"The elders good measurement, so be it! Elder, do this, and try to give the five-element witch some barriers, so that the five-element witch can gain a reputation as soon as possible. " From the eyes of the scorpion, it flashed and converged.


Seeing color as hatred, you don’t need the arrangement of the intelligence elders of the Sect of Divorce. In the morning and evening, two blood shadows spread, and the evil spirits of the five elements came to the magic land. As the saying goes, the infinite scenery is at the dangerous peak, and when the identity value of the dry moon far exceeds its appearance, the clan of the magic land, especially the clan with a hard time, began to stir up wishful thinking and wondered whether to take refuge in the witch of the five elements. In their intention, the five-element witch will eventually settle in the magic land, which means that the five-element witch will "recruit". In this case, the sooner you invest in the five-element witch, the more you can get the return of the dignitaries.
Therefore, a strange sight happened.
Tianxin and Ganmingyue went all the way north, and the good sons of the devil appeared one after another, hoping to get close to the five elements. Take off the flirtatious smile on the face of each beautiful son, and his eyes are sincere and clinking. Seeing the five-element witch is as pious as seeing his grandparents. Dry bright moon even without showing any expression of hatred, this help a beautiful childe such form, also virtually made such publicity for her.
The recent situation is so strange? One thief boy turned into a good boy! "Dry solution.
"What’s so strange about this! You are now living in rare goods. In the past, you were just a beautiful woman, but now, you are a descendant of the five elements. This identity is only fairy and Buddha enclosure guy don’t know the goods, a dare to say. Those guys, including you, will be afraid of your identity. But the magic clan is different. What they see in you is huge benefits. In order to obtain these benefits, they will take risks. Now, you know why the magic enclosure is more prosperous than the fairy enclosure and the Buddha enclosure! The biggest difference between magic practice and immortal practice is that magic practice is less than more, while immortal practice is less than more. Looking at the small five realms, if there is no magic cultivation. Although the small five realms are sentient beings, they must be stagnant. "
"Master cheng yen, what are you talking about? Is magic repair that good? Their harm to the small five realms, the villagers who belong to the fairy enclosure and the Buddha enclosure are anathema to them, and the ghost world still resents it … "
"I don’t want to leave my soul alone. Who’s to blame?"
"What do you mean?"
"Some people view the small five realms, and the ancestors of the fairy enclosure and the Buddha enclosure advocate the ancestral system. There have been few innovations for thousands of years, so how can they not fall behind as a whole? Demons belong to enclosure. It is a natural way, and there are cases like no cases. The spirit of demon cultivation is too scattered, without enemies, it is natural to be safe, and the enemy group will arrive, so it is impossible to be unyielding. Ghost is an enclosure, similar to the home of the dead, but cunning can’t be eaten, and witch gas can’t be angry with the enemy. Besides, the fairy takes the demon as the enemy, and the Buddha regards the ghost as the enemy. Fairy, Buddha, demon and ghost are like natural enemies from the day they enter their respective practice directions. Therefore, among the small five realms, the solitary magic enclosure is the most comfortable. There is nothing wrong with the magic enclosure, and the other four small circles can tolerate it. "
"Master cheng yen …"
"The five realms of the universe, the demon world is empty, the Buddha world is extremely Luo, the celestial glass, and the ghost world is ethereal. The names are very regular. Although the Buddhist world is a little atmospheric, it is not as good as the spleen and the magic spirit of the devil world. Therefore, there are five realms in the wilderness, but in fact there is a struggle between the two realms. Only by uniting the four realms, namely, Kongmeng, Jiluo, Liuli and Lingming, can we compete with the world against the sky. "
"But, Master, what does this have to do with hating the soul?"
"Of course, the climate of the small five realms is controlled by the big five realms. Mingyue, for example, do you tolerate the provocation of the magic clan extremely on weekdays? "
"Yes, it’s almost unbearable to resist?"
"Wrong, not the last straw, but the magic clan’s provocation moved you to do the root of Tianzong, or to dismount the current patriarch, so you will do Tianzong to move. This can be seen from your robbery. If you don’t take a fancy to the fifteen sons of the Oriental Emperor in Liuli Fairyland, you are not the future daughter-in-law of the Emperor, and the value has already been related to the existence of Gantianzong. Do you think there will be the first world war in Gumashan? Absolutely not. "
"Master cheng yen, the bright moon still doesn’t understand …"
"Of course you don’t understand. The magic skill is publicized. When people with magic encounter Italy, they will turn immortals into monsters to kill immortals, buddhas to kill buddhas and demons to punish demons, while immortals talk about Confucianism, Buddhism to endure hardships, and demons to cultivate ignorance. When these three practices encounter demons, they will give way again, and they will only talk about resistance when they die frequently, and then they will understand that they will not turn into monsters, and that if they talk about reason again, they will be destroyed by their bodies, nations, countries and boundaries. So there are wars in the world, in essence, they are all wars between animals. Magic cultivation turned into beasts because of excessive material interests, while fairy cultivation, Buddha cultivation and demon cultivation returned to their original sources to become beasts because of abnormal mind control techniques. Magic repairs change the beast into profit, while immortal repairs, Buddhist repairs and demon repairs change the beast into survival. Both animals are fighting for their lives, but the starting points are so different. This starting point is doomed to the death of magic cultivation, and to the death of immortal cultivation, Buddha cultivation and demon cultivation. The living often blame themselves and the dead always complain. Immortals, Buddhists, and Demons may never have thought about it. They need to get rid of castrated animals to survive. "
"Master, are you too contemptuous of fairy civilization, Buddha civilization and natural civilization?" The dry moon sharpened.
