At the moment, the senior brother Chu Yu’s skin is wrinkled, and their youth is dying rapidly. They have changed from a teenager to an old man, and their skin furrows are getting deeper and denser.


A heavy ring Guanjun directly threw the bowl in his hand in front of the heavy iron gate.
Bang, bang, bang, bang. The sound of iron gates keeps coming.
Let me go! Somebody help! Stuart is not a man, he is a devil.
Guan Jun made a sound, which made two people who lost their minds because of fear sober up a little.
Brother, help me.
Brother, kill him or we’ll all die.
Chu Yu’s blood is getting less and less, and his head is getting heavier and heavier, but he still keeps a clear mind.
His insult to Situhao just now has reached the extreme, and both of them will die if Situhao dies.
Guanjun has been terrified at this time. Looking at Situhao from a distance, he feels a kind of fear. Will he run back to Situhao again?
Bang bang bang bang.
Help me! Let me go! Situhao is not human.
GuanJunCai regardless of two people anyway banging on the iron gate mouth hair extremely cry for help with.
Situhao can’t feel the blood of two people instilling into the heart sea at this time, and the blood gathered in the heart sea has also been completely melted and practiced, and his body is full of strength, which makes him feel more comfortable.
I can’t feel the blood pouring into the heart sea, and then two people’s bodies slumped to the ground, and they suddenly became a dry corpse.
Situ Haobai has already drained the blood of two people, and he has gained some strength from them by practicing their blood.
He also knows very well that he used the bloodthirsty solution to Jian Zongdi and practiced magic skills. Besides, he also killed Chu Tianbo, the only son who wanted to let people break in.
At this time, in the cry for help of Guan Jun, there is a pressing step outside, and Guan Jun’s knocking on the door is louder and more urgent.
Situhao didn’t dare to delay any longer. When Guanjun didn’t notice the situation here, he directly turned into a flying insect and flew into the crack in the cave wall that he had been paying attention to for a long time.
This place is the place where he is going to hide after he enters the dungeon. If he becomes unreal, he will not worry about escaping from the dungeon.
The heavy iron gate rumbled into the dungeon and flashed into three figures. When he looked at the situation of two people lying in front of the gallows, the three people stood aghast when the first chapter was shocked.
Guan Jun was terrified at this time. After three people ran into the dungeon, he threw himself directly at Guan Feiyun. Grandpa was terrible. Situhao was not a man. He was a devil.
Guan Feiyun stretched out his hand and patted Sun on the back and gave him some reassurance. What happened to Jun? Where is Stuart?
At this time, there were too many people to be afraid of Guan Jun. He turned around and looked at the place where Situhao was tied, only to find that Situhao had long since disappeared. What is this? Situhao was tied to him just now. Where did he go?
Feather son looked at the two mummies in front of the gallows. Chu Tianbo had a sense of foreboding in his heart, but he couldn’t believe that his only son would be one of the two mummies.
Guanjun pointed to Chu Yu’s mummy with a face of fear. He is Brother Chu.
Feather Chu Tianbo sent a sad cry and threw herself directly next to Chuyu’s body, trembling hands caressing his body.
Although Chu Tianbo was an out-and-out bad guy, he just saw his son die. The white-haired man was sent to the black-haired man so sad that his body trembled slightly.
Patriarch, I’m sorry for your loss. Now is not the time to be sad, but to find Stuart Hao, an official and Feiyun, to gently persuade him.
Yes, the patriarch can only avenge Yu Er if he finds Situhao. Three elders Zheng Huaijing went on to say
After two elders persuaded Bo Tianbo to pick up a sad mood, his face suddenly turned cold and murderous. You’re right. You have to find this little bastard Situhao to avenge Yu Er. Hum, I must cut him to pieces.
Situhao turned flying insects into hiding in the cracks in the cave walls, and when he heard Chu Tianbo’s murderous words, the murderous look in his heart became more intense. It will be interesting to see who died in the end. The bloodthirsty solution is really a good thing. I just sucked up the blood of two garbage brothers and melted it into practice, which will make me full of strength. If I suck up the blood of three old beasts again, it seems that it will be even more humiliating to my strength growth. No one in the dungeon can escape today.
Jun, you go first. I have to investigate a scene with the patriarch three elders to discuss a countermeasure.
Grandpa, I’m I’m afraid
What are you afraid of? It’s at the entrance of the dungeon. Twenty swordsmen master, please wait outside. Guan Feiyun low rebuked.
Oh GuanJun light should be a pair of eyes looked around in horror that a face of fear to go to the dungeon.
You see, their bodies have turned into dry corpses, and their blood has been sucked dry by Situhao. It seems that Situhao’s practice is the evil achievement method of the magic way, and the ancient remnants of his mouth may be the remnants of the ancient magic way. After Guan Feiyun sent Sun off, he looked back at the two mummies and said
Chu Tianbo’s eyes are full of evil light. Whether Stuart’s little beast is practicing magic or not, we must find him and kill him before he is strong.
Find and kill you. Do you still want to come to Situhao? Juner just told me that Situhao was still tied to the wooden frame, but he suddenly took off his tie and lost sight. What kind of magic method can this be done? Now is not the time for revenge. Let’s think about saving our lives. Situhao is a ghost. Maybe that day he will quietly suck our blood at our bedside.
Guan Feiyun gave a shudder when he said these words, and the other two people also trembled significantly.
What kind of magic power is that little beast of the elder practicing?
Who knows? It is estimated that it should be a Parademons’s work to disappear in a flash on the spot.
Gal that SiTuHao is even more difficult to deal with, and because of his coming and going, he may suck our blood around us at any time, so we can’t stop it, Zheng Huaijing said with horror
Chu Tianbo frowned slightly, and the elder was wrong. Stuart Hao really did this magic. He should have escaped long ago. He would have suffered so much before he fled.
He was stared at by our people, but he didn’t have a chance to use his magic power to escape. Alas, we shouldn’t have let Yuer Juner guard Situhao. He once suffered for both of them, but they will take this opportunity to torture him. Situhao will take the opportunity to suck their blood and escape.