Media in the interstellar era. Once stirred up, it is as powerful as a hundred legions. In particular, I met Tianhua Wenhua Communication and Star-Holding Media Group, the ancestor of publicity.


There are endless reports about the three countries, Tianxin Group and Zhixin Group, which are like waves of high tide, rushing to the interstellar network, rolling up thousands of piles of snow and smashing thousands of piles of snow. The names of the three countries in China are gradually spreading! Although the three systems are hated by some people, they are liked by the bottom people. With the follow-up of the report, sporadic immigrants appeared in the starry sky.
This massive and long publicity campaign annoyed three people, one was Hai Xinge. One is Vassili, and the other is the Great Emperor. However, they have no good way to deal with the three-system China. Haixinge wants to fight, but the army is still gathering. Based on the strength of the original thunderbolt empire against the gold empire, it is speculated that it is impossible for him to gather in Haixinge to completely overwhelm the troops of the three countries and drive to the original star field of Gangyuan without a hundred or eighty stars. Therefore, it is easier to fight than to talk;
Vasily, the speaker of the Democratic Alliance, can only be angry. Even though there are thousands of troops, there is an imperial star alliance between them. Where can he win the three-system China? Therefore, I can only play with leather and curse Haixinge as a turtle on the Internet. :++He can resist a gold empire, and he can only endure it. If he can’t bear it, his empire will shrink again as soon as the three-system war counterattack system is launched, and it is hard to say that it will affect him. Grand Duke Barker was once so arrogant, but now he is worse than tomorrow’s yellow flowers. I believe that no one will issue an order to attack the three-system China on his behalf, which will lead to death.
Press down the three angry people and their followers, and then talk about entering the heavenly heart of the Huanghe Star Domain in the Principality of Gaia. God’s knowledge has been put out in an instant, and I don’t know how many alarm devices have been knocked over by the Imperial Star Alliance and the Democratic Alliance. To Tianxin’s delight, this is a good place. From here, the colorful star fields that could not be explored originally also appeared in the gods’ knowledge. In this way, the three centers of the three-system China countries are all under his monitoring, even if something happens, he can know in time.
However, Tianxin’s excitement didn’t last long, and his divine knowledge could not only make the alarm equipment ring, but also hide from the strong. In a short time, there are several powerful smells in the knowledge of gods, one of which seems to be knowledge of gods, but it is not, which is very strange.
"This man, I have to meet."

Chapter three hundred and twenty The baby of Eritrea (on)
During the recovery, the heavenly heart fell and fell to the nearest one I had previously detected, dreaming of a baby, waiting for someone to come.
Several strands of breath are instantaneous, just as the mysterious and micro-brilliance of the heavenly mind is pouring out, there have been several strange clothes in the starry sky where he originally stood, and each person radiates strange light with his eyes. At the same time, he looks at each other and launches a search for true spiritual knowledge, which once sensed a super breath.
"Hey, why is it gone?" An old man with a strange face grunted, not believing that someone had slipped away from his nose.
"The pylorus, it seems that this person has left. If such a strongman enters the void, there will be a secret variable in the glass valley cloud, and the Taoist master should prepare for it early! "
"A thousand friends, can’t your Yi Shu measure anything?"
"Its qi is pure yang, its breath is faint, its motion is trembling, its quietness is insensitive, its presence is absent, its volt is not volt, its injury is not far away, its virtual convergence is successful …"
"Master Tao, the sky is on the banks of the Star River, and the secret is very small. I am going to be original."
"A thousand friends …"
The rest of the people looked at each other. The Taoist priest was known as an iron divination god’s mouth, and there was never an "escape person" under his mouth. Now, with only a little breath, he left a divination for the stranger and uninvited person. Although this divination belongs to that person, it provided them with instructive information. It’s just that this visitor has never been masked, and the star field is vast and there are countless planets, and I don’t know at which stage of the divination can we really dig out this person.
"Tao Lord, who is angry with Yang, can’t be dirty; Those who rest a little, their hands and eyes reach the sky; Those who tremble in the sky have unparalleled skills. This is the position and strength of the man calculated by Daqiandao; Quiet and insensitive, less clever; If you are absent, you will be present; Those who don’t lie down are good at hiding; Those who are not far from injury are poor. Lord Tao, we must circle this person before this stage, otherwise, we will achieve enlightenment and success … "
"Come on, this matter needs to be discussed as soon as possible," said the master with a wave of his hand. There was no one in the starry sky.
