75 Chapter 75 Illusion


"The army to make! Slaughter this plane for me! "
Su Yu gave the order!
The Chinese army, the soldiers of the Chinese Empire in they nest, killed the tiger mountain to the front of the contract mainland!
At that time, the gunfire roared, and it didn’t take long for the mainland to turn into a human hell!
A group of soldiers of the Yanhuang Empire swept across this plane, sweeping away everything!
And Su Yu led the blade hundreds of soldiers to wash the whole dark African Union capital!
Without blowing off dust, he broke into the palace of hasty defense
"My Wolf clan army is coming here! You are dead! "
Dark au champions back tightly against the wall shortness of breath summon up heart only a little courage and said
He tried to intimidate Su Yu, but Naita’s voice kept shaking like his weak legs.
The original threatening words sounded like begging for mercy from him.
The leader of the dark alliance now hopes that this Terran can see the big picture clearly and know that the Wolf clan is not him, and he can fight back before it is too late and spare his life.
But when he saw Su Yu’s eyebrows slightly raised, he knew that he would probably die here today.
The leader of the dark alliance felt really unlucky at this moment. He wondered when he had offended such a statue of athel Loren.
Without waiting for him to come to the conclusion that Su Yu’s figure has approached Su Yu’s hand, the true imperial sword has directly cut off his head.
Dark alliance leader pawn!
The dark alliance is destroyed!
This also means that the Chinese Empire successfully occupied a binary 52 star domain!
Play half a star field in five weeks.
This doubt is a feat, and the Chinese Empire will once again surprise Xinghai.
And this time a soldier dressed in Chinese imperial system walked beside Su Yu and said in a low voice.
"Report to the Emperor that a large number of enemy troops should be wolf reinforcements from Wan Li of Yanhuang Fleet!"
Su Yu frowned some uncomfortable and said
"It’s just the right time for them to come."
And the Wolf clan punisher troops also found out the Chinese fleet.
"Report commander! Before the contract mainland, Terran troops were found attacking the contract mainland! "
A wolf warrior towards the sword behind Xuan Ming reported.
See the Wolf clan army under siege and attack the Wolf clan plane?
Don’t put the Wolf clan elite force in the eye?
Xuan Ming didn’t feel humiliated because of this, but felt that this Terran power was really overreaching.
There is a saying that weakness is not a handicap, but arrogance.
And this Chinese empire just confirms this sentence.
It seems to him that the Chinese Empire is too arrogant!
Xuan Ming face raised a disdain at this time.
Yanhuang empire is doomed to pay the price for its arrogance!
"Go ahead quickly!" Xuan Ming ordered.
The war is on the verge and the wolf clan is a shoo-in!
Xuan Ming ordered nearly 500 Wolf warships to drive at full speed towards the former Chinese fleet of the contract mainland.
Every wolf warrior’s eyes are slowly disdainful.
At this distance, they can already see the approximate size of the Chinese fleet.
But one hundred warships and Wolf clan disciplinary forces is the Chinese empire for five times!
It would be strange if the disciplinary forces can’t win with such disparity in combat power.
The soldiers of the Wolf clan feel that the army of the Yellow Emperor should be in despair now.
But they were wrong. Every soldier in the Chinese army has a boiling passion for fighting.
Soldiers of different nationalities and different armies of the Yellow Emperor have a belief in their hearts.
This belief led them to save the emperor several times!
This is a bigger crisis. They’ve all been through it, and they’re still afraid of this army of wolves.
The Emperor said that the present Yanhuang Empire is not only fighting for the Yanhuang Empire, but fighting for the oppressed ordinary people in Xinghai!
The big deal is death!
It is a very glorious thing that they died in the heart of the Emperor Terran.
Napoleon looked at the tens of millions of troops and died, and his momentum and fighting spirit also rolled.
Although winning the battle is the only way to test the army
At this moment, although the army of Yanhuang didn’t defeat the army of the Wolf clan, he still thought that the army of Yanhuang was a great army and Su Yu was a great emperor!
"There are still 50,000 meters from the enemy Terran troops!"
Xuan Ming was a little inexplicably disappointed when he listened to the silent expression on the broadcast surface from the cockpit
Why don’t these terrans leave?
It is really unwise!
He felt that this time the Wolf clan sent more troops.
Xuan Ming doesn’t like rolling battles.
He has been the pride of the whole wolf clan since he was a child, and he has never lost all the way to the realm of saints.
No one in the whole wolf clan can be lower than him except the venerable one.
Rolling can no longer bring him pleasure.
If possible, he would prefer the situation to be outnumbered.
Only by defeating the strong can he realize the significance of fighting.
The current situation is not only that our own troops far exceed the enemy’s, but also that the enemy does not know whether to live or die and stays where he is like a lamb to be slaughtered.
The slaughter of lamb is done by that butcher.
And he’s a soldier!
He disdains doing such a thing!
This battle will eventually be fun. It’s so fun to finish the slaughter.