But he has to take a good look at the courage and talent of the people.


Sir, with all due respect, I don’t seem to know you.
While grinding the bowl of tea in his hand, Du Yuesheng scanned the corner of his eye and watched his reaction.
The two bodyguards have already been unable to hold back. According to the rules of green gang, they should reward this small one with three knives and six holes. Now it is inconvenient to start work at once in Mr. Du’s house. I want Du Yuesheng to give a minimum hint that this daring and smelly little one will immediately disappear on the beach and die.
People are not a little panic said.
Of course, Mr. Du doesn’t know me, and I don’t know Mr. Du. Two bodyguards have come and grabbed the tall arm and are about to drag it to the surface, but Mr. Du and I both know one thing.
Du Yuesheng’s eyes stopped for two bodyguards to let people go on talking. The young man strolled around the room for a few steps, then read the couplet aloud before Rao Hanxiang wrote it, and then turned to face Du Yuesheng. Do you recognize this pair of Mr. Du?
Even Wan Molin, the housekeeper who has been by the side, feels that this little thing is really too presumptuous.
Du Yuesheng root didn’t get annoyed, saying that the performance of the bearer made him feel that this person must be an equal. When he got to know someone in Du Yuesheng, he never made a decision easily. He decided whether to kill or leave his hand in the casino. Now that he has brought the person, he will be interesting to see that the other person is a fairy, so Du Yuesheng said calmly instead of being annoyed.
A clown of Du Mou knows a few words, and he can still know a few words in this couplet.
I think Mr. Du just knows how to read. I’m afraid I haven’t seen this couplet.
Du Mansion has very strict rules, so although the people in the house hate to itch their roots, no one dares to make a move without Du Yuesheng’s speech. Du Yuesheng is still waiting for the humanities with a smile.
In this couplet, Mr. Du is compared with Mr. Chu Chunshen, saying that Mr. Du can be knowledgeable and kind, and Du Mansion is compared to Du Qu in Chang ‘an, Tang Dynasty, saying that all the people here are hot and talented, and that’s why my younger brother came here specially to go there, but I didn’t know that fame was actually difficult to be called Duke Du, but I just threw my eyes at the wrong door. Okay, Mr. Du, I’ll let it be handled.
Say that finish, people go to the sofa and sit on the table and drink off the tea bowl.
Du Yuesheng got up and surrendered.
I don’t know this ambition of Mr. Du Mou’s disrespectful visit to see Li again.
Then the two bodyguards, who were still puzzled, ordered Wan Molin to put wine on the table to scare the young people.
Du Yuesheng rarely sees the wrong person. Although the bearer didn’t announce his name, he didn’t show any skill to Du Yuesheng. Why should he be polite in a few minutes? Of course, apart from years of wandering around the Jianghu, it is very important that the bearer shows courage as soon as he enters the door. No matter what he does, this courage alone is commendable
Half a month later, Du Yuesheng gave the young man a letter of recommendation from Huang Jinrong to Chiang Kai-shek, the president of Huangpu Military Academy, asking him to vote for Chiang Kai-shek in South Guangzhou.
This herringbone spring breeze is named Dai Li.
A few years after Du Yuesheng played this chess, his power was poor.
As early as last month, Dai Li secretly sent someone to find Du Yuesheng and asked him to try his best to cooperate with the Northern Expeditionary Army to conquer the order of Haiwei. Then, Dai Li informed Du Yuesheng and Du Yuesheng to take the lead in Chiang Kai-shek’s wading before most Shanghai celebrities contacted Chiang Kai-shek. Before he arrived at the sea, he attached great importance to Du Yuesheng. Not only did Dai Li always help Du Yuesheng in front of Chiang Kai-shek, but he also got to know a group of people in Chiang Kai-shek’s hands through Dai Li, especially Zhang Kangnian, the foreign secretary around Chiang Kai-shek, Gu Gengye and Du Yuesheng, who tried their best
This time, it was from these two secrets that Du Yuesheng learned that Chiang Kai-shek would arrive in the sea on March 6 and would visit a group of important people in Haiti, the first of which was Huang Jinrong.
Du Yuesheng immediately rushed to Huang Mansion, Huang Jinrong and Zhang Xiaolin to discuss and meet Chiang Kai-shek’s arrival in Shanghai.
Huang Jinrong immediately sent Chiang Kai-shek gold bars, but everyone disagreed on how much to send. Ten or twenty or 1,200 seemed inappropriate.
Zhang Xiaolin some impatient tearing loudly cried.
Jin Rong Ah Yuan is your apprentice. Will you send him or not? Just say that if you don’t send him, how can you deny him? If you want to send him, please be happy. In my opinion, if your apprentice becomes commander-in-chief, you should also give gifts with dignity and don’t send a note at all. Just make a big plaque of pure gold, find two scholars and think about a few words. This is what makes you feel sorry for your apprentice when you are a master.
Huang Jinrong was startled by a word, and he repeatedly smacked his tongue, darling Xiao Lin. You can calculate how much gold this is for me.
At this moment, Du Yuesheng was talking, Master Xiao Lin. I think we should stop arguing. We must send something, but one is not a piece, and the other is not a gold plaque. He is not short of sending gold plaques now, and it is too ostentatious. He just arrived in the sea. Is this not necessarily the way? It would be boring if the ass photographed the donkey’s hoof.
Huang Jinrong nodded repeatedly, but Zhang Xiaolin was impatient. What did you say?
Send noodles