Jun Ruiqing’s eyes flashed slowly away from the Mohist school’s old house.


Exhibition and exhibition will come to my old house in black.
"Tsukiyomi ikuto, I’m so sorry for your loss. I don’t know how to comfort you. Master Mo certainly won’t want to see you too sad."
Exhibition and patted Mo Jun’s shoulder at night. His nephew looked at the golden spoon and luxurious food since childhood, but his life was eventful.
Parents and brothers have also suffered setbacks in falling in love.
Now finally a little calmer, but this happened again.
Exhibition and very distressed Mo Jun patted him again at night to give Mo Master incense in the past.
Exhibition will forgive you for watching Mo Jun’s sad face at night behind Exhibition and I have an impulse to smooth it out.
But for a second, she saw Gu Yi go to Mojun Night and took a glass of water for him to drink.
Mo Jun didn’t seem to want to drink at night, but patiently advised him to drink until his chapped lips were slightly moistened.
They held hands tightly as if they were supporting each other.
It is so natural and smooth to face the condolences to the guests and thank them side by side.
Exhibition and turned along the exhibition will look at the past can’t help but whisper in her ear.
"When the funeral is highly valued, it can be said that she is recognized by Tsukiyomi ikuto."
"Mohist men will never change once they have identified who they are. Excuse me, can you see clearly now?"
See clearly.
She can see clearly.
That’s how she looks for it, and she won’t stay in her eyes.
It turned out that Mo Jun’s eyes would be so gentle at night, but they were left to a woman.
Show forgive heart envy gradually turned into envy her, even if jealousy can change anything?
So does she want to make herself an abomination?
Show forgive slowly close your eyes.
Well, she admitted that she lost.
Shen Han came home and Shen Xintong saw that he was startled and quickly pulled people aside.
"Brother, don’t you?"
Shen Han touched the pain, hurt the corners of his mouth and hurt him. He must be very funny now.
Shen Xintong eyes are red with love "what are you going to? Why do you want to go when they wronged you like that? "
With a stamp, Shen Xintong turned to get a medicine cabinet for Shen Han.
Wipe the medicine Shen Han eyebrows slightly wrinkled "light"
"So what are you going to? It’s too much for their population to plant us on the ground! "
"Anyway, Master Mo is an elder, and he once took care of me and gave him a ride."
Shen Xintong knows that Shen Han is unreasonable, but she just can’t swallow this tone!
Why should they be wronged? They will come with swords and guns to deal with Mohism, but they will not play tricks.
And it won’t hurt people’s lives. Those people are cruel!
"By the way, my brother and sister Sue will come to our house later, like you."
"Don’t tell her"
"Don’t tell me anything?"
Qian Su voice let shenyang zheng brother and sister looked up and saw the figure at the door.
"I heard about Mohism, so I came directly. The housekeeper said you were here."
Su Qian language is still capable and agile appearance eyes fell on Shen Han face immediately is wrinkly to knit the brows wrinkle.
"Fight with Mohist?"
Shen Xintong got up and smiled at the medicine cabinet. "Brother, talk about me and pour tea for Sister Su."
And she will soon give place to Shen Han and Su Qianyu.
"I’ll come to you when I’m better."
"I can assure you that it was a coincidence."
Su Qianyu thinks of the man who accidentally bumped into Shen Han, and then look at his physical injury. This should not be Shen Han’s responsibility.
"No, Mohist Liang and I have already married, and it’s not bad."
Shen Hanyun’s calm attitude made Su Qian’s heart faint with doubts, as if he felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t say it.
"Dad is worried about you, too. Go and see him one day."
Section 455
Su Qianyu walked beside Shen Han and stretched out his hand to hold Shen Han’s hand. "Mohism will definitely not let it go if you need Su Jiake to be your backing at any time."
Shen Han hesitated to hold Su Qian’s hand.
"I don’t need it yet. I want to finish it myself."
Su Qianyu couldn’t help laughing as if she guessed that Shen Han would say so. "You are the most charming at this time."
It was drizzling on the day Master Mo’s funeral.
Mo Jun held it tightly from beginning to end.
Bury the ashes in the grave. Mo Jun spent a long night in front of Master Mo’s grave.
The drizzle wet his shoulders, but he was oblivious to the sadness of his back, so that Gu wanted to hug him tightly.
After coming back from the cemetery, Mo Jun and Mo Anyan both went back to my old house.
"You have something to say. I’ll go outside first."
Gu Yi saw their uncle’s serious expression and just wanted to leave Mojun night, but she held her hand and clenched her fingers.
"You’re not going anywhere by my side."