Thunder riots, under the terrorist attack of "crack empty handprint", Hu Qingqing’s firm but gentle actually shattered in an instant, just like glass fragments, swirl down, firm but gentle into little Venus flying. Zhuge’s slap in the face completely shattered Hu Qingqing’s attack.


The whole audience was silent, and this sudden change made it difficult for them to return to god. Both Xuanqingmen and Yaohai disciples fell into silence.
"You this bitch don’t understand people? My senior sister has given up, why do you attack! " Zhuge’s dull voice sounded, although it was very dull, but it reached everyone’s ears.
"You …" Hu Qingqing looked at Zhuge Liang unbelievably. She couldn’t believe that Zhuge Liang didn’t even smash his attack with a slap, and it was a magic weapon.
"What is that boy? He actually slapped the attack of Hu Shimei’s magic weapon. "
"I won’t be dazzled, how can I stop that blow!"
"That boy is not the Yaohai sent waste? How can a waste make such a powerful attack? "
"He must have done something in secret!"
"Impossible, we all saw it with our own eyes. He really took the blow with his palm."
Among the disciples of Xuanqingmen, you don’t dare to look at each other with catkins. From each other’s eyes, they saw incredible things. With the palm of your hand, you took that horrible blow, even in the foundation period and even in the dazzling period, you didn’t have the courage, and you could be unharmed.
In mid-air, several elders of Yaohai Sect, as well as numerous elders, also showed surprise. Three months ago, Zhuge Liang defeated Pang Yiqing before dawn. The leader and several elders already knew his toughness, but they didn’t expect it to be so tough that they could attack with a magic weapon.
"I asked you why you want to shoot?" Zhuge not bright eyes sharp stare at Hu Qingqing.
"I … we fight with you? You shouldn’t have intervened! " Hu Qingqing look disdainful drink a way.
"Didn’t you hear her shout throw in the towel? So vicious! " The female disciple of the Blue Sky Palace began to shout.
"That is, Li Shimei has called in the towel. Why do you want to do it?" The girls are drinking.
"At that time, the sound was too noisy, I didn’t hear it! And I couldn’t stop at that time! " Hu Qingqing still stubborn said, eyes extremely contempt, lofty.
Zhuge’s eyes are not bright and cold, and a faint white light flashes on his palm.
"Why? Are you going to start work on me? " Hu Qingqing smiled contemptuously: "You are a waste of Yaohai Sect. Although I don’t know how you took my blow, you should know your own strength before you start work. You …! ! !”
Her words haven’t say that finish, zhuge don’t light has played a "crack empty handprint", Hu Qingqing wrong not beware of, invisible hand has her fly out, spit out a string of eye-catching blood in mid-air.
At the moment, Zhuge is not bright, and there is no pity for jade.
"You … you actually …" The disciples of Xuanqingmen glared at each other. Two of his disciples caught Hu Qingqing flying upside down.
"Sorry, I can’t stop!" Zhuge smiled coldly.
"Little brother played well!"
"Well done, little brother, that’s what you should do with such people!"
"Little younger brother, revenge for Li Shimei!"
Two female disciples of the Blue Sky Palace shouted for fear of chaos in the world, and other Yaohai disciples also shouted in unison to cheer for Zhuge Liang.
Jin Yao and Siqinyu frowned, their eyes shining.
Si Qinyu whispered: "Is there really such a tough spirit root without attributes?"
"Maybe this is the mystery of the attribute-free spiritual root, which is incredible, but it is a waste spiritual root after all, and it is not a big problem." Jin Yao shook his head.
In mid-air, Elder Ge said, "Master, elder, do you think we should stop it?"
Next to the vast and bright two elders also showed the color of seeking.
"Stop what, let young people solve their own problems!" Wu Yang waved impatiently, staring at Zhuge at the bottom with interest.
"But the harmony between our two factions …" The numerous elders showed danger.
"Cut, don’t you have friendship when you fight?" Wu Yang looks indifferent.
A few people suddenly speechless, what kind of crooked reason is this …
"This Taoist friend, it is against the rules for you to do so!" Jun Mo Fan and catkin walked up, staring at Zhuge with dribbling eyes.