"Don’t get excited. Fairy civilization, Buddha civilization, natural civilization, ghost civilization and magic civilization are all exiled civilizations. "
"Exiled, what do you mean?" Dry bright moon leng.
"Is the meaning of being abandoned, these five civilizations, the fairy tells Confucianism, the Buddha forgives suffering, the demon is wild, the ghost has no quality, and the magic is only for itself. No matter how glorious they have been in history, they can’t escape the fate of decline, and their carriers will be less and less. The Master here thinks that the Great Master of the Five Elements may have understood this before he refused to enter the Five Boundaries of the Wild and the Wild. The Five Boundaries of the Wild and the Wild are so big that one boundary is civilized, and the entrants will not want to get rid of the old civilization pattern. The Great Zun of the Five Elements knows better that only when the small five realms are fully integrated can they break through the fate cage of the five realms. However, they failed. "
"Is the Master going to do something that the Five Elements of Great Honour failed to do, and fight against the five realms of the universe?" Little miss’s voice was not sharp this time, but there was a terrible light in the corner of her eye.
"Maybe. However, a family is keen on you to do it. "
"I, master cheng yen. Why do you endure the five realms of blood? "
"You are wrong again. A family only mixes in the small five realms, and the five realms of the wild and the wild allow me, so naturally everything is peaceful. If the five realms of the wild and the wild are imbued with the past and the present or the desire for profit, then a family doesn’t mind cutting off their heads as a ball. "

Chapter five hundred and fifteen Courage to open the front
Master, I’m afraid my little girl can’t do this great task of yours! "
"It’s okay, now you really can’t do it … however, in this magic territory, you will get used to it; A family will get used to it. "
"Master, is life like this!" Dry bright moon wry smile way, charming face emerge a vicissitudes of life. The identity and experience of the first beauty in the world or the boundless peach blossom let her know that many things are involuntary, even if she has no desire or desire, but the simple requirement of peace requires her to pursue it all her life.
"Life is not like this, but everyone’s life trajectory is basically doomed from the moment he is born. In other words, this is his life. "
"Master, Mingyue doesn’t understand."
"You know. It’s just that under the influence of the concept of fairy land, you don’t think your life should be like this. In fact, your life is like this. From the moment you grow up, life is doomed to be restless. Liveliness is the basic melody of your life, but the enclosure of immortals has been suppressing your activity. The small five realms may just be crazy about you, but the five realms of the universe are absolutely afraid of you, beautiful and beautiful. The old guy really understands the power of this weapon. Therefore, the Liuli Fairy World is anxious to make you the daughter-in-law of the Emperor of Heaven, and it and the polar Buddha world do everything possible to make you lack of understanding of your beauty. The empty demon world should be better, let alone the ghost world. The devil world wants you to show your beauty and become their interest tool. It’s just that the boy from the wood is too impatient, too magical and possessive, so it’s a bad event for the underworld. If you can’t hold back the color embryo from the wood, in another 300 years, you will become the fuse of the five kingdoms war. You can’t be a daughter-in-law, and the underworld will never let you enter the glazed celestial world, the empty demon world, the polar Buddha world or the ghost world. Your misfortune is that wherever you go, you will attract a huge number of fans. Normally. If you don’t meet the ten thousand years’ war, your ending will be the same as that of the Five Elements, and build house will live in seclusion and never leave the world. But you happen to appear at the mouth of the 10,000-year War, and your ending will be ten thousand times more embarrassing than the five elements. "
"Master, is the little girl so important?"
"You will gradually become sensitive in this respect." As negative hand laughed. "The identity of the five great descendants will show you the way!"
"Waves, waves. When does the bright moon have an end? "
"There is no end. If one wave changes, another wave will have to rise, and the contradiction will not be transferred, lad. You think that the name "away from the demon king" is for nothing. If you don’t give you the identity of the descendants of the five elements, you think that you will not be found out by a willing heart. "
"But even if Mingyue cameos as a descendant of the Five Elements, the truth may be revealed!"