"Galo brothers, in your opinion …" Tianxin ignored the sadness of purple innocence and turned to Galo thirteen brothers.


"Lord, innocent brothers said it was the current astronomical phenomena. In ancient times, there was a book cloud, then Avenue, and the Taoist preached the heart, achieved the goal, was born with peace to welcome it, and chased the spirits and beasts to protect it. Subordinate think this is the situation now. Therefore, the rise of Master, the innocent brother, is thought to be the public of heaven and earth, and will not be jealous, but will be chaotic with all kinds of evil spirits. The unexpected should be born in people’s hearts, people’s hearts are full of ulterior motives, and people’s hearts are jealous. Even if Master is innocent, he has been open and honest all his life, hiding in the mountains, and has no enemies. However, some people will have red eyes for no reason, and the evil ones will even start to fly to Xianji. The subordinates believe that the innocent brother Master’s soaring should focus on civil air defense. " Galo 12 Kan Kan.
"What did you find?" As in the eyes of a flash.
"Lord wise. In recent days, subordinates have seen more and more people coming from outside the Red Star Gorge. Although it is not chaotic, some people are already spreading rumors about what treasures have fallen from heaven. When they ask, they say that they have heard from people and come here from far away to find treasure. If the Red Star Gorge had not been included in the Tibetan Sword Wonderland, the three-system system had been implemented for a long time and was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. People in the Gorge did not dare to move people one by one, for fear that this time it would have been bloody and bloody. "
"Someone playing with fire, let him play. Henggu likes robbery, but it’s just a stubborn person who can move it. "Aside, Galo XIII sneered, and the sound of breaking gongs shook." Sword master, some family has long advised Xiao Zi to rest assured. "
"Oh, hi robbery, how can you see it?"
"Oh, Master Sword, if God doesn’t let people soar, a black cloud is enough, so why make such a big scene?" Galois 13 grinned. "The astronomical phenomena in the Red Star Gorge are pound-sized, and I feel comfortable when I touch it. I’ve never seen the apocalypse before. Those apocalyptic phenomena are fierce and vicious, and they are dedicated to the bad guys. In other words, they just want to punish the soaring people to the death, rather than the miserable ones. Sometimes, a family doubts whether there is a thief behind the robbery. "
"Thirteen, don’t talk nonsense," Galo 12 saw Galo 13 talking more and more disorderly, and stopped him.
"Twelve brothers, don’t blame thirteen, he’s right. From ancient times to the present, everyone has turned pale when talking about the robbery of heaven, saying that it is the result of cultivating against the sky, but no one has ever doubted this statement. Everything is born, and people are the most spiritual. Everything is a link in the chain of samsara, where life is born and death is gone, and it has its own physical properties. Tao gives birth to one, life to two, life to three, and life to all things. Heaven and earth are above everything else, and it is our duty to make everything rich. For this reason, heaven and earth like the aspirant, giving the aspirant the upper position, and the unsuccessful one the lower position. Xiao XIII’s theory of heavenly robbery has both joy and evil, which is due to the fact that monks have different understandings of the word’ progressive’, and when they understand it correctly, the Tao becomes natural and advanced, and they like robbery; If you understand it wrong, you will naturally return to your original shape and rob it. " The eyes of heavenly heart flashed out.
"This ….." Galois 12 heard the words gaping. As the heavenly heart said very clearly, it doesn’t matter whether the robbery is good or bad, but the degree of robbery. What kind of Taoist comes to what kind of Armageddon? How can this happen! What Tianxin said subverted the current theory of natural disaster. However, it seems to make sense.

Chapter two hundred and sixteen Infinite pitfalls
In fact, who has seen the real soaring? This is also mine these two days. "As eyes off to say with smile," our concept of soaring may be false soaring. How to say this! Everyone from the beginning of cultivation, as long as he insists on cultivation, the skill cultivation will continue to increase. When it increases to a certain extent, the original body has reached its limit, and at this time it will face two situations. First, the body will be exploded and return to the original; The second is to break and then stand up and reorganize the body. Breaking and then standing, that is, robbery, is a necessary pass for all practitioners. At this point, Tao and magic are no different. But reorganizing the body involves more things. Thousands of skills have caused thousands of understandings of the body, among which the differences are different. We can know the differences of these understandings from the level of each person’s cultivation in unit time. This is an internal difference. The external difference lies in the understanding of the world in which they live. Monks avoid the world and practice hard because of their lust for the world of mortals. While gaining peace of mind, they lose the true understanding of complex life. Coupled with poor information, they spread the truth. For a long time, when they are tired of practicing their merits, they take the so-called killing demons as their responsibility. Those who practice magic cut open their own, focusing on satisfying themselves, wantonly doing their own thing, ignoring others, trampling on life and consolidating themselves. Both ideas seem to have their own reasons, but in fact they are to seize the sky and bully it. Heaven’s reward and punishment, only wait for the last moment, such as the disappearance of ordinary life, forget it. If you want to evolve into a higher level of life, at this time, it is good to practice Taoism or magic. When the mind is connected with heaven and earth, whether the plastic body can be successful depends on your own understanding of life. "
"That elder brother, according to what you said, it is wrong to cut the demon and kill the demon, and it is also wrong for Buddhism to avoid killing." I don’t know when the conversation between women ended and they all leaned in to listen to the excitement. Hearing that Tianxin had degraded the merits of Taoism today, Xuanyuan Magic Sunny could not help but say.
