As even know the emperor’s plan, will laugh it off. Is it a big thunder and fire area? It’s really a bait that is not too big or too fragrant. Anyone who wants to bite it will definitely be hooked.


What the Emperor didn’t know the most was that although Tianxin didn’t send a spirit warrior to the Thunder and Fire Sky Area, it welcomed the loners in the Thunder and Fire Sky Area to settle in the Thunder and Fire Sky Area. All countries in the world can give them the title of "guardian of the starry sky", and let them collect all the resources in the starry sky. Of course, they only collect them, and the resources that have entered their storage space belong to them, without taxes and restrictions. But the resources that don’t enter their storage space don’t belong to them, that is, any capable Chinese can go and collect them.
In fact, this rule is very popular with loners. With the ability of the Tao, there is no problem with the starry sky, and you can easily achieve wealth. Although the guardians of the starry sky are unpaid, their duties are simple, that is, when someone invades and guards the starry sky, if the garrison is defeated, they must protect each other.
A simple contract, a very detached position, and the selection system of China does not avoid anyone who is alone. As long as they can stand the strict selection process, they can also be the public affairs chief of Datian District.
Therefore, the emperor with backward intelligence had no idea that the guardians of the starry sky in the thunder and fire area of many countries in China, more than ten interstellar years after the thunder and fire century, were five times as many as the Taoists he invited. Although Tianxin didn’t face and shake hands with these Taoists, the internal energy book was there, and the prosperous and orderly space of Jinling Xingluo was there, and the infinite and spiritual cultivation of Ziyue, who was responsible for the affairs of the whole thunder and fire area, was there.
Think about it, too. In the thunder and fire area, Taoists are really comfortable. They can constantly change their roles, such as star guardian, industry leader, public affairs official, guild leader … Those with high popularity can also choose the highest public affairs officer. This kind of life, hidden or obvious, and challenging, is really colorful and much more interesting than the starry sky penance.

Chapter five hundred and ninety-six Danger first appeared
The world of mortals, starry Wan Li.
I don’t know anything until I try. It’s wonderful to try.
Generally speaking, those who are alone are quite satisfied with the institutional environment of the thunder and fire areas in various countries. If they want to be a passer-by, the guardian of the starry sky is the best choice. They have no resources to collect, guard the starry sky to wander around, face this galaxy and stay in it all night. Enjoy the Hui Qi of heaven and earth and watch the stars flow …
However, at this time, no one who is alone has thought that Tianxin doesn’t want them to be a carefree guardian. What Tianxin really hopes is that these Taoists will be driven by the atmosphere of many countries in China, open their infinite wisdom and bloom their wisdom flowers in many countries in China. Therefore, Tianxin most hopes that these Taoists will "start businesses" in many countries in China, whether by guilds, clans, enterprises or in any strange way.
In order to achieve this, the decision-makers in the whole thunder and fire area, including Ziyue, are studying how to create a big environment to tap the wisdom of Taoists.
Compared with other countries in the world, the imperial Simba civilization is in an awkward position in dealing with those who are enlightened by thunder and fire. King Simba certainly hopes to recruit Taoists, but the question is what identity should be given to Taoists, and what kind of development Taoists want to make in the future, and how the empire treats Taoists’ actions.
For more than ten interstellar years, the Simba royal family has been unable to work out a good plan. At home, the royal family, destined to be enlightened again, has a little concern about the powerful. Therefore, the royal family of Simba adopted a cold attitude of indifference to the stragglers who came to their own starry sky.
By the year 2134, the figure of the people in the Xingyuan world was obviously more than ten times that of other groups. And also at this time, Tianxin sent hundreds of space-based soldiers and thousands of spirit fighters to Ziyue.
Therefore, such a powerful force will be distributed to the thunder and fire area. There are two reasons. First, more than 100 interstellar years have passed since the thunder century, and the Taoists flying around in the thunder world have basically stabilized. In other words, those who have been huddled together have been huddled together. Therefore, the thunder fire region in China needs to strengthen its cutting-edge guarding force to guard against the stirring joint civilization of the emperor and heaven, as well as some ambitious Taoists’ groups, and the starry sky of the thousand worlds in the big sky area. The most coveted group is the group with 100 or 80 Taoism.
Second, san huang star field urgent report, the dark empty layer has shrunk a lot, and the entire san huang star field has been fully displayed. However, the civilization established by the true spirit three realms and five Simba-quasi-infinite Taoists in san huang’s star field is cheering for the starry sky, and no one can tell the root cause of retreating in the dark and empty layer.
San huang star field, or it should be called san huang star field now. There is more than one star field left by the disappearing dark empty layer. In the urgent report, there are about thousands of star fields. It’s just that the only thing really clear is the starry sky in san huang, while the other starry sky is wandering with a lock of black silk screen.
