The gold chain was thrown at a strange angle, and the plank brick wrapped around one end of the chain hit the sword of Dugu Bingyu hard.
Dugu Bingyu’s body staggered and almost fell from mid-air. Although he can display the "sword tactic of destroying words" in Dugu’s sword tactic, it can’t be compared with the power caused by the elders of Dugu’s family.
The dragon robe on Kirin’s body was hunting, and a light flew out of him, turning it into a full-bodied red broadsword. A winding dragon was wrapped around the hilt of the broadsword, rolling and blazing.
Accompanied by a loud whistling of Kirin, the fire cloud transpired in the forest below, and the unicorn beast in the form of a puppy beside Kirin rose into the sky, transformed into a hill.
Kirin son across * sitting on the unicorn beast, to kill to zhuge is not bright, in the hands of the dragon sword cut down, hot breath swept through, burning red in the sky.
The gold chain flashed, the plank brick was whipped on the broadsword, and Kirin chopped out a long flame dragon, with its head held high and its tail wagged, and swooped down.
At the same time, Dugu Bingyu, Dugu Crane and several young masters surrounded him, and all kinds of spells Guanghua and magic weapons flooded towards Zhuge.
Zhuge Liang once again talked about moving the gold chain, and the golden light rioted, forming a golden hurricane around Zhuge Liang. All the incoming spells and magic weapons are broken. Zhuge didn’t shine, so he rushed to the side of several young masters.
Bricks are raised and fall heavily.
It seems that Wan Jun’s mountain fell, turning the young master into a paste on the spot.
"Back off!"
Du Guhe shouted, calling on everyone to stay away from Zhuge Liang, and he himself withdrew hundreds of meters away. With a wave of his long sword, thousands of swords fell on the sky.
But all the attacks can’t stop Zhuge’s footsteps. He was shrouded in moonlight, accompanied by two purple moons, and once again rushed to the side of a young master. The gold chain stirred and the golden light shattered his body.
In less than a few breaths, several young masters fell. Those who can get the order of gathering immortals to enter the secret realm are not idle people, elites from all major factions, scattered practitioners and some overseas practitioners. They are all people who tremble when they stamp their feet, but now they are only tortured in front of Zhuge Liang.
Kirin son holding a broadsword, hip * unicorn beast, hot knife mans with rolling heat wave.
"You can’t walk out of the secret today." Kirin sneer at a way.
"Are you? You can stop me! ?” Zhuge gave a long drink before dawn, and threw out the gold chain again, and the plank brick hit the head of the unicorn beast.
"roar! !” Kirin beast eats pain and growls at the sky.
The gold chain "howled", and the plank brick hit the unicorn beast’s head hard, and the two unicorns on the unicorn beast’s head were broken by the plank brick. At that time, the unicorn beast was dizzy with bricks, carrying Kirin’s wobbly bump in the air, and almost fell into the void.
"die!" Kirin roared, and the broadsword turned into a dragon and swooped down.
Zhuge leaned out his big palm before dawn, covered the sky with his palm, held the dragon sword in his hand, and then threw it at a young master.
"ah!" The young master’s face changed, offering a shield to stand in front of him. However, Zhuge’s fire dragon broadsword was very penetrating, and the shield was broken like glass, which directly penetrated the young master’s chest.
"You" Kirin’s face was livid, and he tried his best to control the unicorn beast that sat down, but the unicorn beast was dizzy at the moment, unable to tell the difference between southeast and northwest, and even knocked a practitioner out.
"It’s you!" Zhuge smiled before dawn, and the golden chain wrapped around the hind legs of the unicorn beast and threw it out. Kirin got such a fright that she jumped down from the unicorn beast.
Zhuge rushed at him before he lit up, raised the plank brick and took a head-on photo.
Kirin’s son was enveloped by the purple whirlpool, and Zhenyuan was instantly bound, but even so, he still offered a colorful flying stone and stood in front of himself.
The plank brick fell heavily, and the five-color flying stone was broken. Kirin spit out one mouthful blood and flew out, knocking over a mountain peak. The rubble splashed and buried him.
All actions are born between crackles, and at this time, Dugu Bingyu and Dugu Crane cut out two swords and rainbows, tearing the sky. Two swords and rainbows came from the left and right, and all the vanity around Zhuge Liang was soaked out.
Zhuge didn’t move very bright, and the extra bonus brought by the boots at his feet made him look like thunder, and he passed through the soaked void and came to the Dugu Crane.
This kind of pole, DuGuHe couldn’t escape, he was surprised and quickly retreated.
But it was still too late, and Zhuge’s dim bricks had already greeted him. "poof!" With a loud bang, one arm of DuGuHe was smashed into a paste by a brick, but DuGuHe still escaped the fatal blow.
"ah! !” Shrieks echoed in the sky, and the solitary crane turned pale, covered in blood, and quickly retreated.
I lost my arm, but I finally saved my life. It is not difficult to rebuild an arm again with the help of some elixirs.
The people watching in the distance were frightened, and a dozen young masters, plus three stunning figures, were all defeated by Zhuge Liang.
"What is this kid’s identity and why he is so powerful?"
"Kirin, Dugu Crane and Dugu Bingyu can’t do anything about him. I’m afraid only those senior deified people can stop him."
"I think he only relies on the purple moon suit, the black iron of Jiuyou and that weird chain to be so powerful."
"Yes, these rare treasures can exert extraordinary effects no matter who they reach."
Dugu ice rain caught Dugu crane with a broken arm, and looked pale at Zhuge Liang. To be honest, she felt fear in her heart, not only because Zhuge Liang didn’t light up a few different treasures, but also his own strength, which should be above them.
Zhuge not bright coldly scanned the crowd, and then turned around and flew towards the exit of Tianchi shakotan coast. Those young masters quickly backed away and dared not stop him. Everyone knows that being close to Zhuge is only a dead end.
"He’s getting away!" They were surprised.
"Why hasn’t the doyen of the deification period come yet?"
But at this moment, a sound of surprises came, and a golden square painting halberd came and went straight to Zhuge’s unlit head.
Zhuge Liang’s eyebrows were wrinkled, and the plank brick was patted on the painted halberd of Fang Tian, and it bounced out, but the great strength from the painted halberd of Fang Tian also made Zhuge Liang’s arm slightly numb.