The immortal voice of Nirvana in Qingning is gone. Leaving the male fairies looking at each other. After a long time, Yan Ling said, "I’ll take a walk, too." A few nirvana immortals are scattered.


I should say. A few nirvana immortals have bad luck. Several ancient wars have strained the nerves of all the ascending people. Because there is no mixed fairy to rescue the spiritual fantasy space, the ascending people are all hostile to the "foreign fairy". If a few Nirvana Immortals arrive before the beast becomes frightened, with their nirvana cultivation, with a little demonstration and promise, they can definitely take away a large number of soaring people with active minds. Now it is difficult. The living environment of the fantasy space is many times better than that of a few ancient years ago. Nine women have successfully built the central land belt of the fantasy space into an iron bucket with seven parts of the three-part system of Huazhong.
In the face of everything in the fantasy space, the first female fairy in Qingning was surprised. In addition to a few areas marked confidential, you can’t trespass and observe the truth and falsehood, and the remaining 99% areas can look around if you have the ability. This is unimaginable for Nirvana Immortals, whose mysterious sky is not allowed for outsiders to enter at all. Of course, no outsider dares to enter the realm of other nirvana immortals.
Compared with the bold Nirvana Fairy in Qingning, the Nirvana Fairy in Meteor Spirit is much more cautious. He lingers outside the spiritual fantasy space for a long time, only when he sees that the female fairy in Qingning has nothing to do, does this fellow break in.
"The two little guys are bold." Nirvana fairy in Jiuwan disdains tunnel. In his view, it is dangerous to break into the fantasy space. Spirit magic space has proved to be a part of Li Yu. Although there are no signs of rejecting Xuantianyu in this space at present, who can guarantee that once an accident happens, the two daredevils will not die?
Qing Ning’s fairy giggled. "A few predecessors, this is not rash. Those who mix Yuan Xian are not saying that they will be fine if they enter this magical space, as long as they don’t make any mistakes. Old guys. Everything is fine, except the spirit of eating crabs! It’ s still the younger brother of the fallen spirit, but this younger brother is timid when he is timid, and he is bold when he is bold, giggling, and it’ s hard to see a good show. "
The guess of the goddess of Qing Ning is right.
It’s a good play for a fallen immortal to enter the fantasy space. He’s not so clear.
When you step into the fantasy space, your body knowledge keeps flashing, and the scene slows down by a thousand thieves. The goddess of Qingning is floating and moving to the central land. That graceful posture; Meteor spirit is constantly stopping on the road, and it doesn’t smell like a thief until it reaches the central land.
The beautiful central land belt, because of the previous beast attacks, the Beastmaster beast has been blocked from the door, so the central land belt, especially the Fiona Fang belt, which is ten billion light-years away from the center, has not suffered any damage. After several years of operation, the central land belt in the shape of a great plain is beautiful, and all the scenery has rich cultural connotations, all of which reflect the creativity and wisdom of the three-system soaring people.

