The whole East Wilderness will sink, and all the major forces will have their own chess. It won’t matter who will achieve it by then, and there will be food everywhere.


"You are a wise man, so I didn’t make moves but put the conditions in front of you for you to choose; You can join us and become an immortal benefactor.
Then I’ll make a move. You can find a pot for swallowing monty’s kung fu, or you can just take it off the shelf. There are also our people at Ji’s house.
However, you should also pay attention to your actions and try not to make a public scene. Once exposed, no one can be sure that you will be hunted by heaven.
And relative sincerity, Gu Hua Dynasty also needs our help to fight Zhongzhou Road, which is a mutually beneficial choice. "
The old man in gray smiled and directly expressed his intention to pull Li Yu into the partnership and grant him immortal feats; Then he will find a pot for swallowing monty’s power, which is a potential limited species and he doesn’t want to miss it.
It is naturally impossible for such amazing wizards to achieve the immortal feats of others, and it is the best choice to hide behind the scenes.
"It’s really exciting. You seem to be very interested in Zhongzhou. Isn’t his three domains suitable for development?"
Li Yu paused to reveal the tendency of "conation", as if he really wanted to join in the general search for the Beidou forces.
"Beiyuan is really not suitable for Ximo, where the old bald donkey is cruel. I have done a few games in the early years and I am still very anxious, and it is not so easy for you to take root in Zhongzhou."
The gray-haired old man’s eyes flashed vaguely, revealing that it was impossible for him to tell the truth before Li Yu joined in.
So the East Wilderness and the South Ridge all have their soil … Li Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly, and this vein has developed rapidly in secret, which is much more prosperous than everyone thought.
It is a risky move to take the holy places and aristocratic families as soil to take root, plant seeds, absorb nutrients and transform into their own influence, but it is also very wonderful and has great advantages.
"How to consider it?"
The gray-haired old man’s eyes grew cold. If he hadn’t accepted their sudden disappearance and broken connection, he would have rushed home from outside tonight and shook the holy land. Another strong man with the same vein would have discussed plans.
As a result, this change has taken place. I received a message from the sixth ancestor, otherwise I wouldn’t be eager to find new species. The news leading to various roads has been blocked a lot
Of course, he is also confident that no one can refuse this temptation, which is equivalent to an alternative merger and will not lose anything.
And the so-called exposure is not worth a damn. Who will believe it without evidence and no one to tell? Everyone who accepted them was wiped out. Who else can find out?
And according to Jiang Rui’s message, there is only one powerful guardian here, and there is also one who is pregnant and green; He also confirmed it to Jiang Yifei and got a positive answer, which made him carefree.
"naturally, but I have a better choice than what you said."
Li Yu smiled between the eyebrows and the brand of Hengyu furnace, and suddenly appeared in the hidden bag of five colors from Vulcan furnace.
"Let’s hear it, but there are some things I have to say. You are a good seedling. I am confident that I am better than others’ choice. I hope you don’t make mistakes."
The gray-haired old man’s eyes were fixed on the furnace of Vulcan, which was almost the furnace of the Sun God of the Jiang family, but it was just similar, and it was thousands of miles away.
"Swallow your achievement method as well as taking the magic body, which saves the coagulation of the fetal kung fu. Why not?
I want both! "
Li Yu smiled brilliantly. I want it when I grab my eyes and flash!
What do you want to give? I’m supposed to pick it up. How can I let it go when it’s so exciting?
In an instant, the lid of the furnace lifted purple gas, and a gorgeous light fell from the sky to the old man in gray. It was a flame that turned purple, and the big hand shook the waves as horrible as Wang Yang.
"It’s a pity that it’s really a good seedling, but its style is in line with our pulse, but you took the wrong road and brought about your own destruction."
Gray-haired old man sneer at decisive than fade suddenly burst out of his body is a dim, more and more dark shadow engulfed all.
In the end, he turned into a black hole. The terror wave originated from the dark center. It swallowed everything more than madness.
Even the purple gas that can burn out too strong can’t stand the east flame. He was swallowed up by all the nutrients.
Obviously, this is an extremely powerful statue, not weaker than the Lord, very powerful and extremely powerful.
