"get out!"


Liu Yu’s fierce fighting spirit covered his body with black blood, but he was unable to hide the abundant deity as jade. This roar contained the word "moo" in the mantra given by the then Gaozeng Buddha to Buddhism!
This word far exceeds the roar of lions, which not only makes its own momentum rise to the peak, but also shocks the enemy’s fighting spirit and makes the other side decline again
Sure enough, these black dragons were shocked and fled in panic, and they dared not obstruct this terrible Terran maniac again.
"The suppression of order here is very serious."
Liu Yu raised his fist slightly and looked at the flickering golden aperture of his wrists. This is the shackles of order. At this point, he not only frowned even more, but even the Asian armor could not completely avoid the interference of these order forces.
"Hum! !”
A dark red aperture suddenly rose behind his brain spoon.
"This is this …" Liu Yu suddenly remembered that these apertures have entered the field of this heavenly punishment. This phenomenon is not harmful, but can fully demonstrate how many Jedi life and death you have experienced.
Previously, the golden ring of the peacock god king was just bright gold, but the semi-saint of the Western King was dark black, which could achieve this color, even cutting off several powerful creatures.
So just now, I have cut off dozens of restrictions to get close to the black dragon in the realm of God, so my circle has become so horrible?
"No matter what, go find Zheng Mo first."
Liu Yu tightened her fist, and then she was ready to go to the square, but the queen suddenly appeared in the abyss, and her body was stained with a lot of black blood, especially her thin body was damaged.
She was holding a laser pike and smoking at the muzzle, but her leg was missing and the fracture was hissing and sparking.
Liu Yu was slightly surprised and then rushed over. "What’s the matter with you?"
"Captain, if you had just come later, I might have been swallowed by these big guys. It doesn’t matter that this body has just been torn off in the escape."
The queen said.
"You came as soon as you came?" Liu Yu didn’t understand that when he went to look for the post-Nine generation, he asked Ya to look around for the form.
"I’ve searched a lot of places, but only when I’m near here can I get a signal."
Liu Yu’s shocked eyes were slightly ecstatic. "What’s the most likely shape?"
The queen said coldly, "Captain, don’t be too happy. There are still many horrible creatures in this abyss. These black dragons are just the lowest order. If you continue to go, you will encounter more difficult spirit-eating insects."
When she finished speaking, she pulled out toward her waist, and then pulled out with a jerk. Even some roads were pulled out by her, but in her hand, she was holding a thumb-sized worm with a bright golden light.
Liu Yu doesn’t know anything about this creature, but listening to Ya’s tone should not be a simple role.
"You’re right, it’s this kind of worm. They have no fighting capacity, or their surfaces are as hard as steel. You can crush it with fifty percent of your strength," the Queen explained, and then looked at Liu Yu.
50% strength?
What kind of concept is this? It’s never worth him to move 50%, but this little bug can force him to move so much.
"But this disease is not the biggest event of the spirit-eating worm. As the name suggests, this worm can flee to the monk’s body at a very fast speed and go deep into the spiritual sea to absorb the monk’s deep aura in the shortest time."
Liu Yu looked indifferent. "One or two doesn’t matter, but if you meet a group …"
The queen went on to say, "It’s not bad that the semi-saint will die suddenly on the spot even if he meets an array with hundreds of devouring insects."
Chapter 771 Mysterious spirit restores the truth of cliff remains (2 more)
"It seems that I can’t go rashly. If I hit a group of people with bad luck, even I can’t escape."
Liu Yusi looked at Queen Ya again and asked, "So what happened to you this time?"
"Yes, if a group of me is now a pile of scrap metal," Queen Ya sent this spirit-eating worm to Liu Yu "to feel if it can be easily crushed."
Liu Yu hesitated, but still reached over. After all, a bug could make him move 50% of his strength, which is not only incredible, but also unacceptable.
As a steel was pinched, sonic boom came to Liu Yu’s hand to bite the spirit worm into a pile of golden sand.
"It really takes five layers of force to work."
His eyes are gloomy. After this trip to the abyss, he will be ten dead and nine alive. Not to mention the dragons he just met, even the bugs are very likely to let him die.
"The energy response is just right and the energy signal is gradually weakening."
Leah said that even at the moment her tone became as cold as ice.
The main program of the pre-installed Yas has added some advanced configurations, so that it has a chance to upgrade the evolution of Yadea. In other words, it is a smart program that is beyond intelligence.
She can not only decompose worldly desires, but also achieve the logic that advanced intelligent groups can’t think. What can be said is simply a superb technological product.
Although she disappeared from the ancient temple, she will be able to make a self-protection and make the greatest loss so that she will not be destroyed
"Did you find? The forced landing route of this abyss warship is far away, but you can receive the signal here. What does this say? "
Liu Yu thinks that it is not rash or full to solve the problem now.
There is a powerful demon on this side. If one step is wrong, it will be beyond redemption.
"There are a lot of things that are difficult to judge, but the only thing I can be sure of is that it is definitely not what it is." Ya also looked solemn
Liu Yu noticed her expression, and she was slightly amazed that the queen of Asia was indeed a sub-upgrade. If she really analyzed the artificial intelligence, then she is definitely a super human now!
"What do you mean?"