"Just now, it suddenly occurred to me that at that time, there was a martial arts master’s famous stunt called Sancai Step! It is also an extremely strange footwork! Is it also this type of posture? " Suddenly, Zhang Dianfei stopped and said with some hesitation.


"Three steps?" Zhang Xiaotian eyes a bright, asked aloud.
"well! At that time, I had retired, just heard! I have never really seen it! At that time, I had four elephant decisions, and I had been busy with Liner’s affairs, so I heard about it at that time and didn’t go to see it! I’m not sure if those three steps are like this! However, if it is true, it is very likely that it can be integrated with these three postures! " Zhang Dianfei said slowly.
"Who is that man? Can you still find it now? " Zhang Xiaotian asked quickly. Going to hell to find Qin Wan soon, if he learns how to create three figures again, his strength will surely go further!
Zhang Dianfei is looking at Zhang Xiaotian, smiling without a word.
Seeing Zhang Dianfei’s expression, Zhang Xiaotian said with a wry smile: "Zhang Dage! Do you have any requirements? "
"If those three steps are really this type of posture, I hope that after you learn it, you can promise me a request!" Zhang Dianfei light said with a smile.
"hey! Hey! Hey! Brother Zhang! Why are you doing this? We have taught you the seven-star maze step and the two-instrument step. Even if you teach us a three-talent step, it’s not too much! What’s more, I don’t know if those three steps are this type of posture, so you start asking for it! " One side of the Yang Xiao is gas MCE said, tone some dissatisfaction.

Chapter one hundred and ninety Not a defeat
"Let me go with you to the extremely cold place and the flaming mountain?" Thoughtfully for a moment, Zhang Xiaotian light export asked.
"If you don’t want to go, you can let the ghost emperor you know go after he comes to the secular world!" Zhang Dianfei light said with a smile.
"What are you doing in that extremely cold place and the mountain of fire?" Yang Xiao asked curiously. When Zhang Xiaotian and Zhang Dianfei talked earlier, Yang Xiaodi and Fat Boy were not released in that big black box by Zhang Xiaotian, mainly because Zhang Xiaotian was afraid that if he played against Zhang Dianfei, it would hurt them. The ability of black matter to block the eyes of Yin and Yang is also an unexpected ability of Zhang Xiaotian.
"I’ll tell you when I get back!" Zhang Xiaotian whispered to Yang Xiao.
Then, Zhang Xiaotian looked at Zhang Dianfei and said, "Good! I promise! If that three-talent step is really this type of posture, I will follow you to the extremely cold place and the mountain of fire! " Although his purple psychic force is good, there is no such two kinds of energy in hell. If it is consumed, it can only be recovered by absorbing Lingshi! When you fight, you can’t recover naturally. In this way, he will suffer greatly! If the posture can go further, his strength will be enhanced again! The most important thing is that his strength has increased so much at a time that it is difficult to use it skillfully. There are many powerful monster beasts in extremely cold places and the mountain of fire inflammation, so we can just fight with them to run in and master our own strength.
The five jade slips left by the owner of the fairy house record some ways of using fire and water and attacking them, so he has to be familiar with them. Also need to fight! In this way, the trip to the extremely cold place and the mountain of fire inflammation is not superfluous!
Seeing Zhang Xiaotian’s promise, Zhang Dianfei nodded with satisfaction: "The martial arts master who knew three talents in those days was called Luo Ji! It belongs to Luojiazhuang! I’ve heard of the ghost cult Luojiazhuang before! That Luo Ji should be there. Even if he is not here, his descendants should be there! If Sancaibu is really this strange posture, it will never pass down! "
"Ghost repair forces Luojiazhuang?" Zhang Xiaotian murmured. Zhuang! It’s deserted! How many years ago. No one will live here!
Here, it is the location of Luojiazhuang, a ghost repair force!
"whew!" I saw the light in the distance, and four figures suddenly fell from the horizon.
"Luo Guzhuang is really here, why is it so broken?" Just a fall, Yang Xiao said with a frown.
"Ha ha! You used to stay in that broken well in Tianma Crematorium for half a year. Why is it not too broken? " Hear Yang Xiao frown words. Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help teasing.
"We that is not waiting for you? If we go somewhere else, Where are you going to find us? " A listen to Zhang Xiao’s teasing. Yang Xiao said awkwardly.
"all right! Is it Luojiazhuang? You have to look at it to know! " Zhang Xiaotian smiled. Said.
