You can bring the Star Tree Resurrection Method to Grandson and Grandfather to choose. The Eye Star Tree Resurrection Method is really more important to him. He can’t take risks in the Grandson’s house for generations to come.


Otherwise, the plan may fall short, and I don’t know how long it will take to get such an opportunity again, but this person’s eyes are blinking and obviously his mind is still killing Meng Fei.
For this, Meng Fei can easily induce a sneer in his heart, but he has not shown any strangeness. At this moment, a blood crystal flashes in his hand.
In the eyes of the grandson and bodhi old zu, the instantaneous explosion method presses the hot color.
In his induction, this blood crystal is a military symbol body, but it can be further transformed into a star tree, but he also noticed that the blood crystal cloth was frowning tightly and his face was even more gloomy.
Xiao Ran’s cautious and painstaking efforts to ban the crystal are not complicated, but Meng Fei’s breath is connected. If it fluctuates greatly now, it will explode instantly. The power is not strong, but it is enough to completely turn this blood crystal into dust.
In front of Meng Fei’s hand, this blood crystal will be intact and lose sixty percent of his grandson and bodhi old zu’s heart. Even if it is not low, he still didn’t take the chapter five hundred and fifteen remnant array.
Hum, for the time being, let this little peace of mind be interesting to see what means he can escape from my hand. The grandson and the bodhi old zu are full of confidence with a dark and ferocious sneer.
He is afraid of means.
It should be enough for Meng Fei’s heart to calculate the surface but not show any different colors when he enters to send bursts of method to start counting interest.
Deliberately show some relaxed colors face to face, then the grandson and bodhi old zu will send him to the younger generation now. Without it, you can leave even if you enter the array.
Grandson bodhi old zu expression waved a dark token instantly came to Meng Fei’s hands.
At the moment when the dark token comes to hand, Meng Fei’s figure is micro-moving, and at the same time, she throws the blood crystal hard and goes straight to the outside of the Chamber of Secrets.
This throwing force Meng Fei has kept this blood crystal as fast as a star. If the strength of the earth is mixed with it, it will surely break instantly if it hits the temple stone wall.
Grandson bodhi old zu fundus pitfalls a flash, but at the moment he can not consider of Meng Fei hand single arm to the blood crystal virtual grip instantaneous intake of its hands, and all this just delayed a breath when Meng Fei has just rushed into the array.
Little Zu takes a fancy to his prey, and no one can escape. Can you survive with your own little calculation? Don’t leave it for Zu. Grandson and Zu sneer at his eyes, and the hot color explodes without disguise.
This little guy succeeded in inheriting the blood of the Star Devil clan.
This kind of fate is more important for people to swallow Meng Fei. He is the power surge. If the grandson and bodhi old zu need the resurrection method of the star tree more, he has already swallowed Meng Feiliu directly, but now he has no scruples and hands to suppress it.
Grandson and bodhi old zu xiu can forcibly reverse it even if he sends it.
No matter how small it is today, it will never escape.
A large array of flashes can be sent in a flash, but at this moment, the grandson and bodhi old zu avatar has already raised his head and looked calm, and his eyes are cold and cold. If it weren’t for the blood spell left by the Star Devil, I’m afraid he would run away on this trip.
But now
Looking at the ferocious face of the grandson and bodhi old zu of the throne, Meng Fei’s sneer robe sleeve has already clenched the blood spell and crushed it without hesitation.
A slightly illusory figure flashed his eyes and saw Meng Fei with a slight sigh of emotion, and then shot the grandchild bodhi old zu avatar to stop castration and directly integrate into the grandchild bodhi old zu body.
As the star demon king’s figure blends into a layer of strange bloodshot sealing town, the grandson and bodhi old zu will be blocked in
Star demon king, when you haven’t changed your color before death, your grandson and bodhi old zu have already read the hand of Star demon king.
Send array Meng Fei fear to grandson bodhi old zu fundus folded mans blink moment figure instantaneous disappear.
At the moment when Meng Fei’s figure disappeared, the ground law in the cave suddenly lit up and gave off a faint luster. Sitting cross-legged in the secret room, the star demon king tried to compete with the grandson and bodhi old zu, and his eyes were crazy.
This time has long been destroyed by people. If you can really get past the old Luo Xing, will you help you to open this array? This monster has a low mouth and a ferocious face, and the blood of the stars and the bodhi old zu can’t get anything. No one can get stinky. Since you broke into this remnant array, you will fall into chaos.
The old man suddenly looked at another place in the chamber of secrets. A fire clan flashed in vitro and waved his hand to break the ban. Now he smiled coldly at the corner of his mouth not far from the array.
The array method reverses the mind, micro-moves the array, and several large arrays are forbidden to operate at the same time. The destructive force explodes and the wave of terrorist energy spreads to virtual madness.
The mainland suddenly became violent in this force.
Meng Fei’s face suddenly changed when he was in delivery. This sudden burst of breath was emitted by the array, and a very bad feeling lingered in Meng Fei’s mind. His heart couldn’t help but jump hard. His figure suddenly turned and looked straight in the direction of the array.
For a moment, Meng Fei’s face turned pale instantly, and the chamber of secrets broke out in a large array. The ground was broken and the rocks broke through the cracks, and the terrorist cracks spread in all directions, revealing that the black paint swallowed the breath of terror.
At first, it was dull, and then it skyrocketed at an alarming rate.
Broken array
Who would have thought that this mainland, which can be sent to Tianluo, turned out to be a broken large array, and once it was stimulated, it would also break the violent devouring force when it shattered the emptiness?