For a long time, even Qin Yanlie has lost himself. Is this cruel training method to treat Qin Destroy torturing him or helping him to improve his strength at the fastest speed?


The two men who are constantly fighting in the dark have also inspired others.
However, not everyone wants to see this scene. When Qin Yan appeared alone in front of Qin Shuang ‘er, the fourth-generation granddaughter of Qin family was not surprised too much.
What’s the matter? Qin Shuanger asked.
Qin Yan bit her lip and got up the courage to say that we were wrong before Qin Shuang ‘er. I’m sorry.
Qin Shuang son said lightly, are you going to tell me this?
Qin Yan was stung by her peers’ indifference, but she still insisted on finishing her sentence. I want your help. Please don’t let Qin Yanlie torture my brother again. I will do anything for you.
The girl’s voice is almost sobbing, which sounds like some kind of small animal crying sadly.
Qin Shuang son looked at this girl and didn’t hate girls. In fact, her heart had already softened.
Why are you crying? I don’t have a pet. I don’t need you to do anything. Qin Shuang ‘er still maintains a superficial indifference. Since this girl dares to be the first, she should pay some tears.
Qin Yan’s eyes are spinning with crystal things. She’s really sad. Nothing can help her brother.
It is not necessary for me to help, but you have to promise me one thing.
Qin Yan suddenly heard the other side let go and looked out. I promised to do whatever I promised.
Qin Shuang ‘er laughed. What an idiot, Miss. You are reluctant to be a little sister. After that, you will follow me and meet me. I want to shout elder sister.
Elder sister Qin Yan shouted without hesitation
Qin Shuang son nodded with satisfaction, and suddenly on second thought, it’s not right, miss. Young and young, she calls me elder sister every day, doesn’t she call me old?
Forget it, forget it, it’s not funny at all. Call me Shuang Er. I know you want to save your brother, but I can’t help you. I’m Qin Yanlie, a guy who is very unfamiliar. He’s so fierce and an elder. Did I speak?
Qin Shuang son this sentence a Qin Yan tears immediately.
Wait, don’t cry yet. No one will talk. I’m sure I’ll take you to aunt Huaiyan. If she will help Qin destroy that little girl, it will be fine.
Qin Shuang-er said that Qin Yan stopped crying immediately, and the two little girls went to Qin Huaiyan together with each other holding their own hands.
Qin Huaiyan came to live in Qin Shuang and told the story again, but Qin Huaiyan’s answer was unexpected.
Silly boy, I said hello to Brother Yan Lie long ago, and he also agreed to stop targeting Qin Destroy. Now Qin Destroy takes the initiative to complete those overload trainings every day. When no one forces him, I also admire that little vicious Qin Huaiyan and said with a smile.
Yes, but I’m really sorry to bother you. Qin Yan almost said that her brother was actually a magician. In fact, she would leave as soon as she bowed her head.
Wait for my brother to work hard and Qin Yan is also very good. Do you want to have a snack here before you go? Qin Huaiyan is very fond of Qin Yan. This brother and sister have deep feelings for each other and know how to think about each other. This makes Qin Huaiyan can’t help but think of his own brothers who are disappointing.
No, no, Master Huaiyan, I’ll go back first. Qin Yan bowed her head and silently left Master Qin Huaiyan’s residence.
Qin Xiao didn’t know that his sister had gone to Qin Huaiyan, and he had devoted himself to arduous and crazy training.
The more you push yourself into a corner, the more benefits you can get from the St. Beetle. He feels that his body is undergoing great changes every day, and gravity has become more and more accustomed to him.
In the Qin dynasty, this abnormal example drives not my roommate Ling Changfeng to solve the problem, but even Xiong Xiaoxiong is desperate to catch up with him, but he has no choice but to compete with a double gravity. Everyone in Qin dynasty is in the heart.
A month passed quickly, and finally it was time for Qin to enter the Tibetan Pavilion.
The Tibetan Pavilion of Qin Wuyuan is divided into six floors, where a large number of quarrelling weapons secrets are placed. The higher the level of cultivation, the higher the level of cultivation. Even Qin Yanlie, who has already obtained the qualification of grade five quarrelling, is just reading on the fourth floor. This shows how rare it is for Qin to be able to enter the first three floors.
Qin destroy can be said to be in the envious eyes of all the members, and only when he entered the Tibetan Pavilion, a magnificent momentum came upon him.
Head-on, it is a quaint and huge frame filled with all kinds of illusions that people are afraid of mountains by a height of six meters.
Qin destroyed the secret passage in the heart. This first floor is just like a luxury hotel lobby. It takes a lot of effort to make people feel that it is worth the fare.
Qin destroy to go to the frame near to choose behind but to finely footsteps.
Chapter 20 First Joining the Cabinet
Qin out slowly turned around and now three people are themselves. I never thought that the combination could meet these three people, and two of them felt that Qin out was still concerned with another little girl, so they could be directly ignored.
The first one is, of course, Qin Yan, a good sister, and the two of them are Qin Huaiyan and Qin Shuang ‘er.