So, Wei Mowgli didn’t care about anything. When he did, he let the hungry ghost out again and let him wantonly destroy in the valley.


This is what the hungry ghost is very willing to do, without the slightest violation. As soon as he came out, he roared out the unique cry of the hungry ghost. The voice was sharp, gloomy, harsh and strong, and Wei Wuji could not help but use magic to block his hearing. Of course, Wei Wuji is not worried about being injured by it, but he just doesn’t want to let his ears suffer this ordeal.
The hungry ghost howled, and it was really not for nothing. Just for a moment, there was a rumbling sound on the peaks around the valley. Subsequently, the white torrent of the seventh and eighth roads roared down and attacked the valley. Snowflakes splashed all over the sky, which was even worse than the goose feather and heavy snow.
See this situation, who mowgli nature is quickly royal sword fly up. Although he was not afraid of the natural power of heaven and earth contained in this avalanche, he was unwilling to try it. After all, if this piece of snow is wrapped in a boulder, that kind of power, if it is touched, is not pleasant.
Hungry ghosts are not stupid, and when they see that their goals have been achieved, they also soar to the sky rapidly. Followed by the figure of the hungry ghost, there is also a white sword light that tears the snow all over the sky and rises into the sky.
"Who’s making noise here, disturbing my practice?" As soon as the figure came out, it was yelling loudly.
The rolling sound roared in the valley, increasing the momentum of the avalanche.
Who mowgli didn’t hide the loose-packed, nature is the man saw red-handed, at that time, the man said some uncertain, "Ming elders? !”
"It’s me!" Who mowgli fuelling sword light, slowly to meet up.
"What are you doing here? You made this avalanche! Do you want to bury me alive? " This man, nature is Laojiu ling home. However, his attitude is very different from that of Ling’s old 2. His eyes are openly exploding with cold light. It seems that if Wei Moji doesn’t give him a satisfactory answer, he may start work at any time.
"Nine elders misunderstood! I’m here on the orders of my master! " Who mowgli smiling, slightly bent down, seems to be an apology.
"Big Brother?" Ling home Laojiu surface emerged a trace of doubt.
He was just about to ask Elder Ming, and when the master asked him to do it, he longed for the discovery that there was a harsh cold light in front of him, which was clearly a sharp but firm but gentle blow.
"What do you want to do?"
Laojiu, the Ling family, ignored the common affairs and practiced penance. Now it’s the ninth floor of the foundation, only one line away, and you can enter dzogchen. His reaction, of course, is much stronger than the old 2.
Just now, firm but gentle, he craggy figure, give way. At this time, the hungry ghost also swooped down from behind him, with two claws, running straight to the back of his head, trying to get in.
Ling Laojiu, however, is not afraid, with a snort of cold, his body, come up to the thick white air, like the tide, endless. Moreover, this white airflow, unusually cold, hungry ghost claws, has not yet approached, and it has condensed with a layer of frost. After a few hard touches, the hungry ghost immediately retreated and stopped contributing.
And at this time, a fist-sized white pearl emerged from the body of Ling Laojiu, hanging overhead. Circles, the clearest and clearest brilliance, turned into ripples and rippled away in all directions.
The snowflakes flying all over the sky, as soon as they touched the clear ripples, all condensed up when they did. Not only that, where the ripples pass, it seems that the space is silent and everything is depressed, and it has become a pure dead world.
The retreating hungry ghost was originally prepared to watch the scene of bustle, but did not prevent the clear ripple from spreading rapidly. At that time, he was also frozen rapidly, turned into a huge ice cube and fell down.
This instrument used by Laojiu in Ling family is a top-level treasure given by the ancestors of the infant Zhen Jun in Ling family, and it is called Silent Pearl.
This silent pearl, after the special sacrifice practice of the infant true gentleman in Ling family, is not a magic weapon yet, but it has brought some characteristics of a magic weapon, and its power is unparalleled.
