The deputy head of the army frowned and said lightly, "Don’t worry, Sir Qin Chu, if it is as you said, we won’t say anything after reading it today. If anyone says anything, he is against our bright army, and I will definitely get justice for you.


Qin Chu said, "Well, it’s no use even stealing it, because only I can use it." Said Qin Chu put his hand into his clothes, in order not to attract attention, Qin Chu let small white into ordinary pendant. At the same time, Qin Chu made Xiaobai spit out the big bright book through telepathy.
Of course, the Great Bright Book is now completely controlled by Qin Chu. The biggest feature of Lingbao is that it can change its shape at will. Just like the crown of thorns, Xiaobai can freely control whether it is broken or not. Similarly, the Great Bright Book can also be used. Although the spirit consciousness of the Great Bright Book is still the same as that of a baby, it does not hinder its manipulation of the deformation of the Great Bright Book.
When Qin Chu’s hand was taken out again, there was a small and exquisite silver bowl carved with mysterious and complicated lines. Meal patterns are all over the bowl. The most eye-catching thing is. The fluctuation of the strong light element power scattered from the small silver bowl is like the tide of the light element power. Everyone else who was oppressively present felt a sense of breathlessness. Of course, this is Qin Chu’s intention.
"This is the baby. No matter what kind of injury you suffer, as long as you cooperate with the unique medicine and drink the water inside, you will recover. " What Qin Chu said was half-truth. In addition to Qin Chu, no one can tell the truth of Qin Chu dialect. They have been stunned by this small bowl.
The deputy commander’s eyes were full of surprise: "Did your Excellency Qin Chu cure 5,000 people with this small bowl?"
Qin Chu nodded: "Of course. However, there are restrictions on the use of this small bowl. It must match my unique potion and recite spells. " Qin Chu impudently fooled all the people present.
They were amazed.
"I didn’t expect there to be such a magical baby. Such a strong light power fluctuates, and it can be called a sacred instrument. " Deputy may hear Qin Chu, smiled, "can be put away. Your Excellency Qin Chu. "
Big bright bowl. The power of the scattered power made them feel unbearable. Therefore, the reason why the power of Ming has the ability to purify is actually because of its exclusiveness! The power of light will actively disperse other forces!
"Don’t you need to test its effect?" Qin Chu asked, glancing sideways at Heisen with his eyes. Heisens was angry, but he could only pretend not to see it.
The deputy head of the army said with a smile, "Of course not. It’s enough to prove that it’s extraordinary just because it emits such amazing light fluctuations. Small,
Qin Chu breathed a sigh of relief: "These people’s IQ is too low, so they are fooled. Hey. " Qin Chu is very forced to put away the small silver bowl, Hess jumped out and stopped Qin Chu.
"President Qin Chu, this is an extraordinary time. This small silver bowl has such a magical effect. Why not use it to treat those wounded?" Heisens grinned. "Isn’t President Qin Chu always kind? Should he not refuse?"
Deputy may eyes rested on Qin Chu, looking forward to Qin Chu’s answer. Qin Chu once again scolded Haisens in his heart: "Old bastard, you are arrogant now, and don’t fall into my hands in the future, otherwise I will make your life worse!"
I am a monk. When have you ever been so angry!
Qin Chu was silent. His heart is full of anger now. Has reached the brink of violence, as long as a little stimulation, Qin Chu will definitely immediately violence. Lao tze’s strength, also need it to be here by this bird gas?
Qin Chu’s heart is only because of his mother’s concern, so it is only in this nonsense that the emperor falsely accuses the most paid nursery rhymes to Mian concave muscles, otherwise Qin Chu would have patted his fart to travel around the world, and it is freedom to be extravagant!
The big deal is that I will leave here now and take my mother and Ellie to a place that others don’t know. Qin Chu thought maliciously in his heart. The reason why Qin Chu listened to the call and came here in southern Xinjiang. A big reason is that I can’t let go of my mother. It can be said that Qin mother is the fetter of Qin Chu. In order for Qin mother to live a so-called normal life, Qin Chu had to restrain herself.
If Qin Chu doesn’t converge, someone will be in trouble!
Qin Chu will definitely chop up the son of a bitch Hess first today! Whoever stops him dies! This anger. It’s like an adult walking in the street, and a little boy comes in and slaps you in the face. Do you think that adult can bear it? Heisens is just a worm in Qin Chu’s eyes, but this worm thinks about calculating himself. How can Qin Chu not be angry?
What Qin Chu cares about is not the great book of light, but the dignity of the strong!
Deputy head sighed in his heart, but put a smile on his face and said, "You don’t need to be embarrassed, Qin Chu. This treasure was handed down to you by your teacher. You should take good care of it. However, I’m curious about the alchemy props that your Excellency Qin Chu used to defeat the Na ‘nan tribal warriors, and I don’t know your Excellency Qin Chu. Can you take it out and let us open our eyes? "
The preciousness of this small bowl lets the deputy head know that Qin Chu won’t let go easily. Although the temple is strong, it is not completely unreasonable. Things belong to others, and we can’t rob them. So he wisely gave up the idea of getting a small bowl, and turned to Qin Chu’s method of restraining the Na ‘man tribal warfare.
You know, the temple has fought against the Naman tribe before, and the result was a crushing defeat. The temple has always been a headache for the Naman tribe, but it has always been that they can’t help it. So now he especially wants to know how Qin Chu defeated the warriors of the Naman tribe and won their respect.
There may be something to learn from this method. Then, the temple can travel south again. Educate those savage and rude Naman tribal aborigines! What a great merit this is!
