The fate of the disciples of Tiandao Sect in Lingshi City can be imagined, and Tiandao Sect has never had peace since then. Before the demon hunting company terminated the reward order, even in Liuli Fairyland, the disciples of Tiandao Sect could not keep safe. If there is anything that can make Yuan Shenxiu crazy, it is that it can quickly increase the practice resources; What can make the spiritual repair crazy is the synthetic refining material that helps the spiritual growth.


The word "profit" is awesome.
"Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. Unless Santian Zun can personally go to the Dan Yao Valley to collect all the demon pills and distribute them to the world, otherwise, this robbery will not be solved! " The earth war shura Buddha, "I Buddha, these enemies are too evil! If their bounty is a little higher, I am afraid that the old woman will inevitably be vulgar. "
No matter how high the earth war shura Buddha is, it can’t be delimited, but it reveals a message that the demon hunting company has a treasure that can drive even the earth war Buddha …

Chapter five hundred and thirty-eight Earned earned
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, a little reward, all the sects in the Five Realms Lingshi City are shocked, which is really a good means, but I am not as good as it is! "Meridian emperor sighed.
More chaos is coming in Lingshi City.
Now that it has been determined that the neighbors are not small, the demon hunting trading company naturally wants to fight back. There are five elements of wood neural information system to make information, and a demon hunting team is sent out to attack the most eager five realms clan with superior forces.
The most stable situation in the world is that there are three pillars, and any one foot will make the situation complicated. Lingshi City is now divided into six groups (five realms and heavenly heart). In fact, it is not known how many bosses have secretly buried their roots here. Multi-forces are the most complicated and dangerous. As a result of the multi-power struggle, no matter whether you like it or not, no matter how many deals are made in the dark, in the end, there will be a confrontation between the two camps on the surface.
This is the case in Lingshi City. Amid the chaos, the opposition between Million Doors and the demon hunting trading company was formed. The soul of a million gates is the three-day Buddha, but behind the scenes it is the celestial oriental emperor; The soul of the demon hunting trading company is profit, which forms an invisible camp from time to time, and the behind-the-scenes of the demon hunting trading company will always be unknown.
For millions of gates, attacking the city and pulling out the village is victory; For the demon hunting trading company, holding the stronghold is victory.
Ziwei Tianjun, the Oriental Emperor of the Celestial World, has a terrible headache. He didn’t expect a demon hunting trading company to have such a climate. Without the intervention of Qian Yan Mojun and the five elements of Qian Yan Zong, the situation can also be made fierce. In just one month, tens of thousands of millions of doors were attacked, and there was a costly conflict with other small sects in the four realms. The demon hunting teams of the demon hunting trading company are like ghosts, and they are not soft on those who can eat the underground doors. Leave at the touch. The problem is that this touch is not an ordinary touch, but it can’t hurt people, and it will also destroy the residence of the attacked door. On the other hand, when the Daomen attacked the various places of the demon hunting firm, they were entertained by various endless weapons of the demon hunting firm in quite a far place, and they barely won the stronghold, and it was difficult to stop the counterattack of the demon hunting team, so that after a tug-of-war, none of the disciples who attacked the Daomen survived!
"I knew this would happen." The corners of the mouth of the Meridian Emperor were tilted. "A group of silly birds, demon hunting trading company in LingShi city for hundreds of years, is it so easy to deal with. The stored stellar material bombs alone will be enough to hit the muzzle and lose your agility for a hundred years. And you can’t move the station, the protective array is perfect again, and you can’t escape the ruins after being scored by the demon hunting team with hundreds of star material bombs. Make it, it is best to bosses also fight, quack … Then the emperor an Indiana Jones … "
"Tianjun, let’s order all the doors to take temporary action!" Lingshi City Ziwei Tianjun Resident. Seeing that the war situation is in a comprehensive decline, an aide suggested.
"It’s late. That demon hunting trading company is a tiger that can’t touch its ass. If the doors don’t stop, it will call at the right time. Unless the doors retreat to the celestial world, the attack will be endless. " Ziwei Tianjun sober tunnel. "Even if they shrink their hands, they will instigate the anti-celestial scattered practices and hooligans in the five realms."
"Then is there no way?"
"Yes, when the demon hunting trading company thinks it has collected enough capital and interest, it will stop. Until then, it will not rest. Or it won’t rest until it shows its will. "
"Damn it!" The eyes of the staff appeared sharply.
"Three Buddha want to stir up the first pool of muddy water, which know hunting demon trading company is more verve, convenient for the right place and people. I want to sweep all five realms. No wonder the Great Sage of Meridian wants to put his hand away, wise man! " Chinese day gentleman light way.
"Tianjun, don’t …"
"Yes. The real boss of the demon hunting trading company should be the demon king of the underworld and the five elements of the Millennium Sect. "
"But …"
"But I didn’t see Qian Yan the prince move a finger! If this appetizing fight had to be waved by a thousand demons, this seat would not be here today. Emperor Wu, can you figure out what will happen after Lingshi City? "
"Tianjun, the information is incomplete, and the position can’t be calculated. Originally, with a million gates and a billion wars, the demon hunting company could be uprooted and forced to make a move against the demon king. Who would have thought that the one billion wars would be reduced by 30%, and the demon hunting company would stand upright. After this game, it takes time! "
"Wrong, time is not important. I really give you time, and you will despair. It is not impossible to restrain the demon hunting trading company and lead to the five elements of Qian Yan Sect, provided that all forces except the forces of the underworld unite and be monolithic, and the demon hunting trading company will not be destroyed … "
"It’s impossible! Tianjun, monolithic, there is no such time! "
"It’s impossible to be possible, and if it doesn’t work together, Lingshi City will eventually belong to the five elements of Qianyan Sect!"
"Tianjun, try to be the person of this union."
"Give you 100,000 men. Only in this way can you try again." The smile in the eyes of Ziwei Tianjun passed away.
"Follow the orders of God!"
"Ground war, this time you go to Lingshi City, remember, unless someone stops the Buddhas from spreading the Dharma, no matter what your shura heart is, you can’t start a war!"
"My Buddha, the potential of Lingshi City may not be fought!"
"If there is such a situation, you can help yourself."
"My Buddha is wise!"
Another resident of Lingshi City, sandalwood bursts. The head of the Buddhist world is fighting against the head of the Buddha. This time, he replaced the Buddha, and before coming, he talked with the Tathagata. The Buddha warned him that he could cooperate with Yuan Shenxiu in any world, but he could not cooperate with the five heavenly emperors in the celestial world of Liuli.