In fact, he is ignorant. Violet stone has long been discovered by other immortals and used in practicing or refining. Or made into pill for oral administration. However, high-grade purple stone is hard to find, while low-grade purple stone, like the inferior dragon crystal, is purely mineral energy and cannot be absorbed by the human body, so it has not spread. However, purple blue white after holding the refined twice, that is, knowing that if this thing comes out, I don’t know how much storm it will cause, which makes him cautious and grateful.


Unfortunately, he is cautious, but his heavenly heart is not taken seriously. Moreover, Tianxin is planning to turn Huaxian Town into Huaxian City, and such a good thing as purple light stone fits the name of this city.
In Tianxin’s plan, the medium-grade purple light stone will be sold in large quantities, which will be provided to practitioners of basic fairy tales in hide the sword to shorten their advanced time. The top grade should be used with caution. Anyone who is willing to abide by the "three systems" and hire for the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect and maintain the safety of Huaxian City can be paid monthly. The best purple light stone, that is, nine-leaf purple light crystal, is like the best dragon crystal. Because of its small number, it is not necessary to live in this world.
In the second year of Huaxian calendar, that is, Tianxin entered Huaxian Town for two years, and the number of permanent residents in Huaxian Town soared to 100,000. Many people who come here will not leave when they come. At a time when the Tibetan Sword Fairy School is building a large scale, and the planning is very good, there are a lot of cultivated land. These people are not worried about food and clothing, but as time goes by, a series of problems of urbanization are highlighted. With the emergence of such a big city, cultivating immortals has become a secondary matter.
In view of this, Tianxin has to announce that the Tibetan Sword Fairy Party will be entrusted and planned for Fiona Fang Baili, the town of Huaxian, and implement the "three systems" to ensure that nothing goes wrong in the area. In addition, he also selected thousands of elite from the initial 30,000 people who practiced hide the sword’s basic fairy tactic, conducted special training for one hundred days, and then entrusted various functions. At this point, the embryonic form of Xiancheng took shape. In particular, the use of inferior purple light stone energy has promoted the improvement of various household appliances, and at the same time, it has provided a little help for various industries that have existed in Wandian.
Tianxin was originally worried that due to the advanced energy, some technologies would be spontaneously produced. But he obviously worries too much. The use of energy in this world is different, and everything is to serve the cultivation of immortals. That is, all activities in life are carried out around the theme of cultivating immortals. For example, from one city to another, people in Kewu world think of flying or driving, while people in Wandian world think of flying or driving. Everyone’s mouth is full of fairy tales.
These are two completely different ways of thinking. Tianxin is relieved. What he needs to do now is to maintain this stability with the three-system system, and turn Huaxian City into an exchange base of Xiandao, so that all kinds of Xiandao thoughts can collide here and enter people’s lives, thus giving birth to a popular Xiandao civilization that promotes human evolution more actively and openly.
The vigorous development of Huaxian City made the Emperor Shi Tianjun and the Taoist League elders stunned. The two-year scale of Xiancheng dwarfs the tens of thousands of years of inheritance of Daomeng.
In the past year, they have mixed into Huaxian City in various capacities, and finally found that everything is superfluous. The fairy city is simply an unguarded party, and it doesn’t even have the most basic protective array. Hide the sword Tower, the headquarters of the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect. I don’t see any signs of formation. They can even walk freely in and out of the hide the sword Tower.
Emperor Shi Tianjun has a headache for this, and his plan is impossible to realize. According to personal experience and various materials collected, he finally got a little understanding. The real umbrella of Huaxian City is the three-system system formulated by the Tibetan Sword Fairy School. Under the three systems, even disgusting things are hard to find, not to mention evil things.
The Daomeng Presbyterian Group is even more angry, and they have no way to start. There are no disciples of the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect in Huaxian City. The so-called three core disciples, siblings, Lin Zhengyang, Limbauer and Tianzang, are not at all, and any three generations of disciples in Xianmen can fix them. How can the AU lay hands on such a person? If it does, it will not make the world die of magic sects.
"Alas, clever. That’s brilliant, "said Daomeng’s countermeasures meeting. Emperor Shi Tianjun once again expressed his feelings.
"Emperor, how is this sentence again?" Meng Chan, the chief elder of the Presbyterian Regiment, grunted.
"Mon Chan Elders, don’t be unconvinced. I don’t know what new findings or countermeasures the Elders Group has this time. If there is, please let me know and make me happy. " Emperor extremely Shi Tian jun macro track.
