But all women love beauty, and there is nothing like the greatest shame to be destroyed.


Han Tianxin’s eyes flashed with a flash of anger and she had to give up flying swords and dodge the whip to attack. She glared at the woman with resentment in her eyes as if she wanted to remember the woman’s appearance and immediately turned around and wanted to leave without hesitation.
"Where do rats escape?"
Guards leader sneer at a sudden start work.
He’s a huge man, but he’s very fast. Han Tianxin turned around and slapped Han Tianxin on the back with a flash of his hand.
Han Tianxin spit out one mouthful blood and fell to the ground softly.
Seeing this scene, the woman immediately sneered and strode to the front of Han Tianxin. Her whip face was full of pride. "Dalits, do you know that I am fierce? However, our temple has always been generous, and I don’t care about you as a pariah. I want you to shout that the Three Temples are fair and natural, and I, Lin Tianjiao, will let you go today. What do you think? "
Hearing this, Han Tianxin was extremely angry and smiled.
Her eyes spewed out raging anger mixed with majestic anger. "What a shame temple! You jointly taught me to destroy Taibai Jianzong with blood lotus. How dare you claim to be aboveboard? I’ll kill you if you want, but even if you kill me, you can erase the stigma of your templars. "
"You want to die!"
The woman’s face turned crazy, and her eyes suddenly held up a whip and said, "How dare you offend the majesty of our temple? I will ruin your appearance today and let you never forget the price of offending our temple."
Say the whip shatter virtual mercilessly beat over.
The violent wind slaps the face like a needle, which hurts like a needle. However, Han Tianxin glared at his eyes like a raging dragon, and his whip did not flash or avoid his eyes, as if he would never bend.
"Stop it!"
Then suddenly there was a exclaim.
Seeing that a blow can break the palm of your hand, you can easily grasp the fierce whip to block the blow for Han Tianxin. Immediately, Li Xuandao shook the whip with a shock and shouted coldly, "What a magnificent temple! Aren’t you ashamed that a group of people besieged a weak woman?"
Chapter 137 Who is the untouchable?
Chapter 137 Who is the untouchable?
"Who are you?"
Seeing Li Xuandao’s amazing strength, he can easily pinch off Lin Tianjiao, who ranks among the jewels and whips. He is secretly surprised!
But soon anger rose from her heart.
The majesty of the Temple Licheng is so great that many people dare to provoke it, but today someone has provoked the majesty of the Temple one after another.
She prided herself on her identity, and Li Xuandao didn’t dare to do anything to her, so she said coldly, "I know who dares to obstruct the work of our temple. It turns out to be an untouchable. Why are you untouchables planning to rebel?"
Hearing this, Li Xuandao suddenly frowned and his eyes flashed a obliteration.
Who in the whole world dares to call the crack dome sword emperor a pariah?
I’m dying!
If at ordinary times Li Xuandao root too lazy to wordy directly to kill each other, but he didn’t want to make trouble when he first arrived in Licheng and Lin Tianjiao’s identity was unusual, he didn’t want to get into trouble.
But the death penalty can live, and the crime can’t escape.
If you don’t teach Lin Tianjiao a lesson, will he put Li Xuandao’s majesty on the ground?
When I read this, Li Xuandao’s face wrinkled and said, "You yourself said that the world is strong and respected, but do you know that it is not my opponent who dares to yell at me? Do you know the price to pay for offending a master?"
Say Li Xuandao suddenly begin.
He tore the strength with one hand, and it was urgent and fast, which made people unprepared. Even the first bodyguard didn’t respond until he woke up. Li Xuandao had already slapped Lin Tianjiao’s face with one hand.
A crunchy sound
Lin Tianjiao’s body wobbles like a drunk and goes back two steps.
Suddenly angry and suddenly quiet.
The crowd looked at Lin Tianjiao’s face, and the five fingers were clearly printed.
No one thought that Li Xuandao dared to make real moves and did not hesitate to severely dump Lin Tianjiao’s face. More than a dozen guards also opened their mouths and showed shocked expressions.
"You … dare to hurt me?" Lin Tianjiao Wu wear the cheek can’t help some stupid.
Li Xuandao’s slap has no power and is symbolic education-but for Lin Tianjiao, who loves her face very much, it is even worse to be slapped in front of so many people and kill her.
"Are you all right?"
A dozen guards woke up instantly, and they comforted Lin Tianjiao around them.
However, Lin Tianjiao turned a blind eye, her eyes were blazing with anger and her cold face was slightly ferocious. She asked again, "Dalit … how dare you hurt me?"
"Is it hurting you?"
Li Xuandao slowly withdrew his palm and casually said, "Look at you as a girl. I will teach you a lesson this time. If you dare to offend my majesty again, it will not be so simple."
"Do you dare to be dignified with me as a pariah?"
Lin Tianjiao flew into a rage. Her eyes widened and she asked sternly, "What if I insist on offending you?"
"Kill you, of course!" Cold sound blooming