I’m A Jiu, the purple fox, the big seal spirit. The old man can’t see me, and neither can you. I’m really depressed. I haven’t seen a Jin Xian for millions of years.


Then what are you showing up now?
What dedication? I can’t stand your slow practice. When can I get rid of this nine-day seal? You’re not going to give me away, are you?
Then I don’t have to be here all the time
This is not good.
What a fart! I’m going to suffocate me if I don’t die of old age like this. You’re a golden fairy charm. Refine the purple fox seal for nine days every day so that I can get some air.
A Jiu, the purple fox, threw a fairy symbol into the Leitian Yang God.
After doing this moving purple fox, A Jiu was tired and panting and got back into the purple fox print for nine days.
Leitian is puzzling, but when I think of the ancient spirit, I can also ask the fairy to ask the golden fairy spell to enter the Yang God, just like the sun falling into a snowdrift.
This kind of breath is fierce. Although A Jiu, the purple fox, has pressed it to less than one thousandth, it will melt Leitian Yang Shen.
Leitian feels that his blood is boiling and he is about to explode in this machine. He will suck ten pieces of Long Lin in his face.
Human robbery
A Jiu, the purple fox, did not know the depth and gave Bai Qi a golden fairy knot, which was to let Bai get up and die.
Leitian smoked ten pieces of then Y, knowing that this is his own achievement. Then it is too easy to attract people to rob. This doom is too strange to avoid. The purple fox A Jiu sent a Jin Xianfu, which has fallen asleep and can’t help Leitian again.
Ten Jin Dan ying can make him live a little longer, especially if Zhou Yuan’s level of mending Tian Dan is too low to offset Jin Xian’s power.
Leitian Yang Shen is burning then ying added that Yang Shen is growing and shrinking. At this time, the lamella gun can’t help but take the initiative to help Leitian suck this Jin Xian charm power. The Jin Xian charm power has been pressed to one thousandth, which is also a law drop for the lamella gun.
Seven-star volt magic gun is also sucking the power of Jin Xian operator. This seven-star volt magic gun sucks much faster than a lamella gun, but two-pole pike sucks much faster than Jin Xian operator releases power.
Then Jin Xian’s power came from Leitian’s transformation of Yang Shen to achieve fairy spirit, but this power is poison Y for Yang Shen.
At this time of leitian, no one can see anything wrong with his physical condition, but Emperor Li Bihu didn’t see any trouble with him overnight. Jin Xian’s power is too different from that of the real fairy, even if A Jiu released Jin Xian’s fake character, the power is equivalent to that of the real fairy and the quality is too high.
Then people can escape from robbery.
Leitian saw that then ying was exhausted. He refused to sit still and wait for death. He simply let that then suck up the power of Jin Xian operator. Seeing that then expanded rapidly and contracted repeatedly, he almost took a breath in Leitian. Generally speaking, then nine turns will make him immortal, while Leitian changed it. I don’t know how many times it is still then, but it has not turned into a fairy.
Every time, the transformation force of the elixir is expanding, that is, the leitian is still in a precarious state, and less than 1% of Jin Xian’s power has been spent.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-three Scared thief bald
Chapter one hundred and seventy-three Scared thief bald
The six demon fires in Leitian were driven hundreds of times higher than before by the Jin Xian operator. Among the rare things, there was nothing but the then lamella gun, and the violet in the demon fire burned violently and withered. The demon fire invaded the seven hundred and twenty ue orifices in Leitian along the meridians.
Among the 720 ue orifices, the violet withered, and the deity Leitian Yang became weaker and weaker, and then became stronger and stronger, so it was difficult to practice Leitian even if he didn’t die.
Yang Shen burns out, and he’s a basket case.
The demon spirit gourd hits the thunder pool and sucks the power of Jin Xian, but the thunder water in the thunder pool can’t afford it, and the demon fire in Leitian absorbs the power of Jin Xian, which becomes fierce and fierce. The thunder water in the demon spirit gourd actually evaporates.
Leitian heart move one’s own life demon fire is not afraid of this Jin Xian operator simply spell it.
Leitian sent the yin Yang Lei Zhu into the demon fire. Three hundred and sixty relics showed signs of melting. He quickly summoned the seven-star magic gun and sent it into the demon fire. The seven-star magic gun was directly combined with the yin Yang Lei Zhu. At ordinary times, this can’t be a demon fire. Today it is strong.
Leitian also threw his own star stone back into the meteor sea, jing Huadu, into the seven-star magic gun.
In particular, the size of the fingernails of jing Hua, a meteorite in Laixing Market, is heavy mountains and leitian. In my mind, I recalled the ever-changing symbols on the N surface of the night emperor and the dark substances were all from Laixing Market.
Leitian doesn’t care whether it belongs to ing. He returns the remaining lotus petals and lotus leaves to the gold S liquid in the Buddha’s golden pool and puts it into the seven-star magic gun to let the demon fire refine it.
The demon fire power was finally gone by hu, and the burning speed of Leitian Yang God was much slower.