"Hey? That is suddenly heard? " I thought for a moment and then answered this sentence. After this sentence was exported, I saw that the old woman’s expression seemed a little different. She turned her head and said a few words to the people around her-but I really didn’t understand these words!


The old woman turned around again. "Ann?" I didn’t answer this time because I didn’t know how to say it was my finger.
Now translate the answer just now into one
The old woman asked me who you are.
I replied, auntie, who are you? What, we met here?
The old woman spoke to the people around her and then spoke to me again. Where are you going?
In this conversation, we didn’t answer, but asked questions. There was a last gesture telling him where I was going.
(PS) I’d better write it in modern Chinese, classical Chinese and translation. It seems that you don’t cry? )
I talked with this old woman for a while about the classical Chinese next to this big stone. I also listened and guessed and gestured with her to get a general idea of many things!
When they live here, they can’t take the exam. Even they don’t know how many years they have lived here.
According to the statement, this area should be about two kilometers in diameter, half of which belongs to them and the other half belongs to another ethnic group. After listening to her introduction, I climbed to a high place to confirm that it is really strange here, half of which is land, half of which is lake and swamp. Together, it is a round place! According to my estimation, this is the heart of the array. Influenced by congenital hexagrams, it is also a dichotomy of yin and yang. These women belong to yin and live here, but there should be some Yang monsters living opposite.
After talking for a long time, I was hungry, too. The old woman waved her hand. At first, some women brought a few rolls of leaves with strips of raw meat.
It’s delicious. It tastes tender and rich like salmon-juicy and perhaps it’s soaked in water, so it tastes cold and has a special flavor.
There were not many things, and the four of us ate the iron in a few mouthfuls. "Well, it’s delicious. Brother Zi, ask her what this is?" "centipede, I didn’t even think about it." Wow ~ "Iron almost vomited out. I quickly put a hand over his mouth and swallowed it! I hate to scold the old man, "Do you know how much food is lacking here …" But at this moment, the iron eyes seem to have caught something strange. He prevaricated and got rid of my hand and put it in my ear. "Brother Zi, look at that woman …" "What does a woman have … Wow! What does this mean? " I was shocked when I turned my head!
The woman who brought food next to her was saying something beside the old woman.
The woman is still three feet tall, and even the "well" pattern on her face hasn’t changed at all, but when I talked to the old woman, she seemed to be ten years older!
There are a lot of babies around me who seem to have taken out a lot of babies from tree fruits at the moment, and those original women seem to be getting older!
"Is this a’ female tree’?" I suddenly had a flash of light from this ephemerality feeling. "The Gucci tree that was born and grew unexpectedly?"
The female tree refers to the ancient ancient tree. As soon as I remember that the master once showed it to me, there was such an introduction: "There is a silver tree in the sea. The female tree gives birth to a baby every day, and when it can be eaten, it becomes a teenager. It means that there is a mountain in the sea named Yinshan, and there is a strange tree called’ female tree’. This kind of tree can give birth to a child when it is born, and it becomes a teenager when it is eaten. At noon, it becomes old when it is late in adulthood, and it dies again."
I hadn’t thought of this at first, but then I saw these women grow old in a few hours and suddenly remembered this when they were ten years old!
I remember when the teacher said that it was time to remember something. Is it the dragon’s pen dust? There is an introduction to this in Silver Mountain in the Sea, but what we believe in in Buddhism is The Journey to the West.
Wu Cheng’en is really a person in our dharma who traveled all his life to seek magic and visit immortals. When he was old, he was once called a’ strange Zhai Zuo’. He captured Shan Gui’s evil obstacles in his life, and later wrote two books, Yu Dingzhi, by The Journey to the West, to record the wonders of his life!
In The Journey to the West No.1 Middle School, the story of Wu Cheng’en’s fake hand, Tang Xuanzang, tells the story of traveling, and "Yu Dingzhi" is a code manual of practice according to our theory. If the people in the practice hold this contrast, The Journey to the West can naturally get rid of those stories that are shown to the secular people, making The Journey to the West an introduction to the demons in our practice!
Of course, everyone in the world thinks that Yu Dingzhi is inaccurate, otherwise only a few of them will never be easily shown to others in practice!
In the chapter of "The Country of Daughters", you can see the detailed introduction of Yu Nvshu if you are a Buddhist middleman!
Section 31 Dogs seal Chinese people (first watch 35)
According to Wu Cheng’en, he once saw this strange tree in the sea. The fruit of the female tree ripened in seven days, and then it turned into a woman. This kind of woman can talk, learn tools and then die without learning for one day. Generally speaking, the female tree produces a baby for half a year, and it absorbs the yin of heaven and earth. Whenever the female tree begins to produce fruit and is ready to end it, it will produce a latosolic red fruit. This kind of fruit will be born, and the child can live for half a year to give everything to a woman born in latosolic red fruit.
I told my question to the old woman, and it was really good that she was the inheritor, but strangely, she told me another phenomenon. The female tree here seems to have never stopped producing. At least she doesn’t remember this one!