"What’s the rule? You broke the rules first!" Zhuge did his duty before dawn.
"You shot at my disciples of Xuanqingmen for no reason. Don’t you treat our people of Xuanqingmen with contempt?" Catkin also lost a face of smiles appealed, and his face was cold and staring at Zhuge.
"Ha ha ha, what are you talking about? It’s not that I don’t care about you people in Xuanqingmen, but that I don’t care about you other people in Xuanqingmen!" Zhuge Liang laughed, and both sides were young and frivolous people. Although Zhuge Liang lived for two lives, he was often suppressed by the other side, so he naturally wouldn’t say anything kind because he had a bad temper.
"What did you say!"
"This boy is too arrogant and boastful!"
"He is just a waste of the Yaohai Sect, and he is so arrogant!"
Xuanqingmen’s disciples groaned, and Zhuge looked around with a smile and stood calmly.
"What’s the matter with him, brother? Let me take care of this boy. He’s just a gas refining guy!" A young man in a purple robe stood out, with his long scattered hair hanging over his shoulders, and with his handsome appearance, he looked refined.
"How dare you despise our Xuanqingmen and accept my challenge!" The young man in purple is domineering.
Zhuge looked him up and down before dawn, and said, "You can say that. I think your training should be in the foundation period. I am only a gas refining period. This challenge is unfair!"
"Yes, you are bullying others!"
"The repairman in the foundation period challenges the repairman in the refining period, and you can say that."
"Shameless thing!"
Disciples of the Yaohai School also started with Zhuge’s dim backing, and they all spoke loudly.
Chapter 38 Let you eat shit (5)
() The young man in purple clothes looked at catkin, and the former nodded faintly. It seems that among the disciples of Xuanqingmen, catkin is the most important …
The young man in purple smiled and said, "My name is Xiao Li. I want to gamble with you!"
"Gambling?" Zhuge didn’t shine at the moment: "Well, I like gambling best. How do you gamble?"
"In order not to say I Xiao Li oppression, we bet a game, if I can do anything, you will do something. We each sent a disciple with a foundation period of more than five floors. You and I each caught their three palms. Whoever fell first lost. This bet is fair! " Xiao Li sneer at a way, he is a disciple of the foundation period, and it is natural to catch the three palms of people of the same realm.
"I depend, you he m this is not bullying!"
"You are just trying to suppress Zhuge’s younger brother with your own cultivation. This bet is unfair!"
"unfair! Change a bet! "
Disciples of Yaohai School shouted and shouted in succession.
In mid-air, several elders of Yaohai School also looked at this scene with great interest, because they had long known that Zhuge was not bright and tough, and it should be a cinch to catch the three palms of his disciples in the foundation period.
"You won’t be afraid to accept it?" Xiao Li quipped.
Zhuge shrugged his shoulders at random and said, "OK, this bet is good, I accept it!"
"good! You are still a man! " Xiao Li said with a smile, "Brother Jun Mo Fan is a builder of the eighth floor during the foundation period. You have to bear the power of Brother Jun Mo Fan and stand firm! Then please choose a disciple in your Yaohai school who has a gas refining period of more than five floors! "
The bet was very simple. Zhuge smiled and turned to look at the leader of Yuezhongtian. "Leader, please choose a senior brother for your disciple to play with this Xiao ~ ~ ~"
In mid-air, Zhongtian in the moon smiled and said, "Good. Today, Elder Wu and two Taoist friends of Xuanqingmen and I are notaries. Zhao Lun, you can accompany Zhuge Liang to finish this gambling game. "
Voice down, a burly man came out from the crowd, with a long sword on his back, and his body was like a cast iron, giving people the feeling of a strong macho man.
"Next Zhao Lun!" The man walked to the field * * at Xiao Li, Mo Fan and catkin arch hand.
Not far away, Yin Meng Li Daimei frowned and stared at the changes on the field. At this moment, Zhuge Liang has undoubtedly become the focus of the audience and the man of the Yaohai School.