This is a home!
The more you visit, the more surprised you are. The meteor spirit hugs Yu Nanxian, and the more you stroll around, the more boring it becomes. Imagine the unimaginable lively beauty and be there. I realized that I had never had such a time, and I couldn’t find such a prosperous place in my own Xuantianyu. Strange and magnificent resorts may exist, but there have never been so many wonderful people.
Compared with Qing Ning’s feeling of the atmosphere, the fallen fairy is to evaluate the fighting power of the spiritual fantasy space. The practitioners who have explored the chaotic habitat of 12 billion yuan are not strong, but their foreheads have all the characteristics of soldiers, and they are high-spirited and intellectual, which is a little different from the practitioners he remembers, even the mixed fairy in the chaotic upper bound.
"Oh, my god. These low-ranking immortals, even if the deity owns only one tenth, will practice a hundred times faster. "
Learn more about it.
The beautiful red lips turned into an "O" shape when the goddess Yongyu in Qingning learned that the central land zone of the spiritual fantasy space was dominated by nine female immortals who had cultivated vagueness.
The fallen spirit holds Yu Nanxian, but it is suspicious. The story of nine female immortals was told by the mixed immortals, but the mixed immortals were sure. The master of the fantasy space is an unbounded male fairy who can go to the upper bound of chaos.
"Isn’t it a retreat?"
Meteor spirit holds Yu Nanxian to relax. The master is closed to the outside world, so he can relax. The ability of the nine fairies and the fighting power of the central land-based army can’t help him.
After a while.
Qing Ning Yong Yu female fairy and Yan Ling Yong Yu male fairy began to explore together. Why explore? What is the risk? It turned out that two Nirvana immortals stayed in the central land of the spiritual illusion for a long time and both found a different thing. They found that the magical space was surprisingly excellent. After careful examination, the two immortals were sure to have treasures. Otherwise, the magical space would have so much spiritual atmosphere.
The sense of smell of the two immortals is undoubtedly sensitive. If it weren’t for the spiritual life of Dayan World Group in Zitie Kaitian Sword, which provided the spiritual space with spiritual interest rich in stars, the spiritual space would not have become a "fairyland" in Liyu mainland in a few years.
The two immortals didn’t know that there was a purple iron sword in the spiritual fantasy space, and they didn’t know that the spiritual breath they sensed was not pure, but the breath filtered by the purple iron sword body, just thought it would produce softness and tenacity.
Originally, with the cultivation of two immortals, we should be able to observe that the so-called spiritual breath is actually the interest of Gankun Xingyuan. However, because the purple iron opens the heavenly sword and refines itself, it absorbs the external yin and yang to support the sword body, strengthen the sword body and bind the sword core. As a result, the Dayan world group, which condensed into the core of the sword, rebounded, releasing the power of the spiritual world to reverse the sword body and expand the territory. With the overlapping of internal and external affairs, and the sword spirit of HarmonyOS at the hilt interspersed among them, the heavenly heart is regularly repaired externally, so not only the chaotic components entering the sword core are complex, but also the spiritual components escaping from the sword body are complex.
Because of many factors, Qing Ning and Yan Ling hold the female fairy and male fairy, they think that the fantasy space has a very exciting innate treasure. So they became explorers.
As everyone knows, this misspelled move makes them close to the truth of the fantasy space.
This risk is naturally not for them to explore. Tianxin counted several gods to strike at Zitie to open the heavenly sword body, arranged the force field of the gods, and washed the sword with the mysterious baby.
As soon as the mysterious brilliance of the divine baby forming the force field appeared, Qing Ning embraced the female fairy and the meteorite spirit embraced the male fairy. Guanghua xian, lingyu xian. "Don’t force yu really have a master. It’s just that Guanghua is so strange! " The two immortals were indecisive and thought it was a warning. Qing Ning Fairy immediately turned her mind and decided to play the fantasy space. When the fallen male fairy is indecisive, he pays more attention to the power of the spiritual space.
Different angles, the final results will of course be very different.
Qingning Fairy played the fantasy space, but basically got a three-system truth about the fantasy space outside the military. The fallen spirit fairy pays attention to strength, and after a few flicks, the conclusion is that the strength of the spirit magic space is just average except that the unseen spirit magic master doesn’t know the truth or falsehood. As long as the spirit magic space is breached, the yogi in the spirit magic space will be on the board.
Sixty interstellar years have gone by in a flash.
The female fairy in Qing Dynasty and the male fairy in the fallen spirit resigned from the space of spiritual illusion one after another.
"How about it?" Several other Nirvana immortals who have not entered the fantasy space asked urgently.
"Not easy to provoke, it caused a lot of trouble." The goddess Yong Yu in Qingning handed out the clips of her travels. "However, this space is very free, and practitioners are very active and adventurous. If we follow their rules and build a guild in the space to give some sweetness, we can’t let some practitioners follow us before."
"When did Sister Qing Ning lose her temper!" Meteor spirit male fairy smell speech sneer at a way. "The yogi lawlessness, no respect, no low, all can kill. To be slaves, they have to grind away their wildness. "
"Well … it’s a little wild." For a little thing in the spiritual fantasy space, the inferior who suffers dares to offend the superior, the low-cultivated dare to challenge the high-cultivated, and the Qingning fairy hates it.
"Don’t you …" The highest-looking Gu Lou Nirvana Fairy laughed.
"Little sister made some quarrels and lost some materials." Qing Ning Fairy blushed.
"What about you, little meteorite?" Nine bay nirvana fairy strange smile turned to the meteorite spirit.
"This deity … this deity severely beat those guys who offended this deity."
"Really?" The five Nirvana immortals who didn’t enter the fantasy space burst out laughing. "Little meteorite, it’s true that you are in the limelight, but it seems that you were kicked out of the fantasy space by someone else."
"I was just about to tell several predecessors that the law of spiritual fantasy space is too scattered and too rigid, and I think it is profitable." Dead spirit nirvana fairy primly.
"This matter still needs to be discussed, and we will decide after reading your information!" The five Nirvana Immortals looked at each other in unison.
"That good, several predecessors hurry up. This magical space, in any case, must be taught by the deity, and they must know how to fear the gods. " The face of the fallen spirit nirvana fairy was full of anger and disappeared for a moment.

Chapter six hundred and forty-nine Let’s play (on)
After Yun Xian left, several old immortals reviewed the magical space left by him and Qing Ning Fairy several times, all of them frowned.
"This piece of fat is bad to chew! Disorder spirit magic space is no problem, but to occupy the spirit magic space … "The most arrogant Nirvana fairy in Jiuwan began to scratch his head.
"Let the meteorite spirit make. This magical space, like eating pulp, must be peeled first. Only when you go to the shell of the fantasy space can you enjoy the things in the center. " The shortest of several old fairies, the old fairy, smoothed her beard, and there was a slightly cold and excited light in her eyes.