As a result, he had to go to san huang starry sky to find out. He didn’t understand this strange phenomenon. Absolutely not at ease.
In fact, as soon as I get to san huang Star Domain. I found that things were very big. Although the dark empty layer has retreated, the deep cold light is more intense. The most deadly black silk, which is like a fast knot, actually implies clusters of mixed yuan energy. This mixed yuan energy is completely different from the mixed yuan energy of the ancient god array in the South China fix true space. The mixed yuan energy in the South China fix true space is peaceful and positive, but here it is full of darkness, tyranny and death. Although the starry sky is calm, once a monk enters, it touches the black silk, and the mixed energy is lightning. And point to the target. The three realms of true spirit and five Simba-like civilizations have suffered a lot, and many high-ranking monks have been shattered by mixed energy, dharma body and ontology.
Tianxin’s headache doesn’t stop there. In the misty starry sky, his spiritual knowledge and real eye scan no less than 10 million mixed crystal stars with high concentration are forming. The mixed energy in the black silk is being absorbed by the mixed crystal star, and some of the black silk without mixed energy melts away and some of it melts into the mixed crystal star.
"Star bomb!"
Tianxin was frightened and sweated. If the fast-knot black silk is pumped out of energy, and 10 million explosive mixed-yuan crystal stars are inspired by the diffuse star interest and explode wildly, how can we come on? Without the black silk, mixed-yuan energy will flock to san huang Star Domain, Daewoo Chineydy, and colorful Star Domain, and the original world will not be half empty.
This heavenly heart immediately sent the cutting-edge military force to the thunder-fire big area. He couldn’t be distracted by the starry sky in san huang, and he didn’t know how long it would take to get it done. Moreover, it must be done before the black silk retreated. As a result, the black silk will disappear completely within a hundred interstellar years, but based on balance, Tianxin can only trust sixty interstellar years.
"What is that guy, leave a mixed yuan minefield here! Dark and empty, is this your true colors? The mixed energy diffused in the empty layer will actually compress and crystallize. "
The existing stellar mixed-element crystal stars are not easy to collect. This thing seems to be conscious. No matter how big the mouth of jiepai mixed-element energy space is, it can’t swallow the mixed-element crystal stars surrounded by black silk, or even cover them, and it will bounce off at a distance. "Unity of knowledge and power" star domain can’t move multi-eye handprints, either. It’s not that the force of clearing away emptiness is not fierce, or that the gods and gods are locked, but that this thing has spirit, and if it is dragged a little, it will pop open.
Tianxin had to stop and find another way to deal with it.
When Tianxin was worried about the mixed crystal stars in the san huang starry sky, someone on the other side breathed a sigh of relief.
This man relaxed in one breath, and ten interstellar years have passed in san huang starry sky.
In fact, there is no good way to deal with mixed yuan crystal stars, and countless means have been tried in ten interstellar years, but all of them show that it is not a matter of time to solve mixed yuan crystal stars.
Tianxin therefore decided to take a multi-pronged approach.
The so-called disease comes like a mountain, and the disease goes like a reel of silk. Only bit by bit to melt the san huang starry sky terror mixed yuan energy.
The first tube, Tianxin started the multi-eye handprint, moved thousands of empty star fields from the empty sky of thunder and fire, and put them into the junction of the dark empty layer and the wandering black star sky in san huang, and the empty star fields were clustered as far as possible. Squeeze into the empty san huang starry sky, and let the Xingyuan Tianxing force field fuse the black silk with mixed energy, so that the mixed crystal stars will no longer have mixed energy. This tube, Tianxin, very much hopes that the Star Force Field can soak the black silk on the periphery of the mixed crystal star, so that the mixed crystal star diverges or explodes, and the existence of the black silk winding layer by layer is doomed to be less fierce. Sure. The existence of black silk also makes it very difficult for the Star Force Field to infiltrate and influence mixed crystal stars.
The second tube, observe the influence of black sky and black silk starry sky on thousands of empty star fields, and whether the mixed energy in the black sky and the mixed energy carried by black silk can melt the star force field formed by thousands of empty star fields and finally erode the whole empty star field. Including the planet. If so, what is the melting and erosion speed? In addition, is it possible to accommodate human existence in the most central area of thousands of empty star fields?
The third tube, based on the data of the second tube, Tianxin constantly moved into the empty star field to offset the empty star field that was melted at the outermost edge. At the same time, all the seven thousand Lingqi soldiers in Leishan’s third heaven realm and the one thousand Lingqi soldiers rotating in Daewoo Wanhuang Star City were transferred in.
On the empty edge, practice Lingqi Avenue in a closed form, and a large amount of mixed energy can reduce the intensity of the mixed energy of the dark empty layer and the black silk on the empty starry sky.
