"You have to ask the friends of the crack ground if they are willing to let you and me try." A burst of smiles appealed to the female exerciser, and she turned around and threw a few winks at Wang Guang.


With all this frolicking, the heavy atmosphere suddenly disappeared. Crack tunnel people don’t put the words just now in mind, let the people wake up all the other practitioners, and then lead them to a huge manor.
They found tables, chairs and benches in the open-air garden and took their seats in turn. Wang Guang secretly counted the practitioners who came over, and now only a hundred people are gathered here. Others don’t know whether they died in the battle or were killed by the disaster of dark clouds. Recalling that there were more than a thousand people when I left Zongmen with the crack tunnel people, now there are only this few people left, and I suddenly feel sad.
"I don’t know which day, being poor has also become nothingness. In the past, I crossed the same door and left myself behind." Wang Guang is secretly sad here.
"Dear friends, the Tianyu dynasty belongs to us, and so do the dynasties of Daqi, Beiluo, Rifeng and Huangshi." The Taoist stood up and said with a heavy voice, "Although we paid a great price to gain the control of these five dynasties, we must have an estimate in our hearts about the future harvest. We don’t say any nonsense. As long as all the materials in these five dynasties are available to all Taoist friends here, we don’t have to fight with others for a small piece of gold essence, as we did in Zongmen."
After all, not many practitioners, including Wang Guang, were excited, but each bowed his head and thought about his own worries.
Crack tunnel people don’t care, he simply said that he intends to unify the five dynasties and establish a new dynasty. All the people present here can be called imperial sacrifices, and they can enjoy endless privileges without paying anything.
After muttering for a while, the crowd dispersed. Wang Guang wanted to go up and ask the Cracker about whether there would be any more dark clouds. It can be seen that the Cracker talked with a famous practitioner in a low voice, and he didn’t have time to pay attention to him, so he turned away helplessly. "Ask him another day!" Wang Guang comforted himself like this.
In the following dozens of days, this fellow randomly chose a manor as his foothold, and carried mana in the manor all day long, dredging the meridians and acupoints in the two arms. After dozens of days of kung fu, he finally refined the meridians in the two arms to his satisfaction.
However, after dozens of days of non-stop handling practice, this fellow’s current practice adds less mana each time than before, and with the passage of time, the added mana is less and less. After dozens of days, the mana he increased when he carried the five-layer method was only two-thirds of that before the dark clouds overwhelmed him.
Fortunately, at this time, the effect of the practice was no longer weakened, so he was secretly relieved. Hesitant and worried that there was something wrong with his practice or body, he asked dozens of practitioners for comparison.
After some inquiries, the effect of all his practitioners’ methods has been weakened, some by half, some by two-thirds, and only one-third like him, only a few people.
"Very upset!" Lying in a rocking chair, a woman peeled grapes and stuffed them into his mouth behind him, and another woman squatted aside to massage his legs. There is also a beautiful dance of Geji shaking and twisting in front. There is a place where you want to drink wine. When the child crossed the entrance, he wanted to eat delicious food, so his own woman put it to his mouth.
This scene should not be distressed, but Wang Guang remembered that his magic weapon had been destroyed and now he needed to refine it again, so he was so distressed. Because he heard from other practitioners that someone tried to re-refine the magic weapon before, wasting a huge amount of materials for the time being, and repeated it dozens of times, but never succeeded.
When Wang Guang was even more upset, the practitioner’s talent for refining magic weapons was very strong at first, and he could refine magic weapons that others could not refine, and he did it all at once. But now, he wants to forge the simplest and most effective magic weapon, and he has failed dozens of times in a row.
"I don’t know if being original can refine the gourd." Wang Guang narrowed his eyes and remembered the strength of the vile gourd, which made him feel hot.
That baby can not only absorb negative emotions such as resentment, suffocation, etc., but also extract more pure negative emotions with the help of his soul, which makes him very happy. It’s just a pity that the magic weapon was destroyed, and it’s not good to refine it if you can’t find a suitable gourd for a while.

Chapter eighty-one Dark born discontent dynasty treasure house
It turns out that the most basic material for refining the filthy gourd is the Millennium gourd. Without the Millennium gourd, even if his means are exquisite, he can’t refine a magic weapon.
Since the dirty gourd can’t be refined, this fellow will put his mind on the red copper sand again. But this time, he doesn’t intend to use simple copper ingots to refine as before, but intends to use this newly established dynasty to collect better materials and refine better quality red copper sand.
