"How to mix yuan fairy is a virtue, meridian. The same is true of several celestial immortals who went down to the ground, preaching and spreading the law like this. Also te … "
Tianxin despised Zhunti and other mixed immortals, and turned to worry.
Cultivate Excellence. The information from the crystal baby Xuanwei Guanghua shows that whether it is the cloud nine that has left the original world, the fantasy world that is flying at a high speed, or the star world and the infinite world that are in turmoil and evolution, it needs to be monitored and regulated. Surveillance is not difficult, and Zhu Tianjian can accomplish this task. But regulation, not to mention ability, is the collection of specific data …
"Don’t you want to play the lower world like the outer world and the starry sky."
As the heavenly heart thinks of it, it does it, and it exercises the external practice. However, it is found that the external mind-training strategy of playing with a single world or even a large world group doesn’t work at all, and the chaotic plane is too far away from the touchable boundless world.
After several trials. However, it is natural to be a child in operation. We can also look at the situation of the three-system sky area in the star world and the infinite world, and we can also look at whether the three-system sky area is harmonious from the density of the mysterious radiance of the baby. In a word, the stronger the magic baby’s twilight, the more harmonious it is. The more vital it is.
Finally, Tianxin no longer tries any external practice, but fully experiences and extends the inner core tactic of Tao-realm in the 36th paragraph of Internal Energy Scripture. The specific direction is to make Shen Ying contain more information, transmit information faster, and have martial arts ability, just as Shen Ying was able to hold a boxing opponent in a mysterious way.
As an experiment, Tianxin first set the control target on the soaring fantasy world of the blue sky. In the fantasy world of the sky, Tianxin only threw the internal energy scriptures in it at the beginning, so although this fantasy world appeared in the mysterious splendor of the baby, it was very, very pale compared with the heavenly regions of many countries in China. And the soaring of this fantasy world, look at that posture, it will not stop until the mixed yuan spirit day.
Tianxin vaguely felt that the magic world of the sky must be controlled. Meridian once said that the celestial world of the Emperor is a kind of metaphysical space, and the magic world of the sky should be such a space. No, the magic world of the sky should be more comprehensive. Remember that this magic world was cast by the blue falling stone, and it has the reputation of being a small cloud nine. Based on the knowledge we have now, this magic world of the sky can derive primates, and perhaps there are dry Kunzhu in its center.
With such a thought, Tianxin feels more important in the fantasy world. Cloud nine is being driven away by the star world, and the mixed immortals in the upper bound of chaos show the appearance of being able to subdue cloud nine, which should not be arrogant. But the cloud nine that finally leaves Liyu really needs a dried kunzhu, otherwise, the cloud nine without the support of the stars will enter chaos, and the ending will not be much better. However, if the mixed immortals get the help of cloud nine, their heaven-opening space is not only easy to evolve creatures, but also can be protected by cloud nine to escape into the depths of chaos without waiting for the heaven-opening space to evolve into a mysterious sky.
"It must be like this!"
Although Tianxin doesn’t know whether his guess is correct or not, there are some things that must be done, and everything should be cultivated. The first step is the dreamland, the second step is the cloud nine, and the third step is the unknown what it will become. Perhaps the perfection of the realm of Tao requires such practice.
In fact, the struggle for the fantasy world of the sky is not just a unique eye of the heavenly heart. From the moment it rises, the fantasy world of the sky has alarmed several immortals who have entered the lower world, and among them, people are staring at the stars. You know, the Taoist Zhunti doesn’t have a separate heaven-opening space. It is clear that the heaven-opening space on the chaotic upper boundary is shared by him and the Taoist, but in fact, the heaven-opening space has always been operated by the Taoist.
Taoist Zhunti has a unique vision, and has entered the lower world of Liyu. After traveling for hundreds of interstellar years, he found that his precious Samana Avenue is just a grass in the highly developed lower world of Kewu, and the existence of the law of the stars and the law of the infinite limits his power to show the endless world. After working hard for thousands of interstellar years, the Taoist Zhunti discovered that he had created a kingdom of Samanas. To put it bluntly, he relied on strength, not a doctrine.
To the dismay of Taoist Zhunti, his Samoan kingdom began to decline from the day it was founded. At least the Samoan area that was created in the original world fell apart only half an interstellar year after his departure.
This allows the Taoist Zhunti to learn the power of the world of Kewu. Without strong force, a machine lacking a competitive structure will automatically go up in smoke. As an old Buddha, Samoan believers can still play faith games in view of the superiority of attaching to a strong person. Once the old Buddha left, when Buddhism could no longer be boundless, people in the era of true spiritual civilization really and quickly devoted themselves to believing in themselves and striving for their own future. In the era of true spirit, cultivation is not long, which is a shame at any level, not to mention the fundamental question of whether you can "live forever"
The decline of the kingdom of Samana gave the Taoist priest a hard blow, knowing that it is too difficult to play a famous role in the star world and the boundless world where the three-system civilization is the mainstream, where people’s minds are free and protected by law. Don’t say that the Supreme God insists on faith, that is, the parents who kiss each other insist on finding a way for their children, and they will also face the fate of being sued or prosecuted.

Chapter six hundred and forty Fantasy world (below)
The Taoist priest was dismayed to find that unless there is a room, it is obviously impossible to provide him with such a place in either the star world or the boundless world. The pioneering army and a large number of adventurers from all over the world are far beyond his imagination in terms of integration and spreading the three-system civilization. Although the star world and the boundless world are vast, we can’t see the pioneering army and the ubiquitous adventurers from all over the world.
