After two months in a hurry, Li Yu’s daily practice of enlightenment, even the hidden mind, has become a big day. Since then, there have been rosefinches flying in the south, and the jade is bright and clean.


He has a vague understanding that God has spiritual ways and forms his own Taoist temple. The Holy Spirit is based on the incarnation of the two. It is stronger than the gods cultivated by ordinary Taoist monks, and its strength is not necessarily too much weaker than its own body.
Two engravings from the understanding of the Ten Wonders, Sun Moon Ridge, made Suzaku Qinglong more agile and lingering in the Tao’s throughput law, and the fragments were like the true holy spirit.
Sometimes, such a vision will manifest itself as two holy spirits from the outside world, and one side of each town will dance like a dragon, a sparrow, a thunder and a fire, and the wood flame will rush to the sky like a hibiscus.
"Hell, Taoist temples are all practicing magic keys, and they can always replace death. How can this guy make a difference? Why not use Taoist temples as fertile soil to raise a five-sided holy spirit?"
Duan De indecision is uncertain, and Li Yu’s vision of practice is too mysterious to make him curious.
He is not without doubt that there are engravings of Riyueling Mountain, but he wants to do it with only two engravings. There must be some secrets without exaggeration.
Li Yu is still sitting in the former site of Cai nationality, realizing the heaven and the earth, and there is a situation that other people breed this mountain and river with similar terrain but different terrain, but they can be linked and embedded in this nature.
Finally, another late night arrival, dark clouds rolling, opaque, soon thunder and lightning pouring down.
On this night, Li Yu once again heard the old sound as if it were ringing in his ears.
"Fa Fa Yuan Fa is not; Quiet words are silent, and dreams have been said in dreams; Work in the middle; If you are ripe, natural red Mo Wen is like planting. "
Free and easy natural language mixed thunder seems to reflect the style of the year when the power of heaven and earth is manifested independently
For a moment, this ancient geomantic terrain changed greatly, like going back to the heyday of that year, when the source technique was comparable to that of Long Mai Suogankun.
"At that time, the terrain was the natural feng shui terrain of Daoyun division. The teacher has never lost and has always been in the terrain!"
Boom! A touch of thunder suddenly lit a light in Li Yu’s heart.
He realized that the succession of artistic conception was never cut off, but continued in the terrain.
It takes experience and practice.
Tao nourishes heaven and earth and people return to nature.
Understanding the road to division depends on people raising their own potential and accumulating geomantic topography.
There is a saying that reading thousands of volumes on Wan Li Road; Then this pulse is the trend of Wan Li Road.
People have their own strengths in different ways, which is another way to raise people with potential!
Fengshui nourishes the terrain, the general trend and the people.
Chapter ninety-four Zumai Seekers
"Come is trace to trace to come together; You must ask more about the floating life. This floating life is a dream. "
It’s raining, thunder and lightning, but there is such a sound at the old address of Cai nationality, which seems to be emotional and can almost reproduce the grand scenery here in those days. The whole feng shui terrain is different.
Li Yu immersed himself in the Taoist sound that the terrain has its own natural tendency to add to the body, which means that the general trend of heaven and earth adds to the body and is unfavorable
His mysterious eyes are full of feng shui potential of the former site of Cai nationality, which is the third generation source of ancient ancestors in the past years. It is a transcendent means to cut off the sky and raise people’s spirits.
"This time, we can’t miss the Taoist source technique, so we can’t believe that we can’t leave this special feng shui terrain."
Aside Duan De eyes flashing directly took out a ready array pattern flag.
He wants to take advantage of this short time to enlarge this feng shui terrain change to make it clearer and more intense, but to retain the teacher’s experience from the middle.
Sniff! In an instant, a hundred banners were flying and inserted into the ancient land, which coincided with the highest day of the earth, which directly aggravated the feng shui changes here.
"Small this time but you take advantage of the way ye can’t help but repay."
Duan De took one look at Li Yu’s slightly distressed immersion epiphany, and then directly prompted a large array of growth to aggravate the terrain change and rushed out along the vein of that sound.
In an instant, the whole ancient land was rocked like a yellow bell and a big road, and the earth was as rough as Wang Yang, and the earth and stone fluctuated like a tsunami.
This dramatic terrain change did not interrupt the lingering charm of the Taoist sound, but made it clearer and more vast, and the area outside the address was also affected.
"Terrain changes have intensified, and the terrain trend has also reappeared."
Li Yu felt the change, which had gradually captured the brand clearly. Lieutenant General Xuan Tong turned his division into another division to advance the grain together.
The trend of self-nourishment has also changed, and it has undergone the tempering of the ancient terrain of Cai nationality. There are traces left by the third generation of source Tianshi, and the rhyme is a precious essence for this Taoist.
Moments later, the terrain changed, the majestic essence reappeared, and it was squeezed out from the ancestral vein of the ground fault, and the waves rushed to the sky and wrapped the three of them.
Li Yu seized this opportunity to swallow the essence and integrate it into the lung, the liver and the mind. He is about to set foot on the third place in Daogong.
In a short time, the air rushed to the sky, and the gold essence clanged. His chest was covered with a piece of metal divine light, and the fairies in the hidden gods hung high around the air sea like waterfalls.
The five elements stored in the lung are golden, and the five internal organs are long and the heart is covered.
At the moment, after the introduction of spiritual practice, the sharp breath is ringing like Wan Jian’s unison.
Li Yu’s body is shining, and the golden awn is mixed with silvery white light, and it is like a sharp sword to cut the sky and force people to stop.
This kind of change makes his strength greatly improved. When he opens his mouth and exhales, he will have the Geng Jin gas in his lungs and turn it into a small sword whistling out and chopping the ruins of the temple.
At the same time, the terrain changes and the wave area is also greatly changed, and there is a violent roar from the front.
Bang! It’s like a mountain and river has been shattered, and it vibrates continuously, where there are more sand and stones splashing and strange whirlwinds whistling.