However, this does not mean that he accepts and is used to all this, which is the common color of his enlightenment.


Jin xiu Qing Yu Liao
Just as she was wondering whether the scene of flying was seen by others just now, the Tokyo Tower suddenly blew a crazy wind, and even the pure steel iron frame was jarred by the wind, which showed that the wind was crazy.
Things came, and in the night, I realized that a pair of critical eyes suddenly shot different awns, which stood in front of Jin Xiuqing’s way. It was so strange that it was neither evil nor magic to cultivate Buddhism and Taoism.
Wu realized that the strong wind came to an abrupt end when the voice fell, and the three people suddenly shook hundreds of meters away. A bird-headed personal monster nearly ten meters long came to this Peacock King under the command of Qi Zhenxiong.
Little Gollum, the devil’s head, has been mixed up in the fix-true world for many years, but he still knows something about many monsters, but he can see the origin of Peacock King.
At the same time, it is difficult to judge the reason for the high strength for the bearer’s aggressive appearance. At the first time, the three of them made Peacock King an enemy.
It’s my turn to show off your swagger with the small plane head. You should have no problem with that, right? Little Gollum blurted out such a sentence, which is not suitable for the tense atmosphere at the moment.
I don’t like it, but I’m covered in black ash. How cool is it that this bird is so big and knows how to break the ground? I won’t let me play the most first if I don’t kill him and leave you half a life.
Chapter three hundred and eleven God locks the soul
Gollum is one of the people who know that the first hand is strong, but he can’t wait for enlightenment to finish his sentence. He has gathered his palms into a gang, aiming at the peacock king and smashed it in the past.
On this night, a lightning ball the size of a shackle exploded in the sky and rang hundreds of miles in Tokyo. This phenomenon far beyond the scope of human ability has always been the most curious.
Many Tokyo residents looked at the sky from all sides and witnessed this incredible scene for them.
However, due to the extremely strong diffraction light of Gollum and Lei Gang, it happened that Jin Xiuqing was the peacock king’s figure, otherwise the onlookers would have to fry the pot.
It’s good to chat with aunt Jin Xiuqing beside me when I see Gollum’s first hand and realize that she’s flat.
Jin Xiuqing has always been beside them, but it’s really thanks to her excellent self-restraint that she has been holding back her laughter.
However, she has a lot of ideas about killing the bird man suddenly, and she immediately realized that you can make ordinary people not see the fight scene of Gollum.
That’s not simple. Look, I realized that it’s the kind of idle thing that can be done at once
However, seeing the change in his hands and mumbling in his mouth, it is always clear that two words are jumping from his mouth to gather together.
Then form a seal. Suddenly, it means that the sky is Wan Liyun, and several clouds come from all directions in an instant. It takes a few breaths to cover up the hundred-mile sky, and even the top part of the Tokyo Tower is so thick.
If it hadn’t been for Xiao Gollum or the Peacock King’s deliberate attack, it would have been determined.
When it comes to Wu Juyun, the more you play, the better you get. You know, he loves to play and fight, and his desire will never be lost in fighting to defeat the Buddha. Sun Wu said that although he fought in the Jin family’s enlightenment day the other day, he was too strong to let go.
They all control their strength to a minimum, so how can they play well and have a good time?
The Peacock King, on the other hand, is not a demon, a Buddha, a Taoist, a demon, and a hostile one.
Gollum, however, needs his polite hands to blow out. It can be said that the war is so bad that he didn’t shout loudly.
The Peacock King came with the command of Zhen Xiong.
He’s a guy with strong fighting capacity among the hundred gods. He’s always been a master, but he doesn’t want to find a property, but he was caught off guard by Gollum’s crazy offensive without even saying a word.
To tell the truth, a bird’s hair is also lost a lot.
In a hysterical roar, Peacock King was once again hit by a nine-day Yang Huolei.
If it were someone else, even if Guru was at the same level to fix the true flesh, he would have been blown out of his wits for nine days in a row, but Peacock King was not hurt even though he ate pain.
Get a little gap
Peacock King finally steadied himself, and a bright green light was released from the palm of his hand, and it was ten meters long. Behind it, he was born with four wings and six arms on both sides of his body, and he couldn’t say anything about weapons. However, it should be extraordinary to see that those weapons emit faint green light.
In the face of peacock king to transform.
On the contrary, the little Gollum was more excited than to interrupt his hands, fork his chest, and smile at the corners of his mouth. I said, you big bird, but some magical powers have changed with your little Gollum.
Will you change and wait for your little guru to give you a surprise?
Playing transformation in front of Gollum is simply a provocation.
Gollum the Phantom Beast, his talent collar is illusory. Look at the peacock king, who is very angry and shows his true self. Gollum also moved his playful heart behind him.
It was in his voice that a burst of purple smoke rose from his body for a while until the smoke dispersed. A guy who appeared on the opposite side of the body to look like the peacock king now.
What? How can this guy show his true self? The peacock king has become a fighting force among millions of gods. The key to his god is that he shows his true self at the moment.
Don’t just show that the peacock behind the truth is three times stronger than before. It’s enough that Wang Zhenshen is not bad and tough.
I have seen Gollum’s changes and enlightened Jin Xiu more than once, but I never thought that he would become an opponent.
It’s best to get rid of this bird man quickly, and aunt Gollum still has a lot of questions to answer from him. Even this vision is amazing, but it’s unknown when the Japanese government will send a reconnaissance plane to find out. Although Jin Xiuqing is not afraid of this, it’s always a problem, and he doesn’t want Gollum to rise and make a big noise.