"Emperor, we don’t have it. I wonder if you have it?" Second Elder Mist Hyun Hyun Hyun Jing Zi has fun.
"Alas, the elders. Let’s have a meeting with nine people now, and we can say everything we know. If you have anything, just say it for everyone’s reference, otherwise, we will have to run away. Everyone knows as much about the relationship between Huaxian City and Tibetan Sword Fairy School as I do. I think if we can’t figure out a way again. The alliance is about to collapse, "Huang Ji Shi Tianjun exaggerated tunnel. Eyes narrowed a fine mans.
"Way, why didn’t you think! God, how can there be such a fairy pie in the world? Unprotected, but worse than fortified. Over the past year or so, various factions of Daomeng have come in, but nothing can be done for ordinary people. Our disciples are in such an environment.
Help people keep order. A disciple came to me and said that he was very excited at the hide the sword Tower, because there were so many people consciously doing it, so he made rapid progress, and I almost died. "Three elders moaned, he is the representative of Juying Xianmen in Daomeng, and he is also one of the eight standing elders of the Presbyterian Group. "Leader, our elders’ group has given up. You have many ideas, so give your advice."
"Is that this hidden sword fairy door evil too tight, to say it doesn’t exist, and there is a gate. Let’s say it exists, but we can’t really see the people hiding in the sword gate. The three disciples named Lin are so busy all day long that they all get into the money’s eyes, just like the rich man, which is not like any disciple. " Four elder streamers seconded the article.
"Who said it wasn’t?" The Eight Elders Huang Ji stonework also seconded. "Supposedly, tens of thousands of disciples are here. Anyway, there should be ten or eight black sheep. Hey, not only is there no one, but there are some troublemakers who are fearless and fearless in several sects on weekdays. When they arrive in Huaxian City, they are as good as turtles … "
"This is the elders in my door? How can you talk without thinking! " In the dark, I scolded the elder, who couldn’t open a pot and mention it. In front of him, the emperor turned into jade, and behind him, there was a real person with angry eyebrows. One is the leader’s disciple, and the other is the immortal disciple, but people don’t care, they are all hard-headed, and they are still fascinated. In addition, five elders of Sizhen Xianmen and hundreds of second and third generation disciples messed around and were also killed. Do you dare to ask those disciples to mess around? These disciples are not fools!
"Well, I think Elder Monchan has a plan in mind, too?" He quickly interrupted the emperor’s speech.
"Dare not, this matter is about to consult the leader?" MengChan ready and track.
"Go ahead!"
"As the saying goes, it takes seven inches to hit a snake. For more than a year, I have been working with all the elders. What is the seven inches of the Tibetan Sword Fairy School? At present, there are several answers. First, the hide the sword Tower, a giant tower with a height of more than 100 feet, has become a symbol of the immortal city, and it is also the stronghold of the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect. Second, those young Lin students who are not good at skills but have a high reputation are in charge of all the industries of the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect. The third is the palm teaching of the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect that we have never seen before. I think, as long as we occupy the whole tower of Tibet and win a few young players, the palm Sect will certainly come to rescue us, and then we can besiege it. " The elders of Mengchan analyzed.
"Wrong. Elder, the four true immortals did the occupation of hide the sword Tower, but the people in Xianzhen refused, which led to blood robbery and fatal disaster for them. This road is blocked, and now Huaxian Town has become Huaxian Town. There are nearly 100 thousand permanent residents, and these people will never agree. Even if they don’t resist, can you kill 100 thousand people again? As for the Lin brothers and sisters and the Tianzang doll, it is not a worry. Catch them, and the Hidden Sword Fairy Sect won’t hurt. According to my intelligence source, their management has formed a system, and the brothers and sisters Lin and Tianzang will be taken away, and they will return to normal in three hours at most. The third point is the real key. Over the past year or so, the information obtained by hundreds of spies shows that the Hidden Sword Fairy Sect is this person, and this person is the Hidden Sword Fairy Sect. It’s amazing that the master of Hongxing Gorge is purple, blue and white. Only by winning these two men will we really bring down the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect and own the Fairy City. Besides, I tell you, these two people are in the hide the sword Tower. Purple, blue and white are on the second floor, and that person is on the thirteenth floor. " Emperor extremely Shi Tianjun jie jie laughs.
