Unexpectedly, 99% of Mingshen tea is no different from ordinary tea. After only one sip, it was wiped clean by then Yuanli, leaving only a drop of water the size of a fingernail, which has not changed at all. Seeing this, the elder Ling Wei of Tai Shang is even more convinced of the efficacy of this Mingshen tea. At present, his hands are combined, and a dharma tactic is squeezed out, and then in the abdomen, he also beats a few times.


Now, the mighty and incomparable force of then Yuan was released from the abdomen, turned into a mass of aerosol, and together with the force fog in the internal organs, it was killing the water polo crazily.
This water polo is the noumenon of Wei Wuji, and then it is powerful. Although it has not been broken, Wei Wuji’s fascination is clearly felt that kind of severe pain.
Fortunately, Wei Wuji used the most bitter method when he first cultivated Thirty-six Changes of the plough. I’m used to all kinds of pain. Otherwise, I’m afraid he can’t find a way out of this situation and exert the magical power of life and death.
Life and death changed, and Wei Wuji changed from water polo to a palm-sized villain.
As soon as he appeared, he looked around. Then the belly of a real person is different from those monks who refine gas and build a foundation. There is no foul smell and even a little fragrance.
In this regard, Wei mowgli is not surprised at all, because, as a monk who has deep attainments in both Tao and Dan, he knows very well that not only the inner alchemy and corpse can be used for refining and alchemy, but also the inner alchemy and flesh of the real person, because they don’t eat the world’s grains, only eat the wind and drink the dew and absorb the aura, and the impurities in the body have long been removed, saying that they are human.
Of course, in the human world, it is rare to really dare to take the body of a real person then to make an alchemy. This is completely different from the refiner. It is no different to use a corpse to make an alchemy and eat people. This kind of person, even evil and evil, is also spurned.
Ling Wei, the elder of Taishang, was fascinated, and kept an eye on the changes of the water polo. Suddenly, I saw that the water polo had turned into a little person, with all five senses, hands and feet, clothes and steps, and I was shocked at that time. However, he soon became happy again.
Because, in the friar world, there are enough peerless elixirs, and there are no fewer spiritualized ones. In his mind, this little man is obviously the spirituality of this immortal tea. If this kind of thing is refined, a fool can understand the growth of a monk’s cultivation.
Now, the elder Ling Wei of Taishang is even more happy. When it is, the crazier he is, the more he drives up the elixir and releases the force fog. He is worried that, only in this way, it is not enough to refine the spirituality of this fairy elixir, but even the fire of life’s core monuments Dan, which is also fuelling up, turns into a ray of fire, flies out of the abdomen, and shoots straight at the little people.
Who mowgli, scanned a few eyes, just see the insides wrapped in clouds of aerosol, was about to make moves, but found that a hair-thick white fire line, shining with harsh brilliance, shot up toward it.
Although he is not familiar with the real name of then Dan Huo, he can guess it roughly. Seeing this, he thought that Lingwei had discovered that something was wrong with him. His usual multiplier can’t be used naturally, but ordinary multiplier can’t match the attack of then anger.
Mindful of this, Wei Wuji no longer hesitated at that time, but directly shocked himself and hooked up the map of Zhu Xian Array.
Immediately, the whole fairy array turned into a dark cloud and rose from Wei Wuji’s head. The white fire line, which has not touched Wei Wuji, was actively diluted by the cloud. Subsequently, Wei Wuji urged the sword-killing pill, and a harsh red light shot out of the black cloud and rushed straight up, treating the force fog as nothing.
The sword light was sweeping all the way, and in the blink of an eye, it was transmitted from the celestial spirit of the elder Ling Wei. Its fascination was also wiped out by the unique power of the route sword light, leaving no fraction.
Where can Lingwei think of this sudden change? All of a sudden, the main soul was destroyed. Now, I am a fool, and I know that this little person is definitely not a panacea. After all, the magic weapon of the platform is definitely not their ability.