On the habitable star, the more I listen to the baby field, the more stunned I am. According to the divinatory words of thousands of words, I seem to have great difficulties. This divination is fierce before good luck, and the person who reported it is the guy who he sensed in the starry sky and has a god-like knowledge but not a god-like knowledge. It seems that this starry sky is clearly crouching tiger, hidden dragon, and the strong are prosperous!
Mu sulfur star, the Huangheyu star field belongs to a habitable star in the original star system, and it is also a cornerstone planet of Mu original star city. Tianxin finally chose the place to stay here. Mihara Star City. It’s not too big. There are 68 base planets, and the Star City Fiona Fang is nearly 70 light years away. It is a very old star city. It is also a famous historical star city with thousands of roads and all souls.
The buildings on the sulfur planet are varied, and the ancient atmosphere is extremely rich, which is really rare in the sub-starry sky with the integration of science and technology! It’s only a short visit to this planet, and Tianxin will see ordinary people, practitioners, immortals and even true spiritual practice. There are many kinds of aircraft using light energy in the air and on the ground, but there are also more practitioners who directly use the ontological ability to fly. On the whole, this planet is a kind of true planet. Many buildings are built on the basis of science and technology, but the protection is given to the powerful anti-attack array method.
"Hey, boy, where did you come from!"
Whether it is a starry sky or not. It didn’t happen for a while. Tianxin couldn’t stay in the sulfur star for two hours, and when he was looking at everything around him cheerfully, a voice came into my ears. Looking around, there was a dispute over there.
"Big fence, don’t know me."
A face of juryman smell speech eye dew, "feather boy. Leave the little bitch around you, and I will know you; Otherwise, I will ask my fist to know you. "
"The elder brother of the feather, who is this man? So rude, "the voice sounded like a day.
"Gee. What a wonderful little girl, "another voice cut in." Big fence, tell that boy I’ll take this little girl, and I’ll give you a credit later. "
"Hear the master’s command? Feather boy, thank you for your appreciation. "
The boy who is called a feather boy by the big fellow seems to have become accustomed to this occasion. Since the young master’s voice cut in, he no longer speaks, with a trace of anger and worry in his eyes, and his right hand has quietly held something in his palm.
The scene seems to be frozen.
Holding one’s breath for a few seconds causes more explosion. Juryman didn’t expect feather clock to ignore him, making him lose face in front of the young master, and without saying a word, he strode forward, grabbing the big palm like a cattail leaf fan at the silent teenager. Although the teenager didn’t speak, his hand moved.
"The pearl of rice, also put guanghua. My hands are blurred. "
Juryman Khan seems to know what teenagers can play. When something black is hit in the hands of teenagers, his big hands tremble and become like steel, and the light of the earth is instantly strong, facing the black things straight up. The explosion rang. The teenager is a little weaker. What he played is a unique instrument called Soul Chop, which is a very expensive instrument.
"Stop it," exclaimed the girl around the boy, seeing that something was wrong.
"Golden glass, send a signal quickly," the young feather clock looked calm, but his eyes were mixed with bitter color.
"Brother Yu, let me help you." The girl screamed, and the delicate jade hand hit a goose feather-shaped multiplier, and the flowers flew loosely. The fine needles of thousands of goose feather ships flashed the power of steel drills and stared at the big hands of the juryman.
"A feather seizes the soul. Who are you?" The juryman retreated.
"A feather gate, haha, what is it?" Master Gaga laughed, "amazing …"
"Master, don’t make this enemy," the juryman whispered.
"Pa", the young master slapped the juryman without thinking. "Are you taking the wrong medicine? You advised the young master to stop. A feather gate, hum, if that girl waits for Lao Tzu comfortably, Lao Tzu will let him continue to exist; If you dare to resist, young master, I will destroy him. "
When the young master’s fierce words came out, the noisy street was suddenly quiet.
"Are you …"
"Ten thousand laws are unified, and ten thousand laws are smashed." Master’s voice is overbearing.
Young feather Zhong Wenwen turned pale, "Wan Fazong. You belong to all religions. " People around watching the scene of bustle smelled the juvenile speech, and their faces changed greatly, and their feet were oiled. 、
Wanfazhong, the first overlord of Miyuan Star City, has hundreds of millions of disciples. The principle is that those who follow me live and those who oppose me kill. In addition, the elders in the clan are extremely protective of their disciples, so even the most incompetent guy in the whole clan can pose as a royal child and dominate others.
Therefore, as soon as a few people who are onlookers and want to fight against injustice hear the word "Wan Fazong", they rush to hide. In order to avoid accidents or bring them to your family and clan.