Haizhi monster, Xianxia on earth.


With the exception of the tens of billions of immortals, the 300 million fierce immortals in the army of the four kingdoms of China or the four kingdoms of China were controlled by the Chinese military regulations, and the 2.8 billion police guards were controlled by the three-system regulations. The rest of the nearly 10 billion immortals, most of whom were peaceful, lived in Dongsheng Shenzhou, Nanshanbuzhou, Beiju Luzhou and Xiniu Hezhou, and entered various guilds. Those who are restless will join various adventure guilds or go it alone, looking for the legendary fairyland, paradise and refined wood.
For a while, there are countless forbidden areas, seven sea islands and flying immortals everywhere in osawa, a deep mountain in four continents, which is the starry sky where the ability of immortals is still not comfortable. It is also common for adventurers to rush about with various flying tools.
When the age of adventure comes, it brings vitality to the kingdoms and guilds in the four continents, but it also brings danger.
The complex of founding a country is always an inevitable complex to open up the times. Due to the rapid development of Sizhou Huazhuo and the expansion in a national way, 90% of Sizhou’s territory belongs to Huazhuo in the past 100 years. The remaining 10% is almost the original kingdom territory and the fairies’ paradise. So many aspirants of the first fairy swept their eyes to the islands of the Seven Seas, big and small.
Overseas, it is scattered everywhere. The spoof of the early immortals, the scattered islands of the Seven Seas were seized in a few years, and the momentum simply frightened the seven seas and monsters. Fortunately, the early immortals were deeply influenced by the concept of four continents and many countries, and they were still good. They didn’t do anything like killing demons and seizing the abode of fairies and immortals. Of course, it is done occasionally, but there is absolutely no good end. Unless all the victims can be killed, as long as one of them escapes, takes a trip outside, joins many countries in China, and sues on the spot, the bad early fairy who did bad things will be as sad as she should be in that day …
It’s dense. After several decades, all the founding immortals, even the original scattered true and old demons, have lost heart. The rapid development of many countries in Sizhou is beyond anyone’s imagination. Without this subject, we settled down and went outside to find that our country was backward.
Moreover, with the increasing number of early immortals. With the increasing capacity in space, many countries in Sizhou have built the so-called celestial world in a place with dense planets in space, which is actually a star city. The abode of fairies and immortals and deep-sea islands occupied by all are nothing compared with that … Think of the Kunlun Xianpai, which was famous for a while, and now it has become Kunlun College, and the Qinshan Sword School has also been renamed Qinshan Sword House. Many old demons who are good at it have gathered together to set up some demon Chinese guild, and everything is all to keep up with the situation and avoid being eliminated.
Adventure is infinite, life is endless, the spirit is not long, and there is always a time.
The rising sun in Liangshan calendar 128, the flourishing Wanlingtian welcomes guests from the upper world in four directions: east, west, north and south.
When the golden light is sown, the sky opens.
Due to the east, several auspicious clouds landed in Dongsheng Shenzhou; Due west. Shenhua angel descended to Xizhou, Xi Niu; Due to the south, my Buddha Prajnaparamita is looming in the southern state; Due north, djinn swooped down and went straight to Luzhou in the north.
"When did this world become so prosperous?" Oriental Xiangyun faded away, revealing a dozen purple Jin Xian, one of whom was obviously a leader. "And many early immortals don’t soar, and this mortal world seems to be less celestial."
Eighteen angels appeared in the west, and the leader also shouted, "How do the giant protoss and the shura inferno mix in the mainland human world? What about the beliefs of western mainlanders? "
South. The Buddha said, "Amitabha, all beings are suffering. Why don’t I see any disciples in the world?"
The north, djinn xiao, "a few years no lower bound. Gaga, there are so many delicious and spiritual foods in the human world. "
In the past, the fairy light appeared, and all beings fell; Today, the world is so glorious that all beings turn a blind eye, which makes those who live in the lower bound of the east, south, west and north lose face.
