It’s not a good thing for middle-aged people to say it after Haikui and them stand still.


Tai Yi Jiao, Hai Kui is sure that he has never been exposed to this teaching, but this name sounds very powerful, and there is a feeling of ignorance.
Ling Yan whispered behind him: "I didn’t expect the foundation of Taiyi religion to be here."
Haikui tilted his head slightly. "What?"
Ling Yan smiled. "Why are you so surprised? Many big schools in the celestial world have their roots in the mortal world. When you are in the celestial world, those immortals jump out of the cracks in the stone? They are all mortals who cultivate immortality and fly up. There is always one who comes first, and the first one will often re-establish his original sect. This Taiyi Sect is one of the earliest sects in the celestial world, ranking eighth in the celestial world! "
Haikui felt a little liver quiver and got goose bumps. "You said Taiyi Jiao ranked eighth in the celestial world? So cow? "
"Well, the celestial palm Sect of Taiyi Sect is one of the top ten disciples of Xianzun."
Haikui was a little dizzy, and then asked weakly, "Where is the Longmen in Qing Di?"
"It used to be the top twenty." Ling Yan replied.
Haikui felt half cold. "It’s only in the top twenty, and the gap is too far."
"Now even the top 20 can’t be ranked. Since Qing Di was seriously injured, it is estimated that the sects have fallen apart and even the top 20 can’t be ranked." Ling smoke said slowly.
There is a kind of stick that has never been hit on the body, but it is a heavy blow. Haikui feels like a sap.
But on second thought, grandma, no, this is not the celestial world, and those old guys who are practicing fine can’t come. The immortals beside Lao Tzu are trying to bully the sect that ranks eighth in your immortal family today.
Haikui instantly felt the resurrection of blood and the growth of vitality, and reached the sign of off the charts.
Middle-aged people have been quietly watching Haikui several people whispering that they are discussing, and they have not urged them to wait quietly.
Haikui shook his shoulders around to move his body, and walked forward, feeling that he thought he was a bastard.
"Taiyi Sect, right? Have you ever heard of our Longmen Sect?" Haikui looked at the middle-aged man with his nostrils on his back at forty-five degrees.
In the past, others always pretended to be forced, but in the future, he had to pretend to be forced himself, because Hai Kui felt that he was qualified to pretend to be forced in this spiritual world, and as for the celestial world, he would wait until he ascended.
"Longmen Sect." The middle-aged man of Taiyi Sect frowned slightly. "I heard something about it. Is it related to Quanzhen Dragon Sect?"
"It doesn’t matter, the Dragon Sect is the Dragon Sect, and it has nothing to do with the Quanzhen Sect!"
Song Cheng ‘an suddenly said, "Oh, so that’s it. Song has met Taoist friends of Longmen Sect. What’s the name of Taoist friends?"
Haikui returned a gift, "Daoyou are welcome, Haikui is me, I am Haikui!" "
Song Chengan smiled. "Friends of the sea!"
"Song Daoyou!"
Two people is a gift.
Song Cheng ‘an said, "You’re welcome."
"I said, uncle, don’t drag me here with red tape. We’re not Wen Qing. You give me a gift, and I’ll give you a gift back. Don’t do anything this day, just bow and fuels!"
Song Chengan coughed awkwardly in his heart andao: insulting! "Then according to Hai Daoyou, how should we come?"
"Didn’t you say you wanted to have a competition?"
Song Cheng ‘an nodded slightly. "Yes, then friends in the sea want to fight with each other?"
"I have almost no ink in my stomach. From elementary school to high school, I write with a pencil and ballpoint pen. Let’s stop fighting, just fight directly and get a winner!"
The people around him began whispering again. What Haikui heard was true.
Some people say: "Taiyi religion is a leading school, and this Song Daoyou has an extraordinary temperament."
Someone said, "That boy is a man!"
Some people say, "It’s very kind of Taiyijiao."
Hearing this, Haikui almost belittled him for praising Taiyi religion, but he just showed less literary atmosphere!
Listening to the noisy comments below, Haikui thinks that this group of people who don’t know the little place will rebel today if Uncle Ben doesn’t come up with something powerful!
Haikui reached out and pointed to Song Chengan. "If you want to fight, I will fight!"
Song Cheng ‘an said, "Well, since Hai Daoyou wants to fight, why are we monks afraid of fighting!" Song Chengan said that he also dumped his sleeves, and grandma’s words were so grandiose.
Haikui also suddenly felt the anger of his young people coming up. "Well, I’ll show you the power of the second Dragon Sect in the world." With a wave of his hand, he raised his hand and pointed his sword at Song Chengan. Suddenly, from his fingertips, generate was so firm but gentle that he practiced like a rainbow to kill Song Chengan with a cold air.
Song Cheng ‘an’s cultivation is also in the distracted period, but it is weaker than Haikui’s. Haikui can see it naturally, but Haikui deliberately hides the cultivation with the spells he just learned from Qing Di’s stone tablet, including Ling Yan. However, I’m afraid no one can see it even if you don’t hide this cultivation meeting. As for Han Wenxuan, there is no need to hide it. Yuan Ying is still in its early stage.
Hai Kui’s current cultivation reflects the mid-Yuan baby. He has a heart of his own, and he wants to dress up as a pig to eat a tiger. When the time comes, he will not be happy when he is beaten out of the water in the late Yuan baby.
Some people around can see that Haikui’s practice of "now" is more of a low-level monk, but you can’t see it. However, people who know how to twist a firm but gentle hand from Haikui to reach the realm of no sword is better than a sword know that this realm is not low.
In today’s spiritual world, the cultivation of Yuanying period is considered as a small achievement, but as for Yuanying, it is considered as a middle achievement in the later period of busy life, and the Mahayana period is a great achievement.
Yuan Babies are already masters, and at first they are Yuan Babies, which makes many people at the meeting begin to weigh the origin of this Dragon Sect. It seems that the strength should not be bad.
Song Chengan came when he saw Hai Kui’s firm but gentle shock. His heart was a mess, but he immediately calmed down. He raised his left and right hands and drew a circle in the palm of his hand. Then chaos appeared in front of him in black and white, and the firm but gentle shock slammed into the chaos, and then gradually dissipated.