Road flyover Xue Yuan’s strength is too strong to surpass that of most people. Su Ying’s body is comparable to his, but his mana is inferior to that of thousands of miles.


"I didn’t expect you to walk here, but it’s a pity that Excalibur is destined for you!" Road flyover Blood Yuan laughed wildly and came to blink of an eye to narrow the distance by half.
Su Ying’s eyes flashed clean, and her body suddenly expanded and blinked, and her six bodies became several times faster than before. Suddenly, the speed was greatly accelerated. "It is not known who will win the sword!"
With a few breaths, he drove Taoist Qingyang straight to Shenshan’s sword with firm but gentle punishment!
"Little you leave it for me!"
Road flyover Xue Yuan, who came from the entanglement of blood and gas with Su Ying, sneered combatively, "Let’s work out that account first!"
"Count your uncle!"
Seeing that he is coming to punish the magic sword, not far away, this youngest son should be unreasonable. Su Ying should shake his whole body like a savage beast, and he will break free from all his flesh and blood. He is not prepared to pay attention to the blood yuan Taoist. After all, Excalibur is important now.
However, Su Ying didn’t walk a few steps, and suddenly a wide Wan Li Milky Way appeared in front of him, and a young man in a star robe was looking at him with great interest.
Chapter one thousand and nineteen concoct your uncle
The young man who appeared in front of Su Ying was the rising star Huang of Zhou Tianxing Palace who came from heaven to win.
At this time, when he saw that Su Ying rushed towards Jianshan, he immediately reached out and rowed to see that Su Ying appeared in front of him a wide-ranging Wan Li Milky Way, and his negative Milky Way was like mastering Zhu Tianxing Jun.
"You are Sue should be? I’ve heard your name is said to be the first person of the younger generation in the primitive mainland. Now it seems that there is nothing, that is, the body is stronger. "
Yuan Win smiled and suddenly said, "Now give you a chance to submit to me or the emperor will try to see what’s amazing about you."
"Nima is really unlucky. I have offended too many people. It is simply enemies everywhere!"
Sue should be dark scold a body across see Jin Gangzhuo his front open a moment later, Sue should appear Milky Way won far relative.
He arch hand laughed "this is the star emperor? Do you think that you and I used to hate each other in the past and will be aggressive in the near future? "
Yuan Win laughed and seemed to hear something extremely happy. He glanced at Su Ying and smiled, "You are also qualified to let me be aggressive with you? The emperor is not aggressive, but orders you? "
"Order me?"
Sue should listen to the wrong sample for a while, but he couldn’t help laughing when he saw that Yuan won a natural sample. "What are you?"? Dare to order me? "
Yuan wins the knife-shaped eyebrows and drinks lightly. A token flies out of the Milky Way at once. In the middle of the token, a big fire wheel rotates rapidly, and a big white star appears at the virtual end of the wheel!
The white star is small in size, but the geomagnetic force from the obliteration of the void is terrible, reaching hundreds of millions of times as many as his star. Immediately, Su Ying’s figure will be pulled to float away in the void hole!
This is Sang Men Star and Sang Men Star, which is a kind of black hole with high density and high quality.
This star sign looks plain, but once it is sacrificed, it can be opened by the attacker Sang Men Star. If it escapes from the star sign, it will be sucked into the channel and directly crushed by Sang Men Star. There is no chance of escape!
This star card is a yuan-win celestial sacrifice, and its power is surprisingly high. There are 365 stars in the department, each of which has a big one. If it is put into use, you can arrange the large array of stars on Sunday and the large array of stars on the Milky Way. The power is poor and wonderful.
"Jin Gangzhuo!"
Sue should almost be pulled into the channel and mana suddenly surged. A golden divine light flew out around Sang Men Star and gently stirred to see this Sang Men Star suddenly falling apart!
Sang Men star smashed to the channel and immediately closed. The incredibly strong geomagnetic force finally disappeared. Su Ying was relieved when she fell to the ground.
"Destroy my stars? I want you to die and be buried! "
Yuan Win was furious when he saw that one of his planets was destroyed. At the same time, the Star River on his feet was prompted by him to rotate a big wheel, and several meteors were lasered out like rain, lasered like arrows, and every meteor shone like a thousand miles to Su Ying!
"Good avatar!"
Su Ying glanced at Jin Gangzhuo and suddenly became bigger, suspending himself in front of a meteor, fire and rain to fight!
King Kong Zhuo is the best iron, which can strike everything, collect all magic weapons, be changeable, fire and water will not invade.
See Jin Gangzhuo suspended Su Ying front circle immediately turned into a black hole, and all the time and fire rain was directly trapped by him into the virtual behind him, which did no harm to Su Ying.
Yuan Win suddenly drank a discerning silver thread and chopped off the knife from a high place. Su Ying was inspired by his micro-motion diamond cut and immediately fell into his mouth, swallowed by him and chopped off by the knife!
The light of the knife fell on him, and when there was a loud noise, several lines emerged in his body. He turned himself into a diamond-cut shape and turned him around to block the attack of this treasure knife.
