With soil indifference, I watched the wooden man control the branches and bound the second form of bijuu by wooden man layer by layer, and quickly absorbed chakra by wooden man.


The reason why Mu Dun is suitable for dealing with bijuu is that it can absorb the force that chakra wants to capture the man alive. It is a very practical move.
When it comes to people who are suitable to capture the column force alive, Hoshigaki Kisame is also a master in middle school. His chakra is terrible. If you want to find a chance, you can directly suck the column force and bijuu chakra to achieve the effect of capture alive.
However, Hoshigaki Kisame won’t completely turn the Ninjutsu barter method into a perfect Konoha ninja. The sound is chakra.
Chakra was quickly absorbed by the wooden man who felt a strong crisis and the cat quickly communicated with him, that is, it was completely bijuu.
Twisting the branches of two wooden figures was forcibly broken immediately.
Visible to the naked eye, the wooden man’s body expands at a rapid speed, and it almost completes the transformation after counting breath. It directly turns into a huge blue cat demon, and the blue flame burns slightly, with a pair of sharp ears and sharp teeth that stand out.
It look like a giant leopard cat made of blue flames.
"Finished bijuu? …"
I took the soil and removed the manipulation of the branches. I looked at the blue cat demon in front of me and growled a faint way, "It looks very angry."
Mudun Hellscream can kill dozens of ninjas in the dark part of Wuyin Village, but how to deal with bijuu’s column force? After all, the strength base of column force is a shadow level. You can’t kill or capture a column force with only one Hellscream.
The completion of bijuu is a symbol of the perfect integration of column strength and bijuu. At this time, bijuu is more in charge of the body
After bijuu, the wooden man opened his mouth to the soil and quickly gathered in bijuu and chakra according to the ratio of Yin and Yang 2: 0, and soon formed a high-speed rotating black sphere. Even a ninja who is not a perceptual type can feel the terrorist power contained in this black sphere.
This is bijuu’s signature trick, Bijyudama!
The wooden man swallowed a high-density black sphere in his mouth and then vomited directly toward the soil.
The black sphere suddenly went straight towards the soil at an amazing speed, leaving a long black tail line.
"Bijyudama …"
With a dull look, he wants to capture the wooden man alive as soon as possible. He doesn’t intend to avoid this Bijyudama and wants to benefit this Bijyudama to deal with nearly 100 ninjas who have come to the scene.
This group of Yunren is a group of ninjas who live near the wooden man’s home and come here as soon as they hear the explosion.
As soon as they arrived, they saw that the wooden man had finished bijuu and left Bijyudama with the soil.
Chapter three hundred and sixty impeded
When Bijyudama’s energy wave went out in turmoil, the face of the four generations of Mu Lei Ying Ai suddenly changed, and they saw the cat with blue flames not far away.
"The enemy is at the wooden man? And so soon it will be driven by wooden people to finish bijuu, which shows that Bijyudama seems that the enemy is not weak. "
What did the four generations of Mu Lei Ying Ai instantly think of to speed up?
Four generations of Mu Lei Ying are muscular, but it doesn’t mean that he is simple-minded. He is also one of the best ninjas in the village.
Yunyin Village feels the terrible energy emitted by Bijyudama even if it is not the case that the ninja is far away.
Many ninjas in Yunyin Village have seen the cat again, and they have also seen the cat pouring out horrible energy from their mouths.
"That’s the terrible chakra with two tails." Yunren’s eyes are dignified.
Bijyudama’s horrible energy blinks, and the soil immediately controls the feet. Many trees instantly form a wooden big hand. The cloud stands shocked by the wooden man and directly shakes the black Bijyudama in the wooden hand.
This coping style was taught by uchiha madara.
In the past, uchiha madara and the first generation of Muhuo Ying fought against the Thousand-Handed Column, and he used his blood to make a huge wooden man. The wooden man spit out Kyubi no Youko and shook hands with Bijyudama, and then pressed like Kyubi no Youko.
At this time, the soil brought by Mu Dun made a wooden hand to shake the cat and Bijyudama, which looked like a chakra pill filled with terrorist energy.
It’s a bit like four generations of Huo Ying Namikaze Minato’s spiral pills.
After holding the Bijyudama, he smiled coldly and manipulated the wooden hand to throw Bijyudama to the nearly hundred Yunren who arrived at the scene.
When I saw the soil and threw Bijyudama over, nearly a hundred clouds were frightened to disgrace. The roots didn’t resist the idea because they knew they couldn’t resist spreading out as quickly as possible, but they couldn’t come.
Bijyudama fell to the ground and suddenly exploded. The powerful energy wave spread out and directly swallowed up nearly a hundred clouds, resulting in the aftermath that destroyed many nearby buildings.
Looking at this scene, the wooden man was suddenly angry and burst into roars. She didn’t expect that Daitu could hold Bijyudama and help her Bijyudama to attack her companions in this way.
It’s hard to believe this kind of thing. It’s hard to catch it at a very fast speed, let alone throw it out after catching it, but this kind of thing that she thought was impossible just happened.
"This man’s strength is terrible."