After Li Cheng went on stage, he turned all the depression off the court into strength, and all his helplessness was madly vented towards the Nets’ basket.


In five minutes, Li scored 11 points in a row, helping the Pacers take a huge lead of 69-51 at the end of the first half.
The head coach of the Nets was very dissatisfied with the team’s defense, and they were beaten into a sieve by Li Cheng alone. But he can only accept this ending helplessly.
Carter, on the other hand, was very happy. He was not prepared to win the game. Li Cheng is a little depressed, not like a big lead at all.
"Is today the rhythm of winning the game and losing the gambling?" Li cheng thought a little depressed. (To be continued. . )
Chapter DiErBaJiu Lopez’s wrath
During the intermission, the atmosphere in the dressing room was a bit bad. Now this walker is very United. They all know about the bet between Li Cheng and Carter. They also know that Li Cheng wants to win Carter very much, but judging from the present situation, Li Cheng is hard to win.
Li Cheng’s mood is not very beautiful, and everyone is a little depressed. There is no music in the dressing room.
Lopez was a little impatient with this atmosphere. He clenched his fist tightly and said, "Captain, I won’t let you lose. Let me play in the second half, and I will prevent my brother from dying. "
Li Cheng paused and looked at Lopez. He could clearly feel the burning flame in Lopez’s body.
Lopez continued, his voice was calm, but he had the power of hit the floor. "I didn’t let my brother score in the second half, but I tried to grab the rebound and get as many points as possible. I think I can help the captain win."
Li Cheng put his hand on Lopez’s shoulder and said, "Robin, you have such an idea. Even if I lose today, I won’t blame you. On the contrary, I will be happy because of your progress. "
"hmm!" Lopez nodded heavily.
O ‘Brien was delighted, which was the only way he thought of in the first half, but he was afraid that Lopez would be overwhelmed by too much pressure. Now that Lopez put forward his own idea, his idea can be implemented.
"In the second half, we played according to normal tactics, but in the inside, we should relax our defense, let the Nets’ ball pass to Brooke Lopez, and try to create a one-on-one defense opportunity for Robin." O’ Brien said, drawing on it with a tactical board.
"This time, we must never let the captain down again." Lopez clenched his fist tightly.
O ‘Brien’s idea is very right. The Pacers pretended to leak a flaw inside and let the Nets pass the ball to big Lopez, so as to deliberately give little Lopez a chance to defend big Lopez alone.
O ‘Brien’s coping method is a good one, but it is actually very risky. If the pedestrians relax their defense. Big Lopez can easily score the ball, which is a very sad thing for Li Cheng.
The second half of the game is about to start, and Li Cheng and Lopez stand together. He and Lopez punched each other, saying, "Fight hard and don’t have too much pressure. To put it bluntly, my bet with Carter was just to make jokes. "
"Captain, no matter what, I don’t want you to lose." Lopez looked at Li Cheng and said firmly.
Li Chengxiao smiled and said nothing. Everything has been said, and everything has been done. Next, he will, as always, help Lopez, and the Nets put on such a formation, mainly depending on Lopez’s own performance.
In the second half, Lopez appeared directly in the Pacers’ lineup. The fans at the scene burst into crazy cheers to welcome Lopez Jr.’ s debut. All fans in Indiana don’t want Li Cheng to lose to Carter, even if it’s just a private bet.
"You seem confident now." Carter road.
Li Cheng shrugged and said, "I don’t know what will happen next, but I believe I won’t lose so easily."
Carter shook his head. Tao: "You will never give up until you see the final result."
"This sentence should be given to you by me." Li Chengdao.
"Then we can only speak with facts." Carter road.
Li Cheng nodded and didn’t talk nonsense to Carter any more. The referee also blew the whistle of the game. The Nets kicked off from the baseline and started the attack in the second half.
Harris dribbled the ball through the half-court, and he found that the Pacers’ inside defense seemed a little lax. He frowned, but passed the ball directly to the inside.
Seeing Harris easily pass the ball to the inside. Big Lopez got a one-on-one chance with little Lopez directly, and Carter had no reason to be tight.
"This can’t be a trap!" The idea only flashed through Carter’s mind, and then his heart relaxed. No matter what method the walker uses, it is he who has the initiative now.
The whole Pacers team pulled away, and no one went inside to interfere with the duel between the Lopez brothers.
"Come on, Robin!" Sung Jae Lee silently read aloud a way.
Big Lopez sank his shoulder and ran directly into little Lopez.
Little Lopez kept smiling. "Brother, don’t use these old tricks again."
Now turn all the data into scores, and Lopez Jr. is still 8 points behind his brother.
"There is not much gap between my brother and me, and I still have great hope to help the captain win." Little Lopez meditated in his heart, while trying to defend the big Lopez’s attack.
Big Lopez wanted to turn around, and little Lopez stuck his position directly with his knee. Big Lopez turned directly from the opposite direction, while little Lopez was already waiting on the way for big Lopez to throw the ball.
Big Lopez turned around and threw the ball directly into the basket with a hook, but the basketball was directly fanned by little Lopez with a big hat.
Hot and fierce cheers broke out at the scene, and little Lopez roared and shouted wildly directly under the basket.
Although the ball was out of bounds by Lopez Jr., it was a very uplifting block for him and the Pacers team.
"A very fierce block shot, little Lopez finally broke out with some momentum."
"The result of today’s game is not very important, but now there is the suspense of the gamble between Li Cheng and Carter. Before, we thought that it would be difficult for the Pacers to get a chance after the Nets took care of Lopez Jr., but judging from this ball, Lopez Jr. seems to have found a way to help Li Cheng win. "
"Little Lopez should have given up scoring. He wants to use his defense to help Li Cheng win."
"This may be the best plan that Lopez Jr. can come up with. He is a player who is stronger in defense than in attack. If you let him face the Nets’ iron drum array, maybe he can’t do anything, but if you let him defend one-on-one, he may be able to do very well. "
"Now the situation is a fifty-fifty situation for Carter and Li Cheng. There is no way to stop Lopez from attacking. If Brooke Lopez stops attacking, it means that they have given their fate to God. Carter will never let this happen. And if they don’t let Brooke Lopez attack, As long as Lopez looks for opportunities slowly, he will definitely overtake his brother in the data. "
"Now this situation has opportunities for Li Cheng and Carter. There is almost no suspense about the outcome of the game, but this gambling seems to be getting more and more interesting."
"The outcome of this gamble has surpassed the outcome of this game. Whether it is Li Cheng or Carter, they are the core of the team. They all have the ability to command the whole team to help themselves. Now it is equivalent to saying that the confrontation between the Lopez brothers has become the main theme of this game. "
"Then let’s continue to watch! The Nets open the baseline ball and continue to attack. Their attack time is running out. Let’s see if they will give this ball to big Lopez. "
"The ball to carter’s hand, carter forced a breakthrough. It seems that he still wants to pass the ball to big Lopez, but this time the Pacers team participated in the defense. They would rather let Carter score than give him a chance to pass the ball to big Lopez. This is to deal with a man as he deals with you! "
"The Nets violated the rules in 24 seconds, and the ball was handed over to the Pacers."