Li Chongjiu said with a smile, "Of course it’s important."


Dugu Xiude said bluntly, "So what’s the important thing to forgive my brother for taking the liberty?"
Li Chongjiu’s face sank and Wen Yanbo also went out of the car door and said, "Brother Dugu, do you think we are prisoners for interrogation?"
Dugu Xiude took a look at Li Chongjiu and said, "I dare not. I doubt the identity of this Xu Xiong. I heard that Xu Xiong said that you knew the King of Qi, so you came here on the orders of the King of Qi?"
Li Chongjiu suddenly remembered that Dugu Valve has always been wrong with the king of Qi, and Dugu Valve has always supported Yang Dong, the king of the East. Therefore, Li Chongjiu said that he knew the king of Qi, so he suspected that Li Chongjiu might have come to Zhuojun to do something secretly with the meaning of the king of Qi.
Li Chongjiu secretly cursed this Duguxiude for meddling in his own affairs, but the other side was actually trying to let zuyu take himself.
Li Chongjiu pawned the car and said, "Brother Dugu wants to ask me questions or Mr. Wen, but I met them halfway and let them go."
Dugu Xiude was difficult for him to block Li Chongjiu. Actually, it was his own private mind. He didn’t ask Xue Shixiong, the county commandant, to mobilize the ranks of his own army to openly arrest people. This Wen Yanbo is very famous. If he catches him, I’m afraid he will be in trouble. Li Chongjiu is the master. "All right, let the carriage go."
Li Chongjiu winked at Wenyanbo, who also knew that he was a humble student and nodded to help himself, so he went out of the city gate with the driver.
When Dugu Xiude saw the carriage go as a greeting hand, a dozen soldiers of the Left Royal Guard said to Li Chongjiu, "Brother Li, please!"
Li Chongjiu looked at zuyu and nodded to Duguxiude with a smile. At this moment, he suddenly challenged Duguxiude with a punch and severely hit his face.
Lulong county, Beiping County Governance Office
Hundreds of tinkers in the city are naked and wearing a crotch, and the soldiers are fighting each other for the corner in the field.
"The rabbits have played well with sticks in recent days."
Jingbian Hou Luoyi nodded his head and took a hanging grape skin from a side fruit bowl without peeling off his mouth and biting Hu.
Luo Yi looked at it for a while. At this time, a member of the army said in the preface, "Tell the Duke of Zhuojun that Lu Fu is here?"
Luo Yi squinted and said, "Which Lou family?"
The army generals reckon that "Zhuojun is also worthy of Lu Fu as Fan Yang Lu Jia".
"Bring to the future"
After a while, one person prefaced, "Little Lu Jia is in charge of Lu Sheng, see you."
Luo Yi glanced at him and said, "Did Lu Jia find me?"
Lu Sheng saw that Luo Yi’s skirts were all red and yellow grape juice, and grape seed skins were all over his feet. No wonder the second master said that this person’s vulgarity was really good.
Lu Sheng said, "When I return to Jun Hou, my master wants to invite Jing Bian Hou to go to Zhuo County …"
"Well played!"
Lu Sheng was suddenly startled by Luo Yi’s exclamations. Originally, Luo Yi jumped up for a spin and went back to the chair and said, "Yang Laosan played well with this stick."
Luo Yi nodded with satisfaction. At this moment, it seems that he remembered Lu Shenglai and asked, "What did you just say?"
Lu Sheng silently held back her heart, and she was also a few stewards of Lu Fu. Even officials of June 7th in Jixian County would like to flatter this Luo Yi who dared to face his ceremony.
Lu Shengdang repeated what he had just said again. Luo Yi said grumpily, "Is it a personal door for Lu Gong to invite me to Zhuojun or should I lead troops?"
Lu Sheng shook his sleeve robe and said seriously, "Duke Lu said that the duke can of course go with his soldiers, and the more the better!"
Luo Yi smell speech eyes flashing, put his legs on a big makin knife and sat and said, "What did you say about Q and qīnghu?"