"No, the emperor’s leader is a little biased. Maybe in the beginning, the key is this person." Qi Yuan, the most composed of the eight elders, shook his head. "Now it’s not, but that something. This man is very powerful. Far from the magic door. The stupidity of the magic door is to set up tangkou everywhere, trying to break all the existing things and destroy our door by violence in order to be exclusive, but unfortunately it spreads too fast, the statutes are lax and the spirit is lax. So let’s grab a handful casually, and it’s all evidence of blood robbery that will make them unable to turn over. Even if we don’t, we can make some, which will make them hard to argue. "
"But the Hidden Sword Fairy Sect is different. This man spread the fairy tactic all over the world, and then awarded the three productions as a bondage, delineating the scope, so that we can’t find loopholes. Secondly, judging from what they do, they all revolve around the three systems. From Yinlongpo to Huaxian City, my door was defeated, but I ended up with nothing. Anyone who stands up will say that my door is wrong. "
"Moreover, he only stayed in the thyme place in Fiona Fang, the fairy city, and he was in full swing to build buildings, ignoring my door. As you can see, our Taoist League has thousands of disciples stationed in Evolution Fairy City, and even under the hide the sword Tower, the fundamental stronghold of his fairy gate, they can freely enter and leave. What makes him dare to do this? Three systems. Without the three-system system, such a big city would have been in a mess. Therefore, the three-system system is the real key, so there is no excuse for us. If we really want to be as hard as the four true fairy gates, we will become magic gates. The most deadly thing is that the three-system thing is creating a big flow and disintegrating the respect and yearning of the people for the door. Who knows if this person will disclose the advanced fairy tactic again in the future, if so, the Taoist will be absolutely dead. All over the world will be hide the sword’s master. Therefore, the three systems are the key, and suppressing the three systems is our fundamental task. "
Qiyuan Linzhi hit the nail on the head, and heard that several people in the mainland, including Huang Ji Shi Tianjun, had a big change. According to the evolution of this situation, the speculation of Linzhi elders may become a reality in less than a hundred years.
"Elder Linzhi, the plan will be released?" Emperor extremely Shi Tianjun asked anxiously. He has a similar feeling, but not as far-reaching as Qi Yuan’s wisdom, so he can only ask for advice.
"Blockade, the most effective and earthy way is to block. If we are provocative, we will only let our disciples get hurt under the three systems. Fiona Fang, the immortal city, is only a hundred miles away, and it is very small. Thousands of schools and factions of Daomeng can set up checkpoints outside Huaxian City, set up arrays, and forbid people to flow in, completely turning Huaxian City into a backwater. " Qi yuan linzhi laughed. "At the same time, with the advanced fairy tactic as bait, the people in the city will be cheated out and not put in. Over time, the fairy city will be abolished."
"This is a good way to try," Huang Ji Shi Tianjun heard his eyes flashing. "Three systems can’t control the area hundreds of miles away from the fairy city. The Taoist Union can just set up a barrier outside it and also conclude a Taoist regulation. The Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect is a dragon, and we can also use this barrier to trap it to death. Haha, wonderful. Brother Linzhi, you have made great contributions. "
Later generations of unofficial history, the stratagem of the wise elders in Qiyuan Xianmen really worked. This bloodless way has been responded to by the Daomeng in various ways. Unfortunately, the plan was not as good as the change, and a series of things happened later, which made this plan collapse quietly. Some people also commented that even if nothing happened, this tactic might not have much effect, because the owner of hide the sword Tower can open up a new foundation again, and it is so big that the north can’t, so go to the south. In addition, how much can the East, West and Daomeng block?
On the issue of dealing with the fairy city and the hidden sword fairy school, if the alliance is still due to
If you have to go out of your way because of your close relationship, then the immortal Changping and his Taoist friends who have set foot in the fairy city for generations will point to the key. They adopted a way to solve conflicts between the land and scattered immortals: fighting swords. Losers are always in the wrong.
People strive for a sigh of relief, and Buddha strives for a column of incense.
With the decision to wipe out the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect and the comical and sophisticated legal undercover fairy city, the Old Fairy of Changping. After months, they finally confirmed that the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect was not created by other fairy tricks. But an out-and-out foreign fairy school. This result made Lao Ping and Lao Xian very angry and uncomfortable, and the four true immortals let such an absolute difference be sent to Hu You. And got a bad reputation for stealing other people’s inheritance. This matter has become a joke in the world of cultivating immortals.