"Survival is not guilty," as laughed, "all creatures in the ecological chain. To survive, you have to get food. So God allows everything to kill for its belly. But remember, it is wrapped in the belly. There is no right or wrong killing in this state. Hunting and being hunted are normal. If Taoist practitioners can grasp this clearly, they will know how to run the world. Let’s not talk about Buddhism. The annihilation of Buddhism in Wanghuangxing is enough to explain everything. "
"Tell me about it," Xuanyuan Magic Sunny demanded.
"A story, a famous Buddhist doctrine. When the Buddha meets the hungry eagle, both of them are starving to death, so it is convenient to eat them and live. Buddhist precepts kill life, while enduring hunger. Cut the leg meat to feed the hungry eagle. The eagle living Buddha is dead, hehe, the Buddha is dead, what are we talking about? Talk to the air? "
Xuan yuan magic shine heard a stare blankly, but they burst out laughing. Purple month smile never put off till tomorrow what you can, "elder brother, this Buddha is so stupid. Don’t talk about Buddhism, let’s talk about merit! "
"Good, but the Buddha still want to speak. Survival itself is a kind of struggle, which is a kind of dignity of heaven and earth. The death of Buddha. It seems great, but in fact it spurns dignity, which is a blasphemy against the law of eliminating samsara between heaven and earth. Originally, this kind of giving up one’s life is his own doing, and outsiders are not qualified to blame it, but Buddhists have awarded this kind of giving up one’s life as a doctrine and widely promoted it. Not only that, there is a beautiful afterlife behind the word "forbearance", and then all kinds of deceptively similar developments, such as overgrown weeds, all kinds of hype, and bliss. Make ascetics look forward to it. These facts are prevalent at a certain stage of human civilization. Heaven is strong, and a gentleman should constantly strive for self-improvement Buddha and his disciples, one abandons heaven and the other deceives it. The one who abandons heaven is innocent, but it brings out the original sin to the one who deceives it. Buddhists think they can transform all beings. However, I don’t know the law of self-improvement by abandoning the doctrine of heaven and provoking Zhou Tianshuo and confusing the creatures of heaven and earth. For a long time, the living beings are weak, and they will be broken when they are knocked by external forces, or they will abandon themselves to conform to the Buddha’s righteousness when they encounter external forces. In this way, Buddhism is endless, and the Buddha’s righteousness is abandoned by the sober, and it is for the sake of heaven and earth. " Tianxin paused and continued, "So saying this passage is to tell everyone that even ordinary creatures should always be self-reliant. Self-improvement itself is a kind of merit. Those who can improve themselves have basically entered the category of harmony. "
"Brother is preaching Sanzhi again," Ziyue Sakura laughed out loud.
"Say yes or no," as also laughed. "People are lazy and always want to get something for nothing, or get something for nothing. Such a mentality of wanting to gain without giving has always existed since the birth of the spiritual world, and it has always disturbed the order of the world, nourishing and expanding all kinds of things, even in the spiritual world, and magic cultivation is an outstanding representative. "
"Brother, it seems a little too much to blame Mo Xiu for being lazy!" Seven-hearted witch Haixin stayed fragrant and quit, and objected out of context.
"Do you think it’s too much to practice magic in Haixinshan for more than ten thousand years?" As laughed, "saints are heartless, taking the people as pigs." Who doesn’t think it’s enough for the superior in the magic door? A saint with supreme authority. Your life is good, you are under the bodhi old zu of Haixin, and you are less influenced by the magic door principle of respecting strength. Isn’t this a form of laziness? Therefore, you don’t know enough about magic practice. Magic practitioners, from the beginning of practicing magic, are still plundering their hearts. They have always been alone, and there is no one else, which is euphemistically called free will. Everything is his stepping stone, or spiritual resources, or mortal blood, or fetal, or magic seeds, as long as he has the ability to grab, he will be reckless. Therefore, while the magic practitioner is persistent, he is also full of dark and bloody wisdom, and he can’t move. He will dormant and endure while adding.
