A small inaudible voice sounded, and the security door was opened by Ethan.
"Over there." Qin Shaojie pointed to one side of the master bedroom and made a mouth to Ethan. Ethan nodded and walked over gently. Qin Shaojie, on the other hand, went to Jianghai’s room.
After Qin Shaojie made an OK gesture at Ethan, Ethan gently opened Jiang Kaijun’s door. Soon, Ethan came out again and nodded at Qin Shaojie, indicating that the task was completed.
Qin Shaojie walked into Jianghai’s room and found that Jianghai had fallen asleep today. Perhaps he felt that he wouldn’t come again with his father?
Qin Shaojie sneered and patted Jianghai directly on the shoulder.
"Damn it, who is it? Stop it." Jianghai turned over without opening his eyes, muttered something and fell asleep again.
"If you owe money, you owe your life."
"Ah …" Jiang Haisheng shouted, directly rolled up from the bed and looked at the "hosts" in front of him, and the cold sweat suddenly flowed down.
"Dad, dad, help me." Jianghai shouted and stepped back. But he sadly found that he called for a long time, but Dad didn’t respond.
"Wan … Wan Jun, yes, have something to say, don’t, don’t kill me." Jianghai can’t stand this kind of stimulation any longer, crying and saying.
"Give me back my company and my money." Qin Shaojie or that cold voice said.
"Give it back, I’ll give it back, I’ll give it back to you. Please don’t come to me again."
"Sign." Qin Shaojie handed Jianghai the transfer documents and pens that had already been prepared.
Jianghai was so frightened by this time that he had a lot of runny nose and tears. He was so scared that he didn’t see the name of the recipient at all, so he signed his name.
"handprint." Qin Shaojie said coldly. Said, and handed the inkpad to jianghai.
"Oh, good." Jianghai said trembling, and hurriedly pressed the handprint.
At that time, Ethan had found Jiang Kaijun’s diary and hid outside Jianghai’s door. When he heard that Qin Shaojie had finished everything, he just flicker and entered Jianghai’s room.
"Hey, Jiang Shaoshao, thank you." Qin Shaojie waved the file in his hand and laughed.
"eh?" Jianghai one leng, "you are not …"
Just when Jianghai realized that he had been cheated, before the words were finished, Ethan, who suddenly came in, cut him in the neck with one hand and fainted directly.
Chapter 220 Unfamiliar Plan
"Bang" a loud noise, a valuable imitation of the Tang Dynasty blue and white porcelain vase was smashed to pieces.
"Dad, dad, don’t smash it. What shall we do?" Jianghai asked anxiously.
"What should I do? What do you say?" Jiang Kaijun shouted angrily. "You fucking know how to fool around in a woman’s bed every day. Who have you provoked and you don’t know it yourself?"
"I, I know who it is. I recognize his voice." Jianghai was startled by his father’s shouting and said. "That’s the boy I saw in the western restaurant."
"Of course, I’ve already figured out who it is." Jiang Kaijun didn’t good the spirit said.
"So, dad, what should I do? I have signed the transfer contract. " Jiang Hai said with a sad face.
"What should I do? You don’t even know the name of your family. What do you say? " Jiang Kaijun saw Jiang Hai’s sad face expression, and he was even more angry. 1 of "pa", a loud big mouth is drawn in Jianghai’s face. Directly to the jianghai smoke in situ turned a circle, burying his face in an incredible looking at Jiang Kaijun.
A while, Jiang Haicai clutching that piece of swollen face, injustice said. "Dad, you, why did you hit me?"
To say that he was beaten, this Jianghai has not been beaten by his father for more than ten years. This mouth came down and directly stunned him.
"Hit you? I fucking want to kill you now. Why did I give birth to such a stupid thing like you? You usually spend a lot of time fooling around in a woman’s bed. Why didn’t I shoot you at the wall? " Jiang Kaijun was shaking with anger. Then, there was another bang, and the teapot that was said to have been used by Qianlong on the coffee table was also unfortunate and ended up in pieces.
"Dad, what’s wrong with you?" Jianghai is afraid. He has never seen his father get so angry.
"What’s the matter? What did you say? Your stupid company is gone, it’s gone, and I’m fucking dying. My diary was stolen. " Jiang Kaijun roared.
"Day … diary? What diary. " Jianghai asked carefully.
"What diary? Remember your old man’s diary. " Jiang Kaijun finished, just like a deflated ball, sitting on the sofa, lighting a cigarette and smoking decadent. He only hopes that the person who took his diary only threatened him for money, otherwise, even if he had ten lives, he could not escape the fate of being dragged out and shot for ten minutes.
"I grass, is this Jiang Kaijun still a person?" Qin Shaojie sat in the living room and looked at Jiang Kaijun’s diary. He couldn’t help swearing.
"Comrade killer, know the Chinese word. Here, have a look." Qin Shaojie said, and handed the diary to Ethan.
On a certain day, a casino owner gave a gift of 5 million.
On a certain day, a subordinate arranged his family to work and gave a gift of one million.
On a certain day, a small film and television company gave a gift of 10 million and two female models. . .
This is just the tip of the iceberg. The more you look down, the more angry Qin Shaojie is. What gifts are arranged through the back door, what the entertainment city, the film and television company gave gifts and sent models, and which company closed down on a certain day, are all recorded in Jiang Kaijun’s diary. These things, countless.
Qin Shaojie wondered how Jiang Kaijun could be so justified in taking bribes and doing bad things, and dared to write all these things down in his diary. Isn’t he afraid that one day his diary will be lost and all these things will be exposed? Or does he regard his own home as the highest-level vault of Swiss banks?
"Pa" Ethan closed the diary and looked at Qin Shaojie and asked. "What are you going to do?" He has some expectations for what Qin Shaojie will do next. In his previous life, he had nothing to do but sleep, drink and kill people. Now he is no longer a killer. He also feels very good living in this extravagant world. At least, he lives wonderfully.
"Have you heard the story of a cat catching a mouse?" Qin Shaojie asked.
"I’ve only seen the story of a cat catching a mouse. The cat’s name is Tom and the mouse’s name is Jerry." Ethan was in a good mood and joked.
"Oh, now that Mr. Killer has a girlfriend, he can even joke." Qin Shaojie teased.
"Let’s get down to business." Ethan quickly changed the subject. He is still a little, er, shy about having a girlfriend.
"Ok, let’s get down to business." Qin Shaojie also don’t tease him, said. "It is said that cats eat mice, but it is not. When a cat catches a mouse, it won’t eat it in a hurry, but it should play slowly, and then eat it when the mouse is scared and frightened. Now, we are cats, Jiang Kaijun and his son, and mice. Maybe my metaphor is not very appropriate, but my purpose is to slowly kill him. "
"It’s cruel." Ethan said faintly.
"What?" Qin Shaojie one leng. "Did you just say … cruel?"