The more he thinks about it, the angrier he gets, but there is really nothing he can do about the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect. He and the funny old man are both predecessors. The Hidden Sword Fairy Gate is just a fairy school with a great reputation, but it can’t see the children of its masters. The most important thing is. The immortal faction of others is not evil. They want to condemn the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect by spreading fairy tales and disturbing the cultivation of immortals, which is really out of line. It’s hard to get approval. They couldn’t help it, so they had to stay and look for a flaw in the hidden sword fairy gate. They decided that such a foreign fairy school. When you come to the world of electricity, you must have some ulterior motives.
Things took a turn for the better at the beginning of the second year of Huaxian calendar. One year after the establishment of the Tibetan Sword Fairy School, the Chinese purple stone was launched. The reason for this alliance is that knowledge has no reaction, but the two immortals are very excited. Violet stone is a special product equivalent to Ganoderma lucidum, which was confirmed by the immortals tens of thousands of years ago. Now it appears in large numbers. The evil intentions of the Hidden Sword Fairy Sect can be imagined. This immortal Sect opened a new world to plunder the purple light stone. The two were excited, and they did not hesitate to lose their skills, flying swords and spreading books. In their flying swords to Cambodia, the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect was even suggested to be a branch of the former ancient magic gate.
A large number of purple stones are available. Cause a sensation among the immortals. The immortals who received the flight to Cambodia made their own abacus. The high-quality purple stone is the treasure of Xuanmen, which has long been known by the immortals. Now, although the Chinese purple light stone introduced by the Tibetan Sword Fairy School is far from effective, it is still an excellent material for refining the magic weapon, and the lack of texture can be made up by a large amount. They laughed off the accusations of Changping Old Fairy, but they hated the fact that the Tibetan Sword Fairy School sold natural materials such as purple light stone to ordinary people for practicing. Think it’s a waste, moreover. How can you cultivate immortality quickly! No, we have to block this mouth. But also to find out the source of the purple light stone of the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect.
In February of the second year of Huaxianli, Tianxin received a letter from Lin Zhengyang, which was partially scattered and sent to Cambodia, asking for an explanation of the incident of Ziguangshi. I have been away from the world for more than years, but I haven’t been in contact with the earth and scattered immortals of this world, and Tianxin readily promised.
Tianzhu Peak, more than 300 miles away from Huaxian Town, is one of the most famous mountains in Wandian. The mountains are full of pines, towering ancient trees are soaring, covering the sun with clouds, and one of them is pulled up, high and straight, and looks like a dragon holding its head in the distance, so Tianzhu Peak is also called Tianlong Peak.
In mid-February, the second year of the Fairy Calendar, the head of Tianzhu Peak suddenly descended on hundreds of uninvited guests. plain clothes was dressed in clothes, fluttering in clothes, and his appearance was quaint and ancient, with a loose waist and a jade wrist. If his eyes flashed from time to time, his mouth was full of laughter, and he really thought it was a painting fairy.
Due north, it is the predecessor of the Four True Immortals, the fairy Changping. His right head is the funny old road, and his left head is five or six authentic jade buddhas. Some of the people standing in the center of the peak are slightly strange in appearance, with wrinkled lake faces and long health in thinness, which is the person in charge. Come here again, dozens of people are tall and have eyes like cold stars, pointing and laughing at each other.
"Ladies and gentlemen, let’s spend some time with the master of the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect. When you are young, you should be polite. You can’t treat him lightly just because he is a Pettitte Fairy, so as not to talk badly then." At the center of the lake, the crane-faced person exhales and opens his voice.
"Real people, that being said, we can’t be too low-spirited. Otherwise. I’m afraid it’s hard to ask in person about the purple light and different treasures. " Four true Changping whispered.
"Is that know the xuan predecessors, although we haven’t seen the man, but you can be sure that this boy is a heterogeneous, hands have been stained with blood, hundreds of doors cultivate immortality to life bad in his hand, its biting, it’s hard to say. You can be tolerant of feelings but not feelings, and you must make the monks who have committed crimes in his hands lose their minds. " Funny, old-fashioned and legalistic.
"Legality. It’s rare for you, a fairy from DuDu, to mind your own business? " The lake-faced crane, known as Zhixuan’s predecessor, smiled faintly. "It’s easy to say that you have to forgive and forgive people, but it’s not good." Have you ever spared anyone? He didn’t mention anything today, only asked about the purple light stone. Changping, if you can’t stay idle. You can lose your temper. After all, Sizhen Xianmen is his master, and he is qualified to ask questions. "
"True words, trail to remember. It’s just that Changping is my best friend of law, and if there is something in his family, how can law stay out of it? " Funny old road awe-inspiring.