"hmm!" Yang Xiao should be a cry. I cast my eyes on the village.
"Who are you? Why come to our Luojiazhuang? " Ranging from Yang Xiao to find out the results. A voice is shouted.
Propaganda is a middle-aged ghost repair. Ghost initial repair! Coming out of Zhuangzi. Coming to Zhang Xiaotian four people.
"Really is Luo Guzhuang! We are from heaven and earth. Come to Luo Ji! " Yang Xiao to recover the eyes of Yin and Yang, murmured, and then said.
"Heaven and earth to help? You are from heaven and earth! " Hear Yang Xiaodi’s soft words. The middle-aged ghost xiu got a fright!
"well! Is Luo Ji there? " Zhang Xiaotian frowned, export asked.
"The original four is heaven and earth to help adults! Welcome to our Luojiazhuang! I’m going to inform our patriarch! " After hearing Zhang Xiaotian, the middle-aged ghost repair immediately walked over and said.
"Just ask Luo Ji to come out directly!" Zhang Xiaotian frowned again and said.
"Luo Ji … in our village, I have never heard of a Luo Ji!" The middle-aged ghost scratched his head and wondered.
"Are there too many ghost practices in your village, and you don’t remember them clearly?" A listen to this middle-aged ghost repair, Zhang Xiaotian three people cast a glance at each other, Yang Xiao not export warned.
"I have been doing ghost repair for one hundred years. There are a total of 851 ghost practitioners in our village. I recognize a few a year, and I know them clearly! I promise, there is absolutely no one called Luojidi! " Middle-aged ghost said with a face of affirmation.
"A hundred years?" Zhang Xiaotian pondered for a moment, then said, "You’d better shout out your patriarch! We are waiting for him here! " That Luo Ji was a character hundreds of years ago! It may not be here long ago, so it is possible that this middle-aged ghost repair does not know!
Things are in some trouble. I didn’t expect this Luojiazhuang to be a deserted place! It seems that the mortal tradition of Luojiazhuang has long been cut off! Zhang Xiaotian was going to find Luo Ji. Just look for his descendants. But Luo Ji is not here, and there are no mortals here! If Luo Ji really left Luojiazhuang, it is very likely that he will take his descendants with him!
"Well, four adults wait here for a moment, I’ll be right back!" Middle-aged ghost repair respectfully said, quickly goes to the village.
It didn’t take long, there was a ghost-shaped black old ghost coming out of the Zhuangzi, followed by four ghosts at their peak, and he didn’t go to Zhang Xiaotian. The old ghost smiled and said, "Four grown-ups came to Bitch Village. We in Luojiazhuang are far from meeting, and we hope the four adults will forgive us! Please four adults into the village to have a rest! Just let me know if there’s anything. We in Luojiazhuang will definitely do our best! " .
"It’s ok! We are only here to find one person! " Zhang Xiaotian light said.
"If we Luo Guzhuang what people have sinned against adult you? Who is it? Please tell me, and we will punish it severely without four adults! " Pack up old ghost smile, a face of serious said.
"We are here to find Luo Ji! Or his descendants can! Not a bad thing! Please ask the patriarch to tell us! " Zhang Xiaotian said slowly.
"Luo Ji?" Hear Zhang Xiaotian’s words, the old ghost face became a bit odd.
"yes! It is Luo Ji! " Zhang Xiaotian nodded, his eyes staring at the old ghost.
"Luo Ji hundreds of years ago?" The weirder the old ghost’s face becomes.
"It’s good to know the heads of families. We just came to find that Luo Ji hundreds of years ago!" Zhang Xiaotian eyes a bright, export said.
"Luo Ji used to be in our Luojiazhuang, but a few years after he became a ghost, he moved away with his family and his descendants!" The old ghost sighed and said.
"Moved away?" Zhang Xiaotian some surprise, some sigh, thoughtfully for a moment. The exit asked, "Where have they moved?" . It is normal for a highly qualified ghost practitioner to go outside to join those big forces or go to hell, not in his own family or village exhibition.
"I heard that a descendant of Luo Ji became a monk in a big school of fix true. Their whole family moved to that place! I don’t know which school and where it is! " The old ghost said with some hesitation.
"The heads of the trouble to help us check! We’re looking for him. It’s very important! This magic weapon is used as a reward! " Zhang Xiaotian thought for a moment, took out a magic weapon from the space lock and handed it up.