Hysens can’t help it. His superiors are talking. He dare not say any more. Qin Chu, the little "house", closed the curtain of the Great Bright Book, but he didn’t take out the town seal. He just said lightly, "It’s nothing, I just took it by surprise. Just rely on the ability of alchemy props; I scared them in an instant. If they really react, it may be me. "
"well? What is Qin Chu’s alchemy prop? Can’t you take out the bundle and let us open our eyes? " Deputy may say with smile, Hess saw the leader of the bright army, and when he was so good-tempered, his eyes were already surprised.
As anyone can see, Qin Chu this is don’t want to take out the gold props.
Qin Chu took out the seal of the Town Day, and suddenly and violently, all the steel products in the room flew up in an instant. Then Qin Chu control town tianyin dispersed such a powerful magnetic force. Those weapons, candlesticks and so on, fell all over the floor.
Everyone gasped in a gasp, and when they looked at Qin Chu’s hand, it was full of surprise. Such a powerful suction, actually coming from such a little thing?
Qin Chu put away his town seal, completely ignoring their eyes. This town is actually nothing, as long as there is enough material, Qin Chu can be refined at any time. But this is only for Qin Chu, for others. Can only be in the fantasy stage. They’re not Qin Chu!
"Good things deputy army long give a sigh, vaguely guessed what, reaction to Qin Chu is normal. Who let Wang Cai still think about other people’s treasures?
Qin Chu flipped the video ball in his hand, looked at Hysens sideways, and said, "My Lord, I have suffered this unfair injustice, and I still hope that my Lord will make decisions for me."
Heisens cold sweat dc, deputy head corners of the mouth hang a smile, took the image ball in Qin Chu’s hand. "In this matter," he said, "Hysens was really arbitrary."
Hysens’ eyes jumped at the corner of his mouth, and he was silent for a moment. He said with difficulty, "President Qin Chu, I will have your charges revoked."
Qin Chu sneered: "Withdraw my charges? Should I thank you? What should I do if you beat me seriously? " Qin Chu’s mouth was still covered with blood of dry tears, but everyone present doubted how serious the injury Qin Chu said was. Such a long conversation. Qin Chu is always full of gas, showing no signs of anything wrong. However, as we all know, Qin Chu is probably looking for trouble with Hysens.
Heisens is indefensible. The deputy head of the army came out to make peace: "Your Excellency Qin Chu, there is a light sacrifice in our temple. Let them treat your injury."
Qin Chu, hey hey sneer at a few times, this is power, he also understood in his heart, even Hess made a big mistake, as long as it doesn’t touch the interests of the temple, the temple will allow it to continue to exist. Therefore, it is basically impossible to let the people of the bright army uphold justice for their own wrongs.
Qin Chu was a little depressed, and he was really not suitable for mixing in the secular world. Qin Chu calm way: "thank you for your kindness, this injury, I nursed back to health. However, I have a request. "
"What request? Lord Qin Chu, tell me. " Deputy head looked at Qin Chu strangely, waiting for Qin Chu’s later article.
"There are five thousand soldiers outside, let him, depending on agriculture. It’s not safe outside. " Qin Chu light way. Qin Chu, who tamed the five thousand people, gave up this worry.
"Okay, no problem. Is there anything else? " Deputy may ask.
"I’m injured, and I need some time to recuperate." Qin Chu raised his head and looked at the deputy head. Qin Chu decided to use this excuse. Stay out of the front line.
Even if I saved people, I was just sent to fight by the temple, then got into trouble, and then dedicated my faith.
The deputy head of the army is concerned: "Your Excellency Qin Chu, your injury is so serious that you may really need the help of the Light Sacrifice."
"No need. I will do it myself. No one knows my own injury better than me. " Qin Chu refused the kindness of the deputy head, and he needed this opportunity this time to get out of here.
The deputy head of the army surprisingly did not care: "Well, I wish your Excellency Qin Chu an early recovery from his injury."
Qin Chu nodded: "Nothing else, I’ll go first." Say that finish Qin Chu turned to go downstairs.
The deputy head of the army stopped Qin Chu: "Sir Qin Chu, wait a moment first." Qin Chu startled looking at deputy may, don’t know this man stopped himself, what other things.
The deputy head of the army whispered, "Your Excellency Anthony contacted me and asked me to tell you that you were slightly surprised to contact Qin Chu, the little" house ". I instantly understood why this deputy head of the army had such a good attitude towards himself. It turns out that it has something to do with Anthony, an old guy!
Qin Chu nodded. I can’t help but pick it up in my heart. Anthony would never find himself for no reason. Is it something at home? Before leaving the imperial city, Qin Chu entrusted Anthony with his family’s affairs. Although Hussein sat in the house, who can be sure that he won’t have something else?
"We have a special contact method. If your Excellency Qin Chu is not in a hurry, please come with me first." Deputy may say with smile. "Haven’t introduce myself, next Stan. He is a student of teacher Anthony and is currently the deputy head of the Light Corps. "
It turned out to be Anthony’s student. No wonder you have such a good attitude towards yourself!
"It’s my pleasure to meet you, Lord Stan." Qin Chu perfunctory way, "can you contact archbishop Anthony now?"
"No problem. Come with me. " Stan said generously, then he turned and left, without even saying hello to Heisens, who had to respectfully send Stan and others away. This is the power of the temple!
After waiting for Qin Chu and Stan to go away, Hysens closed the door and swore, "Qin Chu, don’t fall into my hands again!" "
Stan led Qin Chu to a well-guarded building. Under the guidance of Stan, Qin Chu followed him unimpeded. Stan led Qin Chu upstairs and then into a closed room. The room is empty, only a table stands in the center of the room, with a crystal mirror on it, and a dozen magic cores embedded in the complex magic lines below to provide energy.