There are nearly 7,000 fruits in three female trees. If the seven-day rule is followed, the population here is about 1,000 at any time and place!
Time passed quickly. In my eyes, these women began to grow old and fell to the ground, while other babies who had eaten peel juice ran to take off their clothes, picked up their weapons and watched them die, then pushed them into the seemingly unfathomable pool of trees.
"This is our destiny. The old woman seems to have been used to this kind of birth, illness and death." Exhausting the cycle of life and death will never stop.
"I’d like to help you," I’m sorry to say, "but I can’t-I can’t find a possible way. The old woman grinned with a sense of detachment." No need.
Her voice is full of indescribable indifference. "Mayflies have a life span like us. We wait for death from birth. You may look short, but it seems to our mother that you humans taste it, don’t you?" She said that the mother should be the female tree, which is estimated to have a life span of 1,000 years-I suddenly feel that what she said is true, and we humans are just ephemerality Mayflies in front of the female tree!
I sighed, "You can see through that you are not a simple’ woman’ or because of your position. I pointed to the stone pillar and said," From there, it is this natural and natural Fuxi hexagram array. Your position is pure shade, and there is a female tree to stop production. I still have one sentence that I didn’t say, that is, Wu Cheng’en once said that people produced by these female trees have no soul and belong to a kind of lust among the sacrificial people, but it seems to be different!
I guess it’s also because of this circle.
Since there is no way to help them, I’d better go on with our own business-so I asked the old woman if she could find a way from here and we moved on.
The old woman thought it over for a long time before telling me that all the stone pillars in Fiona Fang belong to the connecting columns, and there is no gap to pass. If we can really say that we can go in the right direction, it seems that there is a gap in this tongtian tree, and maybe we can go.
Trees? This makes me very depressed. I have always been such a big stone pillar, but I didn’t expect it to be a tree!
"Let’s climb from this tree to calculate my own opinion, but the old woman shook her head and told me another situation. There are female tree people living in half of the land here, but on the other side, there is another race. They live in the other half of the lake and swamp and never look for opportunities to plunder female tree people!
And that race just controlled the tree in the middle. If we rushed over like this, they would probably find us and catch us!
When talking about this opponent, the old woman seems to hate those guys in her mouth who look like people, and the proportion is about the same as that of the female tree people. Their heads are greedy for food, and they are like hungry ghosts reborn with wings, except that flies have legs and benches, and they don’t try to eat them in their mouths.
I quickly guessed from her introduction that the female tree clan opponent was a dog-sealed Chinese! Looking at all the ancient books, it seems that there is an introduction to them that the country is like a dog!
There is a passage in "The Edge of the Mirror Flower" that introduces the dog to the country. duo jiugong said that although he is a dog with a dog’s head, who knows that he is very particular about the word "eating and drinking", but he hurts several creatures every ri, thinking about how to eat and drink. Besides eating and drinking, one can call him "wine bag, rice bag" overseas!
Although this "Mirror Flower Edge" tells the truth of awakening the world, it also tells the story that this creature is greedy and violent from one angle-I think that if the female tree people were not so tenacious, they might have been extinct by the dog-sealed people!
It seems that the creation of heaven and earth makes sense. On the one hand, ephemerality, a female tree tribe, has a short life, but the old and the new alternate very quickly. This kind of racial talent can coexist with the kobold people for thousands of years and it is inconvenient to continue!
However, these are all things between heaven and earth. The most important thing for us is to find a way to get to the first floor and find the way out. Of course, it would be better if we could complete the investigation by the way!
After listening to my report, Iron and Zheng Qu laughed. "Liu Ge, you are too timid. Are you afraid of a group of rabbits and big dogs? -so we just rushed over and started climbing trees. "Well said, iron is rare and has scruples." I can’t believe I can’t crush those ya.
"Ok, you try it. Sometimes I really admire them. When they should be careful, they always grasp the overall situation themselves." Think about those centipedes, these female tree people can nail the stone wall with one arrow, and their opponents are not weak.
"Well, it seems that it’s really …" The pig brain turned around and began to get scared. "What do you say?" "I said Mao, I can also turn to the female tree family for help" to see if they have any comments.
The old woman did come up with a way: "Every seven days, those dogs will attack our people and rob us of our food. By the way, kill our people and bring them back as food." When she said this, her tone was calm but bleak. "If you can take the opportunity to bypass the tree, you can take the opportunity to climb.
After so much sadness, I can finally get down to business. "Well, when are these seven days?" The old woman hey hey turn lips "it is today ri.
Suddenly, the female tree came with a clang. I looked up with the old woman and saw a woman banging on the skull of an unknown animal with a stone on the top branch.
"%%&$ The old woman replied and said to me," They have found out that the dog clan has started to estimate that the horse is going to attack us-you should act. If you miss this time, you will have to wait for seven days.
"thank you
The old woman left with a group of women, and soon these women tree people began to prepare. They picked up spears, bows, arrows and animal bones to make daggers and began to set off in droves.
Now that it’s the right time, it’s the best time for us to leave-I turned my head and saw that those three guys were still eating!