Himself; Move, never be soft. "
"Now that you mention it, isn’t the door going to heaven?" Haixin stayed fragrant and sour.
"Alas, if it is so easy to get together, is there a chance for the magic door to survive between heaven and earth?" Tianxin sighed, "Heaven has no type, and all heaven is hard to hold; Heaven hopes to be subtle, so it is difficult to know. The door has a long history, and it’s good to die, but the world of mortals is so sudden that things change. When it comes again, everything is not the same. The original principle may be correct, but the ways and means of street walking are no longer suitable. Perhaps in the era of the wild, in order to protect the survival of human beings, it is the only responsibility of the door to slay demons. Nowadays, the whole star field is all over human beings. Besides being a demonizer, where can we find demons? Because of the door metaplasia, some of them continue to stay away from the world and practice penance in the mountains; Some of them claim to be authentic, either against the magic gate or suppressing other sects to engage in internal friction. There are many non-days, and there is no peace, that is, they are afraid of human customs and can’t walk out of human customs, so it is difficult to have great luck. "
"How should that door be reorganized?" Durkheim Jin Wei chimed in.
"What should the magic door do …", Haixin asked urgently.
"This is not what I can teach you, ladies," Tianxin moved two white jade hands dangling in front of her eyes and smiled wryly. "I told you the fable of the pony crossing the river. According to their own situation, the old cow and the squirrel said that the river was shallow enough to reach their hoofs and paws, and the other cried that the water was deep enough to cover their bodies. The difference in visibility brought different results. Whether it’s a door or a magic door, it’s not up to me to decide how to get together. My way only suits me. In addition, I can only offer one more sentence, and those who are in harmony are invincible! "
"What do you mean?" They heard more and more strange.
"There will be evidence in two days." As mysteriously laughed. My eyes are completely hidden, and I look at the purple innocence if I think. The latter couldn’t help but tunnel, "Brother Zhang, you mean there is no danger in my master’s ascent. He is in harmony and invincible."
"If my guess is correct, it should be like this." As nods.
"But the robbers are very dangerous. There are evil spirits outside, demons inside, and thieves with eyes open. There is a fairy robbery every thousand years. The group of immortals suffered heavy losses because they could not move and were attacked by sneak attack. " Xuanyuan magic shine pleasantly surprised tunnel, think it’s thinking of his terrible experience of robbery. For the rest of my life, that’s scary!
"then avenue, the Tao is a heart that connects heaven and earth; A mixed fairy is not the same as a generalized fairy. When he leaves this world, he will not owe this world, but this world cannot owe him either. Under the law. The magic of heaven and earth is of course invincible. " Heavenly heart tunnel.
"Cut, the more you say it, the more mysterious it is." This time they shook their heads in unison, expressing disbelief. Only purple month after a while to confirm, like to ask, "brother. Is it true? "
"Well … don’t say, don’t say, don’t say." Tianxin shrugged his shoulders and smiled faintly. Annoyed purple month pulling Wan Xuan rushed out of the hide the sword Tower, and all the beauties chuckled funny. All the men were driven by Galo thirteen broken gongs. "Wow. Wow, "shouted.
Let’s talk about it, but we still have to talk about things in different star fields.
Next, as the matter of the colorful star domain, especially the Leishan three-day realm, three women, such as Jin Wei, had known it, but they didn’t feel "trembling" at all, instead, they were thinking about how to make good use of the three-day realm to improve their capability. But at the beginning of the secret, Xuanyuan Fantasy Sunny, Galois Thirteen Brothers, Lin Zhengyang, Limbaugh and the little beggar Tianzang opened their beautiful eyes and bull’s-eye. They thought that the hide the sword Tower was the ultimate artificial beauty, but who thought that there was a greater miracle hidden on the other side of the starry sky?
"Sword master, no matter what, take my junior thirteen and his party. Some family will fight those Lei Shou, and maybe I am still their ancestor." Galois XIII shouted. The rest of the galo brothers are also clamoring to go.
"Brother Zhang, I … want to go." Xuanyuan magic sunny face suddenly firm.
"Master Brother, I wonder if we are qualified to go to that place." Lin Zhengyang, Limbauer and Tianzang blushed for instructions. They knew that they were too far behind.