Bleeding and dying. Bleeding and dying


Bodies are still increasing.
Chengtou has already become a shura hell.
The flesh and blood and the gushing plasma stick to the city wall, and the blade keeps cutting off and raising its voice, making the whole city head look like a meat grinder running at high speed.
Twist, twist, twist! ! !
But no one retreated.
It is impossible to retreat and fight.
This is …
"Drink!" Murphy exhales the sword in his hand and rushes out against the sun again.
This is the first time I don’t know how many times I’ve chopped, and I don’t know how many times I’ve killed.
Duke Khal finally stood there like a mountain.
Although he was holding a piece of iron that was about to rot completely, Murphy felt as if he was holding the magic weapon of the heavens to bless the enemy.
It is also a long battle. When Murphy has been fighting for so long, he already feels that he has some physical strength.
Duckkhal, the old and strong man, even has a calm face.
This is a desperate reality.
And even more desperate is behind it.
Behind him
Has completely fallen behind
Just five minutes ago.
The enemy that suddenly appeared behind them has completely torn up their rear area.
Murphy will taste what it means to be caught between Scylla and Charybdis after half a magic.
Or he is tasting it now.
Because many soldiers have been afraid to fight.
After a long battle, the soldiers finally broke up when they saw that their backs were full of enemies.
The morale has collapsed.
This is the law to save the situation.
Murphy suddenly felt very physically strong.
He suddenly felt that the sword in his hand was so heavy that he could hardly hold it.
He let the soldiers around him retreat to the rear or secretly.
There is no such fierce offensive as before.
He also lost interest in shouting. He felt that his throat was thirsty and stuck.
He accepted his fate. He saw his destiny.
At first, the rushing river was magnificent and splashed with a lot of water. At one time, it could reach the highest point, but in the end, it merged into a calm tributary, and finally it dissipated completely.
And now that end is coming.
His generation of Murphy light shield has reached that peak.
He doesn’t have that kind of life or that kind of power.
In addition to the name of Guangdun, he is actually in the same place
At the end of his life, he suddenly realized that he didn’t want to face the truth before.
"Demacia …" Murphy chuckled. He finally clenched his sword and prepared for this final bravery.
Is that all he has left?
"Demacia! ! !”
"Demacia" will be shouted along with others …
Wait, this is …
Murphy was stupefied when he suddenly felt that the sound was familiar, although it was so far away.
But it filled him with strength again.
It is …
He turned his head and saw it
Behind the collapse, a loud dragon gun stood firmly in the rout position like a banner that could not be defeated.
It’s a thousand troops
It’s a dragon gun and a thousand troops
It’s Gavin IV.
Well, he used to be more jealous of his nephew
Now he feels tears in his eyes.
They haven’t lost yet