"Dong Daidai"


People call him A Dai, a wooden but fun guy.
When the name is written, it is full of that paper, and the sadness and guilt in my heart are full, and even my hands are unconsciously shaking and it is difficult to sustain themselves.
One was not enough, so he wrote another carbon pen on smooth paper, which seemed to be cut in his mind … It’s hard to imagine that there were 195 names in all, and he seemed to engrave them in his mind, so he finally wrote tears on that paper.
He can’t hold back his emotions, especially when he thinks about his relatives.
But he insisted on writing the paper and handed it to the blue sky, saying, "Just give me the address."
Looking at Su Hao even silently nodded his head in the blue sky.
Chapter 30 First thing before going home
Su Hao is holding a small portable first page in his hand. The first name is Lu Chuan with the names and addresses of his girlfriend and his parents. They live together.
At the moment, he has reached their door.
Su Hao took a deep breath and tried to put on the most gentle and sincere smiling face and gently knocked on the door.
It’s a girl’s face. Xiumin’s face is exactly the same as the photo. Although it’s not beautiful, it’s also enough to be called a delicate face. Se’s brow is pale like a butterfly’s wings, and there is a little sadness hidden in it … Maybe it’s because her beloved boyfriend died and she is a very aura girl. At the moment, her face doesn’t show any real smile, leaving her haggard and sad like flowers and plants in a drought.
He also found that she was wearing black se.
She saw Su Hao’s smiling face, which can be called sunshine, and forced a smile and asked, "Who’s calling, please?"
Su Hao nodded slightly, a little nervous and stammered, "I’m Lu Chuan … my name is Su Hao, my comrade-in-arms. Are you Xi Yu?"
Su Hao’s words came to his mouth but he temporarily changed his mouth. But the word company commander could not say his name, and he dared not admit that Lu Chuan died because he was the first to enter the company. He had a lot to do with him and almost had his own responsibility. He didn’t take good care of him, which made the girl sad and sad. At this time, the guilt in seeing people became more and more intense.
Xi raindrop nodded sideways to stretch out his hand and motioned for you to sit down. Su Hao was also embarrassed to sit down at this time.
The layout of her home is very simple and elegant, with a painting and a landscape painting. Although the floor is spotless and the windows are clean, it is not as luxurious as a luxury villa, but in this simple and clean style, you can find some comfortable and plain, which makes Su Hao feel a little more uneasy.
"The main purpose of my coming here is to give this to you." Su Hao finished and took out the photo, which was taken by Lu Chuan and Xi Yu.
Xi Yu stretched out his hand and gently took it for a while. Seeing things and thinking about people is pain. Close your eyes and bow your head but don’t want Su Hao to see it, and then put the photos away.
Su Hao looked at Xi Yu’s expression and didn’t cry as he expected, but he was faintly filled with pain and struggle. He had also heard Achuan show off his girlfriend. Although she was full of pride, she was proud from the bottom of her heart. The two of them were full of sweetness and warmth step by step from meeting each other and falling in love. If nothing happened to Achuan, they would surely benefit a generation.
But this generation of happiness can be fixed in this photo and then in the future.
God is always like this. Lovers are often separated from each other.
Su Hao was even more guilty because he could see that Xi Yu was trying to hide his expression and didn’t want to upset Su Hao.
"Thank you," said Xi Yu. "Thank you, Su Hao. This photo is the only photo of me and him. If you didn’t bring it, you couldn’t even leave the last souvenir."
Without waiting for Su Hao’s answer, Ma went on to say, "Although he didn’t tell me before I left, now I know that my lover has died in my country. He didn’t tell me because he was afraid that I would be sad, but I’m not a stingy woman. Blame this world instead of others."
Then he said with a little pride, "My wife is a martyr but also a gentleman!"
Although Xi Yu’s words are plain, they are full of kindness. I don’t want Su Hao to blame himself too much, but I tell him that you can blame this world, which makes Su Hao moved but even more ashamed.
"That being said, I’m still responsible for it … I’m sorry for my sister in law!" Su Hao said that he got up and bowed to Xiyu.
Xi Yu quickly got up and Fu Su Hao sat down and said, "I don’t distinguish between right and wrong. Some things are not inevitable, but destiny takes a hand. It’s not your fault."
After Fu Su Hao sat down, Xi Yu said, "Can you tell me something about him in the army?"
Su Hao wanted to think and nodded.
"Lu Chuan and I entered the same army in the same period. We used to be temporary shops. At that time, we just got acquainted with him and begged me to teach him how to shoot. At that time, my talent was slightly better. I hit the ring the first time I shot. He played four rings. My talent was slightly better than him."
"So I taught him all my little tricks."
"Later, we unified training and target shooting, and he was the most competitive and hardworking, and I was the one who played around the most. He was the first to go to the shooting range every day, and I was the last to leave me as early as possible."
"He always recognizes step by step how much practice he has to make achievements, but I am a little slack, a little muddled, and I feel that my grades will not be too bad even if I don’t work so hard."
"It’s almost time to test. The instructor set a goal for him, that is, one gun ring and one goal for me, that is, one gun and nine rings served him harder and harder, and I also practiced a little more."
"Later, the test results came out unexpectedly. He was 1 shot and 9 rings, and I was 1 gun ring … Our two goals and test results seemed to be reversed, which seemed to be unexpected."
"I have nothing to do with it, which makes him have to work hard to make achievements. This is his real strength, and my achievements can be so thick. How can he be his opponent unless I am negligent in training?"
"I didn’t work hard before I became a soldier. I was also a writer in primary school, a writer in junior high school and a writer in high school. I was a military school or a writer, but it was so smooth along the way that I slacked off."
**** *w*w*w**** ***o*m
"God favors those who struggle."
"Although this truth is very simple, who can really understand it? Who understands and is willing to really put it into action? Lu Chuan’s action really taught me a lesson and made me understand this truth. "
"From this day on, I also set a goal to fight hard, and slowly we are both getting better and better."
"He is my brother and my noble."
Xi Yu listened to Su Hao’s words, and her hazy eyes gradually became glorious. Although she often heard Achuan say that things in the army were all interesting things in the army, it was the first time I heard about such a struggle story and I couldn’t help but miss my man.
Then she said, "I will never regret being such a man’s daughter-in-law even if he is gone."
Su Hao looked at the girl’s strong appearance and finally relaxed, and her guilt was much smaller.
He has to walk to find those brothers and relatives and apologize face to face.
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