Tianxin continued. "As the saying goes, the mud is not stained. Or, the killer is ruthless. Although Jiexingfang is a smoky place, you should be able to set a good example as long as you show ruthless means and don’t take sides. "


"That adult you? Our brothers are rolling in the mud. What are you doing? "
"I, go to the theatre and take a big stage by the way."
"Well, my Lord, we will follow you. But please help us out of the crisis in an extremely critical moment. "
"This nature, without you, how can I play behind!"
Ghost killers actually know very well why Tianxin chose Jiexing Square, which is three times larger than Muyuan Startown!
Jiexingfang, built on the inanimate planetary belt, is an interstellar city without city boundaries and virtual boundaries. If there are many forces in the Principality, there are many forces here, and even the Imperial Star Alliance and the Democratic Alliance have bases here. However, the biggest power in the tooling here is not Wanxingzong, nor is it the alliance between the emperor and the star and the democratic alliance, but the evil spirit Sect. For many years, no one knows why Jiexingfang, which is full of blood and vendetta, will be so prosperous that it will last for countless years.
With the sensitive tentacles of ghost killers, it has long been known that this Star City has an unutterable weirdness. As a true killer, they have never been to Jiexingfang less, but they are scarred and flee after each task.
Tianxin is going to stay in Jiexing Square. They are excited, but they also feel that the scars on their hearts and bodies that fell in Jiexing Square in the past are breaking and giving off a bit of sweet smell.
Only Yu Zhong and Jin Li, two little ones, had enough of the "special training" of ninety-nine ghost killers in Tianluozhou and saw Jiexing Square. Thought suffering
Go, can have a new life, never thought of the beginning of the Buddha’s suffering.
Star-knot evil spirits Sect
A long-faced man with a rough belt in Phnom Penh growled, "What do you say about invading the evil valley?"
"At the head of the adult, subordinates and so on also don’t know what’s going on?" The head of the valley of evil spirits said in detail what happened in the valley, "at the head of the adult, someone should have discovered the magical effect of the medium of evil spirits." Therefore, a bureau was set up to drive us away. "
"Nonsense," scolded the long-faced man. "Just now, Star II returned, and the valley of evil spirits is now quiet. Although there are many people patrolling there, they are just looking for that treasure light instrument. You’ve lost your temper and abandoned the evil valley. It’s really annoying that Ben is in charge. What about ephedra? "
"Tell the commander that his subordinates haven’t seen the Ephedra Pioneer Wei since they left the Evil Valley. He should be with another group of people, maybe he has gone to other bases."
"Get him for me."
"Yes, sir."
Phnom Penh mang with a long face big fellow to say something again, an old man came in like an elder, "the patriarch. Emergency intelligence, the ghost killer of the Democratic Alliance entered Jiexing Square, with an unknown purpose … "
"What?" The face of the big man with a long face in Phnom Penh changed greatly. "Elder Geng, is this true?"
"Yes, the patriarch. Now the spy elders are analyzing, and the ghost killer of the Democratic Alliance has made a public appearance in Jiexing Square … "
"Where are they?" Phnom Penh mang man interrupted with a long face.
"Meteor Street."
"Keep a close eye on them."
The old man and elder were ordered to leave. Phnom Penh mang man with a long face somberly down, he already felt something unusual. Although the ghost killer of the Democratic League is very secret, it can’t be hidden from the big forces. Nowadays, these killers have exposed their true colors, and they are afraid that someone will not know them. Show everywhere. There is something strange in this. I hope it’s not what the Democratic Alliance is playing!
"Three cases of ten thousand words were driven away from Mu Miao Yuan and gathered in Jiexing Square; Ephedra and others inexplicably lost the valley of evil spirits; Now even the gold medal ghost killer of the Democratic Alliance has also made a public appearance in Jiexing Square … and the huge atmosphere that once filled the Huanghe star field! "
A cold sweat fell on the forehead of a long-faced man in Phnom Penh. When these things are connected, isn’t it obvious that someone is playing chess? Just, what is the purpose of this person? Who is this man? It’s the Democratic Alliance. Emperor Star Alliance, or the commercial group of the three-system China, which was strongly opposed by the two major alliances to enter the Principality of Georgia?
In the heart of the big man with a long face in Phnom Penh, if these three foreign forces started, the situation would be unimaginable!
"No, this matter must be investigated clearly."
When the long-faced man’s vest was cold and his hands were stiff, ninety-nine ghost killers led by Tianxin were fighting with people.
The so-called Meteor Street is actually a meteorite belt. Ghost killers were recognized, not because they didn’t hide their faces, but because the culprits were feather bells and golden glasses. Jiexingfang, to put it bluntly, is not a place for practitioners of the fix-the-truth series. Feather Bell and Jinli practiced assiduously in the Miyuan Astral World and Tianluozhou. Although they succeeded in upgrading their power level, they still did not leave the category of fix-the-truth Mahayana and entered the ranks of immortals. Therefore, as soon as they set foot on Jiexing Square, they greeted with strange eyes.
"Dear, whose child is so bold that he runs here to play, and is not afraid of being crushed to death like an ant?"
In all kinds of well-meaning and malicious voices, flying sometimes leads to trouble.
A peeper’s color change was found in the god’s knowledge released by Tianxin, and a message was sent immediately. Then everyone was stopped by thousands of true spiritual practices after entering Meteor Street, and the other side sent a heavyweight lineup.
"Why are you blocking our way?" As asked.
"Give the killer thief embryo behind you, spare you and two small zai son nothing.
"Hey, I thought it was a ghost’s enemy, but it turned out to be a group of guys who didn’t have eyes," as flicker, turned back to the ghost number one, "it seems that you burned in strings, and someone wants to eat you. It’s up to you. I don’t mind looking at the things in your hands and trying to be neat. " After Tianxin finished, he pulled the feather bell and the golden glass away from the scene.
Ghost No.1 stepped forward and blinked. "Ladies and gentlemen, my brothers and I don’t seem to know you …"
"It doesn’t matter if you don’t know us, we know you. Now that you are in the territory of our gang, the patriarch cherishes talents and wants to recruit you. Agree, everyone is a good brother. If you disagree, everyone is an enemy of life and death. "