"Infinite Buddha!" With a plan, this fellow immediately called the servants in the manor. This servant was arranged for him by a stranger. If you need anything, tell him directly that as long as there is something in this new empire, the ordinary people will definitely find someone to deliver it.
After ordering the servants to deliver some copper ingots for themselves, this fellow drove away the women who served around him, and then took out eighteen iron flags to arrange the array.
This array is still the array that absorbs the gold gas of Xigeng. After arranging the array, Wang Guang ordered his servants to throw all the copper ingots into the flag array after they were shipped.
That servant is a servant of a big family, and he knows how to do many things. Although I was afraid of the flag array in front of me, I forced myself to calm down and promised, so as not to be swallowed up by these moody practitioners.
After preparing the preliminary means of refining red copper sand, Wang Guang intends to find cracks in the palace treasure house and borrow some treasures from ordinary people. But before he got up, a gas practitioner suddenly found him.
"Wang Daoyou this is to go there? Do you have time to wait for the party with me? " The Taoist priest is short in stature, although his head is white and his body is bent, but his face is delicate and smooth, and he doesn’t see any wrinkles. He looks like a little doll of seven or eight years old.
"Infinite Buddha! It turned out to be a Taoist priest. " Wang Guang knew this man, so it was hard for him to leave. He shook his hand and whispered, "I don’t know what my friend is looking for me? If you just eat and have fun, I’ll go there later. If there are other important things, I’ll go with you now. "
Road flyover Wang Guang, a clever boy, has been visited several times. Every time, Wang Guang would have gone to eat and drink at other times. But today, he has a dispute and other important things to do, so he doesn’t want to delay his time to eat and drink.
The road flyover Ling Tong also knows that Wang Guang has a bad temper. It seems that he is not anxious to talk now, but he can’t say that he will turn his face and deny people with the next breath. The last time in the banquet room, I quarreled with a practitioner. If it wasn’t suppressed by all, the two would have copied the guy and started working. The cause of the incident was that the practitioner despised Wang Guang with the help of Geji argot during the dinner.
"Wang Daoyou, there are some things to discuss at the party today, but the specific time for discussion will wait until evening. I hope Daoyou can get there in time at night." The road flyover Ling Tong said these words in a crisp voice. "I have to inform others, so I won’t bother."
"hmm!" Wang Guang nodded and said, "Don’t worry, Taoist friends. Being original will definitely pass later." Speaking of it, he is still very polite to this Taoist Ling Tong, because every time he meets, this person personally comes to inform him, unlike those practitioners who used to simply light incense to inform him.
After seeing off the Taoist Lingtong, Wang Guang made a surprise and flew to the backyard of the palace, where there was a treasure house guarded by the Taoist Cleaver. This time he used to choose something from it.
"I don’t know what Taoist Ling Tong said, but it has something to do with this imperial treasure?" Thinking at random, Wang Guangmeng remembered the treasure of the dynasty.
Originally, according to the tunnel people, as long as there is something in the whole dynasty, everyone can take it at will. But when a group of practitioners gathered all the treasures of the five dynasties together and prepared to get what they needed, contradictions arose.
You should know that everything that can be sent to the royal treasure house has been carefully selected and accumulated by various dynasties for thousands of years, and any one of them is extremely precious. Every grain of materials such as black dust sand is very precious to Wang Guang and others who walk alone, but the black dust sand stored in this treasure house is more than a foot high.
Some practitioners want to take away all the dusty sand at once, while others need dusty sand to refine magic weapons. At that time, no one will stop, which leads to a quarrel.
And more importantly, some practitioners didn’t need such materials, but when they saw that the materials were extremely precious, they became greedy and wanted to stuff all kinds of precious materials into their pockets.
Sometimes two practitioners or even more practitioners look at this material at the same time and want to get it into their own pockets, so the dispute begins, and later, they fight with each other. There is even a practitioner who almost lost his life.
Seeing this kind of situation, how dare strangers let everyone freely choose the materials? Therefore, a series of rules were quickly formulated, and confidants were sent to guard the treasure house. Only when the conditions are met can we enter the treasure house and take away the items. Moreover, the crack tunnel people have graded all kinds of valuable materials. The more good materials are needed, the more requirements there are for practitioners.
It is precisely because of this change that many practitioners think that the Neanderthals don’t keep their word. We should know that the remaining hundreds of practitioners are not all controlled by Neanderthals, and many of them owe their kindness to Neanderthals, so they help him to go out of the mountain to seize the earthly territory. Moreover, there are also some practitioners who fall behind when fighting with others, or they will live in the door or go to other places to find help. And these helpers don’t pay much attention to the crack tunnel people.