic.
Only a few days later, the German army directly pushed the Belgian Dutch troops into Verdun in the northeast of France!
There are strong fortifications built by the French army, and at the same time, as many as 600,000 French troops have been gathered, and the French Ministry is still carrying out emergency conscription. The second batch of reinforcements, nearly 400,000 people, are already in an emergency knot. Once the knot is completed, they will quickly advance along the railway line towards the Verdun-Marne River. What the Germans need to do now is to give the French main force a heavy blow before the French reinforcements arrive!
Just arrived in Verdun, the German army launched a swift attack on the opposite French army!
The commander-in-chief of the French army is located in the northeast. General Xia Fei is facing the German army like a flood. Xia Fei is also constantly attacking. This directs the army to start a hard-fought German offensive. Although the French army is at an absolute disadvantage of 600,000 to 1 million, it will usher in a great turn if it can last for a week. Not only will its own 400,000 reinforcements arrive in the follow-up British 200,000 reinforcements will also arrive in the French joint war!
What we have to do now is to wait and see with strong fortifications, and also to talk about the crazy German offensive to resist!

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