"Unless it is an open space, even if it is a world in nine worlds, it will not escape the infiltration of the three systems."
Reading the revised version of the Internal Classic in the boundless world makes the Taoist priest’s mood of preaching plummet.
Just at this moment, the heavenly heart cut the meridian space in the chaotic plane, and the emperor returned to his place in the sky, which led to the return of the blue sky, especially the latter. After returning to the ninth heaven, its position was quickly filled with mixed interest and star interest, and the violent shock led to the collapse of countless surrounding areas. The huge vibration was also felt by the star world center and the infinite world center.
The earth has turned upside down, and those who have the ability have to explore what happened, and based on cultivation, the purpose of the explorer is different.
The biggest purpose of the delegations of the various countries is to provide disaster relief, while the Taoist priests and other people who are in the last place are to observe the situation in the disaster zone and see if they can show something they want.
It is said that although there is a lot of movement unearthed in the fantasy world, the long distance and the thrilling changes in the position of the blue sky should minimize this movement. However, opening an immortal at the end of the world means opening an immortal at the end of the world, and the spiritual sense is extraordinary. Because of the excavation and mediation, the fantasy world in the sky has to release some of its original power. So all of a sudden, I felt a breath similar to Gankunzhu for a few immortals at the end of the border.
At the end of a few open fairy also too lazy to look at the big shock in front of me. Qi rushed to the place where the fantasy world was launched.
To tell the truth, in just a few thousand interstellar years, they have experienced an unprecedented change in horizon. In the astral world and the borderless world, they saw more people than they could know, and felt that the astral law and the borderless law embedded their power. Angry astral world and the borderless world actually appeared to rival their group strength, and they had communication technology that was faster than their ability to move greatly, which was sensitive.
In the chaotic plane, several mixed immortals at the end of the world once won the cloud nine. However, when I really came to the astral world and the boundless world where I was in cloud nine, I found that it wasn’t like that. They were too small. Cloud nine is open in the boundless world, and they have also been to the sky and the sky, and there are many boundless airspace worlds. And being in it, they are just a drop in the ocean, and they want to take a sea with a drop in the ocean. What an impulse this vision is, it is just a nine-fold world …
Although the will of the immortal can’t be guessed by the will of the immortal, at this moment. It is inevitable that something more or less called depression will emerge in the mood of several immortals at the end of the world.
The cloud nine is urgent, and the great cause of preaching cannot be spread. In the face of all kinds of civilizations, playing violent games needs to be polished, otherwise, they may be fine, but their followers will definitely be torn apart by the civilization that can’t be taunted.
The breath of Gankun, which appeared when the dreamland in the sky was lifted off, made the eyes of several depressed immortals shine. If you can get the dreamland floating in the boundless airspace, you can not only isolate the ubiquitous lower-level civilization, but also absorb a huge number of lower-level population and establish your own believer civilization. Hard to also can cultivate a firm belief in soaring for the mysterious space far away from the upper bound of chaos, just like the three-system soaring in the mixed spirit sky.
The abacus was well played, but it was a pity that the flying speed of the fantasy world was not slow, and several celestial beings chased it for hundreds of interstellar years. Gradually dead heart. The independent Taoist priest made a determined effort in his heart and pursued him. In the mind of Taoist Zhunti, it doesn’t matter where the dreamland is going. The important thing is to get it. If you get it in the boundless world, you will build the dreamland of the sky into a Samoan space, and if you get it in the chaotic plane, you will regard the dreamland of the sky as an open space.
It’s just that the Taoist priest didn’t expect that Tianxin, who is far away in the mixed spirit world, also played the idea of the dreamland, and because the dreamland is full of internal energy books, Tianxin has an advantage over him in obtaining the dreamland.
I don’t know if another competitor’s quasi-Taoist priest was still in ecstasy at that time for several other celestial beings to slow down … I didn’t find that the sky in the fantasy world was no longer free, but was being pulled by some kind.
This traction is caused by the heavenly heart’s induction and the refinement of the mysterious brilliance of the baby in the fantasy world of the sky. Or Tianxin is thickening the boundary shell of the dreamland. This is a last resort. The practitioners in the mainland of the dreamland have no way at best, and if they practice this, it will definitely be a dead situation when they reach the chaotic plane. Although there are dry kunzhu in the fantasy world, under the influence of chaotic plane, the living environment in the fantasy world will be terrible …
As a result, Tianxin started the old business of guarding the starry sky in san huang, condensed the faint baby Xuanwei Guanghua in the fantasy world to absorb all the elements that can be absorbed by the outside world as much as possible, and pulled the soaring route of the sky fantasy world towards the fantasy space instead of going to the chaotic upper bound.
This job is undoubtedly arduous! Is as at this time for higher than when guarding the san huang starry sky, I don’t know how much, also think this is a struggle can only do what one can listen to destiny. It’s not that I don’t have confidence to successfully draw the magic world of the Blue Sky into the space of spiritual fantasy, but that the mysterious brilliance of the baby in the magic world of the Blue Sky is too weak, and the fear of crust is not thick or timely, which leads to a large number of deaths in the environment where the magic world of the Blue Sky is not suitable for sudden changes.
It should be said that the fantasy world is lucky. Under the traction of Tianxin, its soaring route gradually changed and moved towards the direction of the two instruments subcontinent, which allowed Tianxin to mobilize the crystallization god Ying Xuanwei Guanghua, who was derived from Xiong Huazhong’s country, to do some support, and even delayed or forced the Blue Sky Phantom to stay in the two instruments subcontinent for a period of time.