On weekdays, he will never use it easily until his life is at stake, because the mana consumed by this treasure is also huge. At this point, the reason why he moved out was that something was wrong with Ling’s family. Therefore, this Ming elder dared to betray Ling’s family and attack and kill him.
Who mowgli psychic induction, found that even the mind has signs of condensation, where still don’t understand the powerful multiplier. At that time, he no longer made any reservations. As soon as he was inspired by his mind, an egg-sized sword pill was in his hand. When he threw it away, a harsh red light shot out.
As soon as this red light is emitted, the sky and the earth are full of red glow.
Without the slightest sound, everything between heaven and earth turned into nothingness where the red light passed. Snowflakes, figures, ripples and orbs have all disappeared.
Who mowgli this skill, nature is trapped xianjian pill power.
At this moment, he is some regrets, power is too big. Because, he has seen, the orb, is obviously to the magic weapon evolution of the top order treasure, valuable, so destroyed, it is a pity. However, he couldn’t help it, because he felt that the ripple could hurt himself, and only by trapping the light of the sword could it be completely removed.

Chapter DiErSanyi Learn from Sun Monkey
Chapter DiErSanyi Learn from Sun Monkey
Who mowgli will hand a recruit. Trapped fairy sword pill time power all convergence, into his body.
Subsequently, Wei Wuji vigorously shook the hungry ghost’s black cloud banner. This hungry ghost has a dark cloud. The hungry ghost has been destroyed, and most of its power has been damaged. It is useless for Wei Wuji. Even if it is sold, it can’t buy a good price. Those Xu Lingshi and Wei Wuji don’t care. In this case, it is natural for Wei Wuji to maximize the value of the hungry ghost’s dark cloud.
The long banners shook, and the dark clouds swept out with overwhelming force. Who mowgli instead of the slightest reservation, but the use of mana, will be derived from the source of dark clouds magic gas, to force out. At present, the dark clouds spread rapidly in all directions. In the end, Wei Wuji was even more a tactic of course, and he used the means of self-explosion of the multiplier.
A shocking noise, a fierce and incomparable hurricane loyal from the explosion point, oscillating in all directions, driving the speed of dark clouds. It’s getting faster. In a short moment, the whole valley was full of black smoke.
Although, in this way, the smoke is very thin, even the three or four layers of small monks who refine gas may not be able to hurt it, but as a trace of mana residue after the war, it is already very big.
This time, whoever comes will think that it is a master of magic, which is an excellent cover-up for Wei Wuji. Although he is now using a fake identity, he can be safer, so he naturally won’t spare a little effort.
After doing this, Wei Wuji quickly changed the wind and left. In another no-man’s land on the snowy mountain, Wei Wuji summoned the green cow, rode it up and flew rapidly towards Yancheng.
When Wei Wuji returned to Yancheng, it was just a day off. Who mowgli in order not to cause too much vibration, ready to start work after dark, now it’s still early, who mowgli turned into an ordinary monk preconditions, really wandering in Yancheng Fang city.
An afternoon of kung fu. It will be over soon. Obviously, Wei Wuji is not the kind of superman who is unlucky. He has turned around many shops and stalls and found nothing suitable. Of course, Wei Wuji didn’t get nothing. Some messy and useless odds and ends on him, through various identities, all got rid of them, which was also a storage bag for him, leaving a lot of places.
Soon after sunset, when it was dark, Wei Wuji didn’t delay kung fu, but turned into a breeze and penetrated into the first family of Yancheng, the Ling family’s mansion.
Who mowgli is trying to follow the previous example and sneak into the room of Ling’s children to sneak attack. However, when he passed a room, the sound coming from inside made his heart light up and changed his original idea.
"Qi elder sister. Why isn’t your Mingshen tea ready yet? Master Jueyi is eager to practice! "
"Well, don’t rush, Ming god tea trouble you are not I don’t know. This time, the tea bought by Master Jueyi is much better than the previous times, but it is also more difficult to brew. If you are not careful, something will go wrong. If I don’t take it easy, I can’t afford to eat it! "
"Can never master there …"