Of course, Ling Wei never imagined that this little man was a real human monk. In his mind, he only regards it as a strange monster. In the face of such a situation, he quickly fuelling then, driving life’s core monuments’s magic weapon "Seven Killing Sword" to burst through the body and flee to the outside.
This, who mowgli where can agree, the whole fairy array figure a vibration, stand time, rolling black ShaQi cloud, will this handle seven kill sword to oblivion.
This black cloud looks obviously not thick, but it is difficult for Ren Lingwei to break through how crazy it is.
Now, Lingwei’s main soul has been destroyed. At this time, what is attached to then is only a split soul. However, even so, as long as he can find a safe place and use some secret methods, the success rate of possession is not high, but after reincarnation, with the memory of this world, he is sure.
In view of this, Lingwei naturally doesn’t want to work hard with this unknown strange monster. However, because of this, he can’t take the initiative to show weakness. At the moment, he vigorously shocked himself and loudly called out, "I don’t care what you are, you’d better let me go, otherwise, I will blow myself up, that is, I can’t kill you, and I will make you seriously injured. I don’t believe this, you have no enemies! "
Lingwei’s tone is very tough, but under the shock of mind, it is hard to hide the timidity in his heart. Smell this, who mowgli just roughly understand the idea of Lingwei’s heart. The idea to him, who mowgli nature won’t kindly to explain to him, not only that, he also intends to deepen this misjudgment of Lingwei.
"Explosive? In front of my family, no one has the strength to blow himself up! " While speaking, Wei Wuji once again shocked the plan of killing the immortals, and the force of killing the immortals turned into ripples, which were crushed over the elixir.
Ling Wei, when Wei Wuji spoke, he knew that he had no chance. At present, my heart is dead, and without the slightest hesitation, I directly began to provoke then to blow itself up. But at this moment, a red corrugated cave passed by, and when it did, his mind sank, and his original thoughts seemed to disappear.
Beneath the ripples, above this elixir, let alone Lingwei’s ghost, is the slightest mark, which has failed to flow down, leaving only the purest elixir.
This elixir, Wei Wuji, is going to take it back for medicine and use it to increase his own cultivation.
Using the monk’s elixir and alchemy is different from using the monk’s body. Then, it is the crystallization of pure magic, and it has nothing to do with people, so it is not eating people. This kind of thing is not common in the friar world, but that’s because there are too few people who can get it. After all, then the explosion of reality is very fast. If there are enough elixirs, I’m afraid it will become the most common product for refining elixir, just like demon elixir.
This moment of mana fluctuation, although soon, which passes, but, who mowgli is sure, will definitely attract the attention of other monks in Xianyuan Cave. At present, he quickly rolled through Lingwei’s storage bag, and then turned into a breeze, hidden aside.
Sure enough, as soon as he was hiding, there were six old-faced male monks and a fairly young female monk breaking in, and their cultivation was in the realm of dzogchen. Obviously, they are all the little monks’ families in Yancheng, and they take refuge in the Ling family to worship the elders.
When these seven people came in, they saw this picture of Lingwei. At that time, their faces changed greatly, and they were very shocked.
If Ling’s family is just such a real person, then it will die. These people must be celebrating each other, and then they will discuss how to divide the territory that Ling’s family was born. However, Ling’s family still has a baby, a true gentleman, and an elder of the Five Elements Sect, one of the three major schools in Chu, so they dare not be disloyal.
You look at me, I look at you. After a period of communication, three people were left to guard the scene again, and the rest of them went out together, ready to meet the current Ling family leader. I hope he can invite the ancestors of Ling family to sit in Yancheng.
After all, as the backbone of the Ling family, the pillar is dead. If there is no one to support it, it is very problematic whether Yancheng can sit still. After all, the friar family of Chu is not the only one with Yuan Ying Zhen Jun behind it.
When several people came in, Wei Mowgli quietly left behind them. When four monks left, Wei Mowgli followed one of them at that time. After the cave was banned, he went out of the fairy cave.
Out of this fairy cave, Wei mowgli’s mood is clear. Without the threat of Ling’s family, he can practice with peace of mind for a long time in the future.