Most people don’t know, but they are the ancient city of Tianyun guarding the Babel Tower and so on, and they are all for them to protect them. Of course they know.


in fact
You have to go through the world passage before you can go on.
When the Tower of Babel was first built, there were four passages on the fourth floor, and the only passage in the world was God’s painstaking efforts to leave guidance to help later.
Meng Fei walks in the corridor, and the walls on both sides of the corridor are sealed with a large number of light clusters and gold night beads.
Where is the world guide? Meng Fei searched carefully. Suddenly, his pupil shrank and stared at the light clusters next to him. He was shocked to find that the seemingly simple light clusters turned out to be a complex pattern, and these light clusters were various and numerous.
These light clusters are all real worlds.
When Meng Fei looked at his heart, he set off huge waves.
Other practitioners may not know, but how can he not know that he has studied many world structures by using the secret method of blood ghost to make his world break through the limit and make it a little perfect
This is a perfect world with the most detailed structure. Meng Fei was shocked.
Take a look at Meng Fei and remember it quickly.
I can’t remember it no matter how much I don’t understand it, but Meng Fei made achievements in this respect. When Meng Fei created the Five Elements World, he learned from Xueming that the ultimate of the Five Elements World would be the universe, which laid a certain foundation for the post-evolution universe when it was created.
However, how can he compare with the owner of this ancient city by means of knowledge?
On the left, Meng Fei turned to the other side to combine hundreds of millions of worlds, many of which are perfect world forms.
It was supposed to be a life world of stone or metal, and this should be a life of plants. Meng Fei, move on.
Go all the way
Several light clusters on both sides of the channel form different worlds, all of which are perfect. I don’t know how much stronger and more perfect it is than the Meng Fei world.
Even some of the worst worlds are hundreds of times more perfect than Meng Fei’s Five Elements World.
It’s incredible. Are all these worlds so detailed that the owners of Tianyun ancient city directly detained from those strong bodies? How many people do you have to kill to get so many perfect world light groups? Meng Fei marvels and keeps moving forward.
In a moment, I came to the end. At the end of the passage, there was a door. The door was a purple light.
Well, Meng Fei smiled at first sight and finally found it. This is the perfect world of flesh-and-blood life. It seems that the perfect world of flesh-and-blood life is very rare, otherwise there wouldn’t be one.
Finger-to-finger knowledge poured into the perfect world, which quickly transformed itself into a perfect five-element world.
Right here, that purple light mass made a loud noise.
The purple light mass instantly emits purple light over Meng Fei.
Meng Fei disappeared into the purple light.
Went in.
In a short time, he understood the meaning of the perfect world.
He must have touched the perfect level in his world and taken the perfect route. This human being is full of ambition. He is not willing to let such a broken world achieve, and the universe has never been shaped. He wants to reach a higher level.
How does he know how to build a perfect world? Not many people can do it even in the astral world.
Other guardians are also shocked and excited.
I wonder how much he can get.
The three guardians are anxiously looking forward to it.
Even they can’t watch the scene deeper in this passage.
The Tower of Babel contains great secrets. Although the three guardians can monitor, they can also monitor some areas, such as some special areas, which are more subtle than the ninth, ninth and tenth floors.
Like the fourth floor, they also explore because they were left by God.
That’s a big secret.
Time oscillation
Deep in the purple light, Meng Fei is now