"What about you?" Know the xuan reality suddenly turned to four really long flat left first a few people.
"Reality matrixay. I’ll go forward and retreat together with Taoist Changping. "
"You have entered the fairy avenue, how can you be so impulsive. I’ve been waiting for something today. The purple light stone is related to the fate of the immortals in the future. With it, your life will be easier. Which is more important? Take care of it yourself, just don’t miss our big event. " Know the xuan real frown. The Four True Immortals Gate and the Tibetan Sword Immortals School are wrapped up. He heard something, but he didn’t really know it. To be precise, everything he knows now. It’s all said by these fairies.
"Reality please rest assured, we know how to do it? We just want to fight with him. If a real person has a good mood, he can be the referee. " Sizhen Changping solemnly tunnel.
"So good."
At exactly ten o’clock in the afternoon, at the top of Tianzhu Peak, the immortals are waiting for it. As quietly landed on the edge of the peak, macro track, "know the xuan reality? Hide the sword Tianxin visited. "
"The infinite longevity Buddha, Taoist friends really believe in people." Knowing the truth, people are sharp-eyed and know the benefits, leading the public to meet them.
"Reality NINEONE electric don’t boundary the ancestor of the fairy. Fortunately, I am called by the pet, how dare the boy break his promise? " As a supercilious replied, while looking at the eyes of the ancient immortals, muttered, "These guys are really indescribable … clouds in the air, forest cranes in the mountains. Empty planet, not a bit of human fireworks. Just … I didn’t expect to be interested in purple stone. "
I don’t know where Tianxin is. Although the purple stone is abundant in Wandianjie, it is deep underground and the vein is hard to find. Even if the vein is found, it may be tens of kilometers or even hundreds of kilometers deep in the ground, and it may not be possible to pick a purple stone. Top-grade purple light stone is often found only at the depth of 10,000 kilometers underground. The fairy in the other world is powerful, but it is not powerful enough to find the local treasures at the depth of 10,000 kilometers. Even the imperial lead flower, which is familiar with scientific and technological means and goes out every once in a while to collect all kinds of natural materials and treasures, has not been surveyed to the depths of the center of the earth in Wandian.
The amount of top grade purple stone. Therefore, in the world of Wandian, the top-grade purple stone is as rare and precious as the wood ganoderma lucidum, and the same person who is cultivated is equal to life.
Tianxin looks at the immortals, and the immortals are also looking at Tianxin. Know the xuan reality sighed in my heart, "what a young man! Young is good! " Four true, long and flat, funny and old-fashioned, all the people look at it most carefully and are most confused. "This is ruined anger eyebrow hidden sword fairy sent palm to teach? Too young. " The rest of the immortals didn’t have a holiday with Tianxin. They bowed politely, smiled and followed Zhixuan.
"Xiaoyou has become famous recently. Dare you ask which senior immortal is the teacher?" Know the xuan reality laughed.
"My teacher has already soared, and my boy is lucky enough to get my teacher Xianqi and become my every generation disciple. My teacher left a message, hide the sword sent it, and the boy also sent it. Therefore, after obtaining hide the sword’s heavenly formula to attract dragons and immortals, they created the school of Tibetan Sword Immortals to the world, neither of which violated the teachings of our teacher. Both of them joined the WTO to cultivate their minds and carry forward the immortal way. " Tianxin half-truths tunnel.
"Fairy avenue, is hard to find. I really envy your teacher! From then on, I jumped out of the three realms, not in the five elements. " Zhixuan real people sighed and their eyes were misty.
"Real people don’t have to be sentimental, and the fairy is not the road before it begins."
"Little friends are heroic, and they are strong, and the fairy is robbed in one thousand, which is miserable. Xiaoyou should not be robbed yet? "
As a heavenly heart, I know that the real person Xuan is also a chicken skin and a crane hair, but his spirit is hale and hearty, his words are sonorous, he is straight and graceful, so he joked, "Should he be robbed?" No, I’m afraid the sky will not fall. "
This statement came out. The immortals laughed, "Boy is crazy!" Four true long, peaceful and funny old eyes flashed with fine mans! Knowing that the real Xuanren was surprised, he also smiled, "Why do you say this, Xiao You? Is it your relative?"
As laughter, "relatives are not, just boy less than one hundred years of monasticism, now is to join the WTO and practice, Armageddon will also visit me for a while. That’s why you talk crazy. It made real people laugh. "