"Let’s talk about it first!"
The lower bound people looked at each other …
In fact, they were dumbfounded. Wanlingtian Sizhou Avenue extends in all directions, and there are various guilds of various names. Traffic, basically, is people flying in the sky, getting on the bus in the ground and running, ships at sea are leisurely, and some people are loitering. It’s completely different from all the spirits they used to know. In other words, they put all their knowledge in the sea and didn’t find a center of gravity for a moment. Just as a modern man arrives in a strange big city, he doesn’t know what to do, and everything has no clue!
"How long has this been? I just came down a year ago (less time for clearing the sky, equivalent to 365 days for all souls). How did it become like this after a year!" There are people in the west who are in the lower bound.
"Amitabha, is this a blessing or a curse?" Southern Buddhists were worried and frightened by the present situation of all souls. "I am merciful!"
"Quack quack, it seems like a big meal first," said the giant in Luzhou, North China.
"Demon, incredibly lang lang gan kun, a demon from the front of the fairy open! Old gentleman nasty such as laws, disease … "
Different fairy cultures violently collided, and the four continents in the southeast and northwest directions were in chaos.
The final result is naturally that the lower bound people have no good fruit to eat, and they want to subdue the monster and collect the demon land, but they are slapped by the monster and the demon. Those who want to eat people are also beaten up, but only the arhats of my Buddha and the Shenhua angels who have lived in the magic hall of the temple have not suffered any self-attack.
"When I first came from afar, I didn’t understand the rules and talked about thin punishment; If you commit another crime next time, you will follow the law. "
Poor impatient, want to play fairy god big card.
The guests ran into the hands of many countries in the four continents. Unfortunately, as long as they don’t return to the sky, they are still in the sky, and they are under surveillance at all levels.
Everything is back to normal.
A lot of guests have lived in wanling for a year, and after one year, they all feel cold in retrospect. Think at the beginning, if it weren’t for a super-pampered giant force to stop the impulsives among them, they would have died in vain if they decided to play some life-and-death games based on their ideas. Not only that, according to this human rule, they might still be the kind of death that is swooning.
However, the guests are also depressed enough about the human world.
The Heaven Gate of All Spirits is scattered, and now it is either a college or a guild. The original disciples have become students, and the original disciples have been taught to keep their skills. Now it has become a talented student who is eager to master all the essence of Xianmen, in order to open up the popularity of colleges and guilds;
Monsters have prospered, there are cities where people live together, and they have also set up some demon spirit practice research seminars;
Buddhism is gone, and all classics are only displayed in the Museum Guild, and occasionally borrowed by archaeologists. You should know that all souls, old and young, have an auxiliary brain, which is not only an ID card, but also a universal psychic magic weapon. They can make long-distance calls and enter any virtual and physical data, and there are too many data stored in it.
Gods and demons have basically disappeared. There is no mystery in the past, and it is called advanced evolutionist by the human world in the west of the world.
However, what surprises the guests most is the development of the human world, whether it is individual cultivation. Group combination, or population, that is rapid, far from their location space. What’s worse, the guys here hold the idea that everyone is a god, everyone is a Buddha, and everyone is holy. Their spiritual cognition is like that barren mountain vine, with no definite development direction. You push me around, boundless and unrestricted. If this goes on … Buddhism and Taoism start to do the math. Is not an end.
Of course, the most unacceptable thing for the guests is that there is no right way, evil way, evil way and evil way in the human world. As long as you do something that hurts others, even if you are respected by the right path, you will be punished accordingly, with no face and no mercy.
After staying for another year, the guests quietly turned around and came from. Go back to where.