"It’s up to me to enjoy the banquet of the king’s body, so that you can see that I regret it in the underworld."
The black hole swallowed the purple fire and the gray hair. The old man reappeared with a white tooth and licked his bright red lips. It looked very gloomy. He pushed his spine and shot the light to smash the surrounding vegetation.
It was breathtaking. The sword and the mans breath cut off a mountain peak, and the rocks, rocks, collapses, clouds, firm but gentle waves penetrated the sky and then swept the four directions.
His spine shoots outward. The sword awn is very strange, but it is indestructible. It is terrible. The spine pushes the bone sheath and gives birth to a horrible Excalibur. Every inch you pull out, it gives you another horrible breath.
"Wrong. I regret enjoying the feast, but it’s you."
Li Yu ourtenant looked at him as if looking at a trap. The prey’s teeth were white and cold, and he was going to swallow his whole chew.
High-end hunters often appear as prey.
"Man sword? It was a vicious person. "
At this time, there was suddenly a figure in the field. The old Taoist raised his hand and pressed it directly to annihilate all the gray-haired old people who were like catching chicks.
Then he looked at the man’s sword emerging from the spine, but it was a ray of eyes that would burst into light rain all over the sky.
? ? ? This cruel person is dull and confused, and he hasn’t even reacted yet. What’s going on?
You’ve just been held in your hands for opening up a great power? Didn’t Jiang Rui, the sixth ancestor of the Jiang family, say that this was a great power?
I have repeatedly confirmed with him that there is a powerful guardian who is more pregnant with the green jade before I leave the Yaoguang Holy Land. Jiang Yifei is so small and overcast that he doesn’t say a word and pretends to know nothing!
As a result, this is fucking great power.
Which great power can handle the extremely important series like carrying a chicken?
"Jiang Rui Jiangchuan was so vicious against me! Is it because I hate that I didn’t choose Jiang Yichen and refused to give him Xuangong? What a narrow-minded person!
And Jiang Yifei, a little beast, dares to pit me like this. I want to get rid of the shackles! "
The gray-haired old man is short of breath and turns out to be swearing. I never thought that I was the prey.
Damn it, this ginger family is really amazing.
One is worse than the other. One is worse than the other!
This is not bullying honest people!
"Please ask the elder to lock him up and disintegrate on his own."
Li Yu slowly mobilized a colorful flame to fly out and fall on this gray-haired old man’s body. It turned out that generate made a sonorous sound and didn’t burn.
You know, this is the seventh most colorful fire in the fire field, and even the great power can be burned alive. Now a flame can’t even shake the other body, which shows that the magic body has a god and a fetus is terrible.
"You have to be careful. This is equivalent to fighting with a vicious person. The whole East Wilderness will kill you!"
The gray-haired old man is really unwilling to be treated like this in the hands of a quadrupole junior.
"You are really ordinary and confident. I’m from Zhongzhou Gu Hua. Do you threaten me with the wild east? A group of rats in the gutter are not allowed to stand on the table, and they dare to say to me that it is not difficult for the dynasty to wipe out you in one day. "
Li Yu sneers at this. I’m afraid it’s not that I’ve been lurking in the wild for a long time day and night. I’ve almost forgotten that the outside world is vast. What’s there to be afraid of when the enemy can’t even show up?
The gray-haired old man froze when he heard the smell. He was so strong that the whole five domains were rare and he was called ordinary and confident?
What’s wrong with this world? Is Zhongzhou so horrible now?
Just when he doubted himself, the old Taoist priest began to lock up all his power directly, and Yuan Shen was imprisoned and separated into flesh to be detained alive.
Then I searched my soul, and Li Yu looked at the cave body. This is a treasure, but it is not true. My hand can refine the essence first by other means.
As soon as he flipped his hand, he saw that all the colorful shenhuo from the stove poured out and directly wrapped the gray-haired old man’s body in burning flesh and blood to refine the essence.
In an instant, there was a gorgeous colorful brilliance in the middle of the field, like hitting the celestial gate, and colorful clouds surged over here. This is a horrible energy of imagination, and colorful brilliance became the only thing in the world.