There is another long-lasting ups and downs sweeping to Su Ying’s head. This dust is like a thousand hairs once falling, like ten million Excalibur cutting. The power is terrible!
Sue should hum a Jin Gangzhuo and fly out for several times. The divine light spewed to protect him again, and then he punched the dust and immediately knocked him down and flew out.
Yuan Win saw that he waved his hand and blocked his heavy attack. He couldn’t help but kill the blade with a big knife in his hand in great anger. One round of the blade was a tremendous pressure!
Su Yingyiran was not afraid to hold a diamond cut to meet the knife, and then he felt that a huge force hit his arm, and Yuan Yuan won and beat him back dozens of steps with a knife!
"It’s really immortal. I can compete with the law."
Su Ying’s body runs through the Nirvana Sutra, and the whole body suddenly splits and the part is repaired.
Yuan Win sneered again with a knife. "Your magic weapon is really subtle and unusual, but your magic power is far inferior to mine!"
Su Ying laughed loudly. "Star Emperor, don’t you find that I will reach the top of the mountain before you?"
"Can you step before me again? Excalibur, can you refine it If you refine the Excalibur, you will give it to me, and you can be chopped with a few knives! "
When Yuan won the melee, he was majestic and brave. Compared with his long knife, there were three stars printed on it, which was the wolf Pojun and the seven kills.
With a wave of his hand, he is poor and angry, flying like a dragon python, and slamming Su Ying back.
Su Yingnai’s indestructible nature of diamond cutting blocks all knife gas.
Yuan Ying stepped on the Milky Way and sneered, "If you dare to destroy my stars, I will catch you and cook it well!"
"concoct your uncle!" Su Ying swears and backs away while blocking Yuan Ying from attacking his magic sword. It’s really too powerful. Every knife is sharper than Su Ying’s body.
Yuan wins but the immortal realm is two or three times higher than Su Ying’s. It is impossible for two people to repair the gap. If Su Ying didn’t even have the courage to fight with him in Jianshan, he would have fled long ago.
However, even so, Su Ying was beaten back.
The two men fought and retreated aside. Taoist Qingyang’s blood Yuan Zun, Feather Fairy and his master have approached Jianshan and want to collect three Excalibur.
Suddenly, a clear voice came from the top of the mountain and chuckled, "You soil turtles really can withstand the awesome power of Excalibur."
Everyone’s heart is still in a hurry to look up and see the magic sword next to the town. I don’t know when there is an extra person who is young and well proportioned, but people can’t remember who he really is.
"Dark night!" Sue should take a quick glance and immediately recognize who this person really is. She can’t help but shout.
Chapter one thousand and twenty The gang
Su Ying recognized this person at a glance because the young man’s appearance and Cang Jie Cang Qu are very similar.
His breath is stronger than that of Cang robbery and Cang qu, and all he can do is the night.
Mundus in the underworld is third!
Su Ying has never seen him, but she didn’t expect him to appear here.
What about Ashoka?
Although Ashoka was hit hard by him, his means will surely be restored very quickly. That damage is nothing to a master of this level.
But the most surprising thing is that the town’s magic sword is firm but gentle at night, but it is also a heavy heart for him. "The town’s magic sword has already been refined by him …"
"You are Su Ying. I have seen your portrait."
In the dark night, his eyes fell on him and his eyes lit up. "You have several old friends who have been talking about you for a long time."
Suddenly, several figures appeared at the top of the sacred mountain of Su Ying’s place. A naked man was suddenly Ashoka Su Ying. It seemed that his eyes were suddenly grim and his mouth grinned. "Smelly little boy, have you ever thought that you will fall into my hands today?"
This person repairs the dark night and doesn’t punish each other. The firm but gentle shape beside the magic sword was obviously refined by him, and it didn’t do anything to him.
I haven’t seen Cang Qu and Cang Jie for a long time. When I looked at Su Ying, I also looked at him with a sneer and a knife. I couldn’t wait to peel him off!
"Ladies and gentlemen, you must be surprised that we were waiting for the inferno but didn’t attack us?"
Pale night smiled happily and whispered, "The actual town magic temple has been opened for a long time. This is also thanks to Su Zhangjiao. If he hadn’t detonated the door seal of the town magic temple in osawa, the western regions, it wouldn’t have been shaken loose. My brother Ashoka wouldn’t have easily entered the town magic temple. When we came here, we found that Monty had already been beheaded by two Excalibur. The four of us worked together to finally refine the town magic sword."
He laughed. "I thought about refining three Excalibur, and then I directly refined two of the four of us to leave directly, but I didn’t expect you all to come and think hard about how to eradicate our common enemy, so I thought of such an idea, played a trick and deliberately inspired Excalibur to make Shock Wave Teng. I didn’t expect you all to come to die early."
Looking around at many sects in the dark night, he coldly said, "Su Ying and you terrapin from heaven are our main goals, and you are accompanying them to bury him, which makes him lonely!"
Everyone’s face changed dramatically. A holy Lord trembled and said, "Guys, do you want Su Ying to spare our lives? We don’t want this Excalibur. It is necessary to leave this place. Our surname is Su?"

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