"Well …" Yin Mengli nodded and said, "Brother, thank you for what happened before … have you been affected by the poisonous gas?"


Zhuge Buliang knew that Yin Mengli was referring to taking drugs for her, and immediately smiled: "Don’t worry, sister, those poisonous gases have been forced out of the body."
"Well, that’s good …"
"Sister, are you cold?"
YanMeng glass slightly one leng, immediately lower the head, subconsciously jiao shout a loud, hands around his breasts, qiao face gives birth to a faint red. Then I quickly took out a dress from the bag and put it on my body. Only then did I faint: "You can turn around."
Zhuge turned around before dawn, only to see that Yan Meng’s glass face was dizzy, no longer as cold as before, and his beautiful face was more charming.
"You … you saw it all?" YanMeng glass with his head down, her voice a little bitterness.
"Well … I’ve always been a thief, but I turned around before." Zhuge tried to make his voice calm when he was not bright.
Next, Yin Mengli simply ate something, and the two began to make plans for their own survival. At this moment, they are deep in the tomb, and there will be no danger for the time being. Fortunately, Zhuge has prepared a lot of food in the dry Kun bag, which can last for a while.
"How long have we been here?" Yin Mengli changed into a white dress, just like a fairy in Yaochi.
Zhuge Liang said, "Counting the time we spent in the underground river before, I’ve been here for almost ten days."
"It’s been ten days, and there are still twenty days before a month. We have to find a way to get out of here." Yin Mengli said.
"This place is deep in Qingyue Mountain. There are too many powerful monsters. I can’t walk around casually. Why don’t we walk back along the underground river?" Zhuge Liang suggested.
"I’m afraid not." Yin Mengli shook his head: "This underground river is too bad to cross. We didn’t know which direction it was washed in the underground river before. If we accidentally broke into the nest of the powerful monster beast, it would be self-destruction."
After discussing for a long time, there was no good way to leave. In the end, Yin Mengli decided to practice here first. She has entered the then period and can temporarily open her own door to life and death. She wants to understand the meaning of life and death in the next time, and it is possible to escape from heaven with a little more strength.
Yin Mengli once again fell into seclusion, and Zhuge Liang could only silently guard it. Carefully drill and copy the "ghost blood print" and several other ghost-killing techniques.
In a blink of an eye, seven days passed, and Yin Mengli woke up once, ate something and fell into practice again.
More than half a month has passed, and Yin Mengli woke up for the third time, but she shook her head helplessly. It takes a long time to understand the meaning of the door of life and death, not just a few days.
In the end, the two decided not to sit here and wait, and decided to leave here.
Zhuge smashed the mountain wall of the mouth of the cave without a bright palm, and the rubble submerged the tomb in it.
"Thanks to your kindness, you can rest in peace again." Zhuge secretly said before dawn, and the royal sword flew along the underground river with Yin Mengli.
Indeed, as Yin Mengli said, the underground river forks are everywhere, and the rapids are surging, and the sound of "rumbling" is endless. Even before dawn, Zhuge saw a ferocious monster sticking its head out of the water and then diving in.
Zhuge Buliang and Yan Mengli broke out in a cold sweat. Before they were injured, they stayed in the underground river for almost a day and a night, but they didn’t encounter the monster beast attack hidden in the depths of the underground river. This is a great luck. If you are attacked by a monster beast when two people are seriously injured, it’s a real death.
Just then, a huge black claw covered with blue scales popped up from the dark river and leaned toward Zhuge Buliang and Yanmengli.
The two men rushed up with the royal sword, and the forty covered with black scales could be extended indefinitely, but it spread, and the new paws grasped at Zhuge without light.
The cracked handprint was taken, and the huge palm with glittering brilliance took the black giant paw into the water, splashing countless splashes.
But then, several identical black paws came out of the water, and the monster beast seemed to have more than one head. More than a dozen black paws came out, magnificent and surging with huge waves.
"Too many, let’s leave!" With a drink of Yin Meng Glass Jiao, several ice swords were cut off, and two black paws were actually cut off. The foul blood was flying all over the sky, and if Yin Meng Glass was fast and urgent, the sword in his hand was chopped and the way out was fought.
In the underground river, several huge shadows emerged and screamed.
Zhuge Bu Liang and Yan Meng Li quickly left the Imperial Sword. When he left, Zhuge Bu Liang turned and looked on, only to see two monster beasts in the dark river, all covered with black scales. Its eight tentacles were all black claws.
Moreover, shadows are constantly emerging in the underground river. It seems that these monsters like squid belong to social creatures.
Chapter sixty-three The fox demon queen
() Zhuge gasped in a gasp. Even a practitioner with a dazzling photo period can’t get out of it … Fortunately, Yin Mengli broke through the then period before, otherwise they are really dangerous this time.
"It seems that we really broke into the monster’s lair." YanMeng glass eyebrows tight knit, and she felt several strands of dangerous breath near.
"No way, I rushed to the hanging valley, it is more dangerous here!" Zhuge didn’t light up the suggestion, so there was nothing they could do. They could only fly up with their swords and rush towards the top of the hanging valley. Compared with the primitive jungle, this underground river zone is more dangerous, with fork roads. If you are not careful, you will break into the gathering place of monster beast.
At this time, it was night, and the original jungle was even darker. The towering old trees bared their teeth like demons, and the air was filled with a fierce atmosphere.
A white shadow and a black shadow quickly passed through the dense forest. At this moment, Yin Mengli and Zhuge Buliang were covered with large amounts of blood, but they were not their own, but the monster beast’s.
It’s been a day and a night since they returned to the original jungle from the underground river canyon. There are powerful monster beasts everywhere in the depths of Qingyue Mountain. In the meantime, the two men were attacked by several waves of monster beasts, and even met a powerful monster beast that had been cultivated for 500 years. Fortunately, however, Yin Mengli broke through the golden elixir period, and the cultivation increased greatly. It took a lot of effort to finally solve it.
Yin Meng’s glass white dress was stained with blood, and even her stunning jade face was splashed with a little blood, and Xiu was wet with sweat, sticking to her fair skin.
"Humans, you can’t escape!" A charming voice sounded, and a beautiful woman flew in. A white veil wrapped her exquisite charming body, and even two deep red spots on her chest could be seen through the veil.
This is a beautiful woman, with a beautiful face full of coquetry, and endless amorous feelings in her brow. Behind her charming hips, a white fox tail swings from side to side.
This is a fox demon that has been cultivated for 400 years!
But at the moment, the fox demon’s mouth is hung with faint blood, which obviously has been injured.