The heavenly heart has moved, and the three-system order of all souls and days has become, so don’t worry too much about him. Moreover, because of the resounding name of Hua Zhongguo, 300,000 adventurers and three-system Hua Zhongguo’s intelligence personnel who entered the thirty-six realms of Nine Heavenly Worlds were alive. Re-engaged in the ranks of the Chinese people, but their cultivation needs to be rebuilt. These people, Tianxin did not put all of them into the institutions of the Ministry of Public Affairs, which were not completely suitable for them. They entered guilds, schools and colleges with their deep knowledge of the development of civilization. They can give full play to their role and promote the construction of the three systems.
It can be said that all souls are polished by iron and blood, and basically there will be no internal problems. The only threat is from the upper bound of the heavens, especially after the guests in a few spaces turn around, the external suppression will definitely come. Destroying a thing, when it is impossible to start from the inside, is to destroy it from the outside as a whole. In this regard, Tianxin has to guard against it. After more than a hundred years of hard work … more than 100 billion intelligent beings …
"It’s time to go to Shaoqingtian."
Tianxin, with a high decline, followed the few guests who returned to the boundary and fled into the less clear sky.
Less clear sky is really different from all spirits.
Tianxin sits on Gao Jian, releasing the knowledge of gods. God knows too much, only to see floating glittering and floating islands, but not a planet. Between the floating island and the floating island is a vast dark void.
"It seems that the influence of this little clear sky should be determined by the size of floating islands or the size of floating islands."
Tianxin recovered his knowledge of gods, reduced Lan Bing Dragon’s income to nine days of Hualien, and then caught up with and crept behind the oriental guests who returned to a floating island group in Shaoqing.
Zihua Heaven is a space with eight floating islands, about the size of the solar system. A hall on the central floating island, with the return of twelve purple robe Jin Xian, was in uproar.
"Too deep, you said that there are tens of billions of immortals in the lower bound of all souls. Is it true?" Jade case in the temple, Gao Guanbo asked with the majesty of King Zihua.
"Yes, TianJun. Although their cultivation is not as good as that of the common people and immortals in China, the number is amazing. So twelve people, including the minister, were amazed, and stayed for two days, winning the Kyushu mainland in the east and bringing back the information of the lower bound of all souls for the king. Everything is in it. " Too deep, the purple fairy headed by the lower bound handed over the auxiliary brain.
"What is this?"
"Your Majesty, this is the same thing as the jade pupil slips, but it can contain ten thousand times as much content as the jade pupil slips."
At the same time, what happened in Shaoqing Oriental Zihua Tiantang was also staged in the southern South China Buddhist world, the western Shenhua angel space and the northern giant spirit world, but all the underground people concealed an important situation, that is, they were in the lower world and were once imprisoned.
The level of immortals is divided into early immortals, human immortals, earthly immortals, Jin Xian, Luo celestial immortals, nine celestial immortals, Luo celestial immortals, and mixed yuan Daoguo. The first fairy is equivalent to the Mahayana, but in the early Qing Dynasty, even if anyone does not practice,
After that, it is also the level of the first fairy. In the following six immortals, each immortal is divided into thirteen Qing Heaven, and all the immortals practice the Dan Tao. Therefore, the abilities of each immortal can’t correspond to the levels of cultivating truth, immortal energy, true spirit or gods that are popular outside the Nine Heavens. Generally speaking. The fairy of Sanqingtian is equivalent to the true fairy of Qiyuanjietian; The fairy in the sky enters the true spiritual realm; He Luo Tian Xian is equivalent to the realm of the gods. Dan Dao emphasizes mystery, illusion, center of gravity, weapon, Dan and medicine, and the classification of levels does not have the material taste of fairy energy, true spirit and gods. Sanqing Heaven and Earth Immortals generally reach the level of Immortals, so they can travel in the Three Realms. As for the ability within the level, except that the fighting immortals can be strictly divided, the rest is hard to say. A first-order Jin Xian who is good at illusion can definitely play with a tenth-order Jin Xian who is heavy on Dan, of course. There is nothing he can do to go to the next level. Therefore, every clear day, hidden dragon crouching tiger, maybe when it offended the senior fairy. Be burned to eighteen levels of hell.