Lu Sheng zuyu glanced at Luo Yi and said, "It’s all about confidants here, but it’s ok!"
Lu Shengdang said everything and listed the conditions. Luo Yiliu pondered and said with a smile, "It turned out that Xue Shixiong was going to leave Lu Gong. Is this to invite me to lead troops into Zhuojun to preside over the overall situation?"
"Anyway, I don’t have the ambition to dominate the hegemony. Lu Gong can do whatever he wants. I’m a clown. I don’t have any idea, but before I say it, I want you to support Lu Long. This bird does not defecate. I can’t stay early. Go to Zhuojun. Your Lu family has to take care of the rice."
"Of course, of course." Lu Sheng was overjoyed that Luo Yi was so accommodating.
After Lu Sheng left, several close generals gathered to say, "Jun Hou, this is not possible. The Lujia family is uneasy and kind. They want our brothers to fight and work for them, but a county has money and food to go and officials to hold their hands."
Luo Yi sneer at a word "do you think I’m stupid? What money, food and officials? Don’t you and I know the Lujia abacus? If you want me to enter Zhuojun, you can ask my brothers to pull 20,000 soldiers from Zhuojun. If you have the soldiers and horses, what kind of money and food do you want? Can we say if the Lu family dares not give it? "
The generals smell speech suddenly realize to be continued …
Chapter two hundred and sixty-one Hiding
Li Chongjiuyi punched Duguxiude’s bridge of the nose, and when he heard the crack of his nose clearly, he could hear the crack of his nose. Duguxiude sat heavily beside the road, and one or two blood popped up in his nose. The whole person fainted as soon as he planted it.
This real unprepared not only Dugu Xiude, but also several ranks didn’t react. Li Chongjiu took a look at zuyu and took the opportunity to draw a knife from Dugu Xiude’s waist to backhand. He sneaked a long shot behind him and flew to see Li Chongjiu resisting zuyu. A dozen ranks were all swarming.
Li Chongjiu naturally knows that his fists are defeated by four hands. When he dare not fight, he dances out a knife and forces the ranks to fight our way out and run along the street.
Zuyu is a khaki rammed earth workshop, and the gate of the workshop is guarded by ranks. Li Chongjiu is holding a knife and running to zuyu’s later imperial city street while the ranks are chasing behind him.
At this time, the gate has been ringing for ten minutes. Li Chongjiu knows that the gate is closed, and the horseshoe in the street ahead is ticking. When Li Chongjiu hears the horseshoe, he knows that this is a patrol city riding guard. If a wall in front of the patrol city riding street is blocked, it is impossible to escape.
"Live for me!"
After the brain, more than a dozen Duguxiude ranks were yelling, and the distance was less than 20 steps.
When Lee Chong-jiu simply turned his heart to one side and saw that the rammed earth wall was somewhat damaged, he simply dug the rammed earth wall outside the knife. I don’t know if it was this Dugu Xiude’s sabre that cut iron like mud or the earth wall that had been soft for years. This hard rammed earth wall was dug by Lee Chong-jiu, and Li Chong-jiu struggled to stab it again and simply inserted the knife into the wall for half an inch.
After Li Chongjiu stepped back a few steps to run up from the handle, the whole person climbed more than ten feet like a big bird, and the pursuers patrolled the city behind the rammed earth wall. They were shocked to see this scene. They didn’t believe that anyone could jump so high-energy and watched Li Chongjiu climb over the wall.
Li Chongjiu turned into the wall of the square and was slightly relieved when he heard someone shouting outside the wall, why did the thief turn over such a high wall?
Ho Lao Dao, what the hell are you yelling about? Let’s go in through the Fangmen and search for people from door to door.
Li Chongjiu shook his head. He escaped the pursuer for a while, but it doesn’t mean that he has settled down here. Every square is a square cage, and his own body can’t escape. Although Li Chongjiu is now taken by Duguxiude, if he is killed by Duguvalve when he is a king of Qi, this is called a great injustice.