I don’t want to embarrass him. After all, he is also a king. Just give him a step, so I smiled and asked, Can you tell me what happened later?


Oh, well, Alexander didn’t want to see them, either. The king didn’t face the horse and said that you couldn’t hold on to the Dongfeng Temple that day and fell down. At that time, our hearts were all thumped. We all died together this time, but it happened that the Copernican Buddhist climbed the magic from the bottom, frozen the river, and then sent us people to the trap. It’s really dangerous to never let the Copernican Buddhist walk in front again after I swear.
Come on, Copernicus mocked his swollen face. I dare not ride a horse again, let alone walk in front of your cavalry.
What about those people in Yukime
Oh, they all escaped. I didn’t expect that they planned it so carefully. Alexander sighed and said that Laidan is really a role to be reckoned with.
That must be that I nodded my head. How can Xiao Leng be lonely again?
Oh, actually, two generals were fascinated by Yukime and them. Copernicus explained that this spell is to hypnotize people’s consciousness and control people’s goals. It is especially effective for those who are not determined. Of course, it can also be regarded as primary magic. If the two generals were not drugged first, they would not have been enchanted.
Not necessarily. I make fun of the beauty and fear, which is far more powerful than the ecstasy of anesthetic.
Brother, you can’t bow your head in shame.
Hum, if you don’t eat a lesson, you won’t know what is the most poisonous woman’s heart. I laughed for a second, and my ears have fallen into Wuzhishan.
By the way, Copernicus said to me seriously, are you of inferno royal blood?
I didn’t. I was stunned. I know you said it was a transformation, but I really don’t know what it is.
Copernicus Caesar and others looked at each other and said carefully, since you don’t want to talk about it, it’s not convenient for us to ask more questions. After all, this is a royal matter in your country, but you may not be able to study in Athens.
What? Although I feel inappropriate in my heart, I don’t feel like reading anything.
Well, Copernicus explained that our college is a god of light, and if you are of inferno origin, you are born with a dark constitution, and even if you study here, you can’t get anything.
All right, all right, I’m a little upset and interrupted him, so that’s it. I’m going back to Fufeng and let the two of them head office here
Oh, of course not. Copernicus readily promised.
Brother, when you go back to your country, you must have known all about your transformation. You are lonely and worried, saying that I am afraid it will be bad for you.
It depends on Caesar’s blockade news. Leng Mengzhe looked at Caesar.
Don’t worry, Caesar is still blue-faced, saying that Alexander ordered him to kill and forgive what happened today.
Well, that’s good. I nodded, and I know that my transformation has really affected me too much. The charm gently supported my husband, and his wife will be by your side no matter what.
Suddenly, there was a warm feeling of love in my chest, and I rubbed my incarnate son’s head and said to them, well, it’s a deal, then. Cold and lonely, you will continue to read my incarnate son here and return to the hurricane the next day.
Chapter DiYiSan I’m not a person
I was riding a horse with my son in my arms, and my hair was blown by the wind, and my face was crisp and comfortable.
My husband’s charming son gently called me in my arms.
What’s the matter? I put my face next to Charm’s cheek and gently rubbed her baby-like tender skin. Charm’s intimate feeling is actually rare.
Charming son suddenly shy smile-I said you don’t laugh at me vulgar.
Hehe, don’t laugh. I’m used to seeing the outward side of the incarnate son, and then I can appreciate the other side of the incarnate son. It’s so charming.
Well, I’m so glad. I hope I can go straight on like this, so that this road will never end. Charm’s face is red with happiness, and there will be no more war in your arms.
Yeah, I rubbed my stubble against the charm’s face. I hope so.
I hate it when the incarnate son doesn’t beat my chest and hurt everyone.
Hey, hey, stop it. Stop it. I’m in a hurry. If I stop it, I’ll fall. Ouch
It’s all you. The charm stepped on my back and complained and climbed back on the horse again.
Please, I patted myself on the dust and fell down because of your noise, okay?
What, you seem to blame me? Charm’s threatening tone and murderous eyes make me shake my head again and again, not my wife. Didn’t you say something to tell me?
What’s the matter? The incarnate son cocked his head and thought for a long time.
Oh, my god, that’s what you said.
Oh, I remember. The charm patted her head. You said it was that.
Yeah, I’m looking forward to it. At the end of the day, what are you honoring me for?
Hey, hey, forgot
Plop sb.’ s boots when he falls off his horse again.
Oh, you don’t react so much, do you? Charming son laughed and made you laugh. You finally broke through the body ban.
What is forbidden? I’m at a loss
Well, in fact, the incarnate son took a secretive look at the left and right novels and came to me.
Oh, I hurried to cooperate with the ear
Actually, I checked. You know, you’re not really a charm. Once you’re finished, you ignore my livid face.
I’m not a person, then what am I?
You’re not an ordinary vampire, you’re a vampire, born of a combination of people.
So what?