The fourth tube. When the third tube achieves a certain balance, it gradually moves to the center of the empty starry sky and enters no less than 60 ternary prosperous star fields. According to the situation, we will move 40 prosperous star fields from the joint civilized mines Mars Air in the thunder and fire world, the thunder and Mars Air in the ten families of the universe, and the Simba civilized mines Mars Air Steal, and join them in the empty star fields to form pioneering competition with the three-system prosperous star fields, thus making the empty star fields become spiritual stars.
Fifth, continue to expand the scale of the empty starry sky to the black starry sky, and strive to let the empty starry sky finally cover the black starry sky.
The sixth tube, spreading the internal energy sutra in the boundless version of Xingyuan in the empty starry sky, practiced the internal energy sutra in the thirty-fourth section of the mixed realm from time to time, and tried to start the purple iron sword, the Sunday dharma circle, the nine-day lotus and the original lighter armor without the help of jiepai. If it can be started one day, it will refine the mixed crystal stars in the dark sky with the blood of all souls. The found mixed crystal stars are embedded in the purple iron Kaitian sword, so that the device can digest the mixed crystal stars by self-refining, extremely tough Kaitian sword body and the spiritual boundary force of Dayan world group in the sword body. As for the black silk that has lost mixed energy, if it can be refined with blood, it will be refined with blood. If the blood can’t be refined, let them return to the dark sky or hand them over to the starry sky to solve.
The result of the six-pronged approach is that in the next 50 interstellar years. Tianxin quietly emptied a 100,000 empty starry sky in the thunder and fire heaven and earth, and removed a big arc tyrannical belt formed by 80% of the mixed energy in the dark empty layer. Twenty thousand star fields or oasis stars took root in san huang, and eventually bordered san huang star fields.
Ten million mixed-crystal stars, because they failed to open the purple iron sword in the end, struggled hard and tried for thirty interstellar years. Finally, they used boundary steel and countless thousands of boundary star raw ore to pound out a village material that banned mixed-crystal stars. As a result, 10 million mixed crystal stars were sealed in a 90-degree transparent insulating ball named "Hungang", and then, this arrogant mixed crystal star, which will soften when even the steel meets, was naturally accepted into the Sunday dharma circle.
After nearly sixty years of hard work, the crisis of san huang starry sky was lifted, and eventually it became a part of the starry sky. But Tianxin still doesn’t feel any relaxation.
Everything is really weird. The celestial sphere seems to be in a critical state somewhere, and there is always an invisible crisis. Ten million star-level mixed-element crystal stars, the celestial center is in a state of big explosion, and it took 60 interstellar years and countless manpower and material resources to remove the mixed-element crisis that can melt half of the original world. This is still an overt crisis. What about the hidden crises that have not been exposed?
Tianxin vaguely felt that the celestial world was unsafe. This insecurity did not come from man-made reasons, but from the cloud nine that he had walked once, but did not form a systematic cognition.
Thinking about the past and the future, Tianxin is extremely big.
The appearance of mixed crystal stars is definitely a harbinger of some kind of great crisis. Think again about the four stars at the pole of Xingyuan. The data returned in these years show that their speed of advancing towards Xingyuan boundary is a little faster every interstellar year. Is this necessary? What exactly do the four big bosses who are repairing the four starry sky want to do?
No one can answer the question of Tianxin.
"Damn, quasi-infinite Tao cultivation plan is just around the corner …"
The heavenly heart attracts seven spirits, which must be a plan for those who have no way. There is no way but to give it to them. Fortunately, the starry sky in san huang has become spiritual, and there is enough mixed energy on the edge of the big arc tyrannical zone to implement the quasi-infinite Taoist plan. Otherwise, without jiepai, who needs Tianxin’s personal operation, this quasi-infinite Taoist plan will have to be shelved if Tianxin has other important matters.
Dozens of years of hard work, high risk, but the return is ok.
"Eldest brother, just move them to san huang Lingsheng starry sky?" Seven spirits asked.
They, refers to the dozens of interstellar years elected to the third realm of Leishan, Zhu Tianhua, many countries, high-level extreme realm gods.
"Yes. As long as those who broke out of the third heaven realm or the gods who had completed one hundred interstellar years in the third heaven realm, they all moved to the starry sky in san huang. Your main task is to check the gate and choose the site, and finally, the quasi-borderless Taoist who has successfully accumulated quasi-borderless power will be sent to the third heaven. At this time, they should be able to arouse the interest of the 11th-level Lei Shou. So repeatedly, when it can withstand the blow of the 12-level Lei Shou for at least one interstellar year, this quasi-pathless person will be cultivated. "
"But, boss, you this plan doesn’t seem to be a military plan, and. After the quasi-infinite Tao is cultivated, it seems that there is no foothold. " Seven spirit hesitated.
"Ha ha. Their final destination is the thunder and fire area, and there is one, send one. "