"Fine. I’m a little hungry, too."


I took Lu Keqin and turned around and walked to Hongyun. I called out Moyu and said to her, "We have decided to take you away. Have something to eat and we will start after eating."
Hongyun said "thank you" to me, and then thanked us for all the gifts.
No matter how to say, a woman’s heart is soft. Seeing that Hongyun is cautious and impenetrable, she feels that Lu Keqin can’t bear it. She is afraid that deliberately excluding others will make people feel more uncomfortable and pull me to sit down and say, "Let’s eat here."
"It’s the same everywhere."
As we all know that when we get to that dark river, we may not be able to wait for a boat immediately. If we have a rest place sometimes, we will get up and go on our way after eating a little in a hurry. Lu Keqin and I took a dun armour and gave me up to Hongyun, but we didn’t change the program. I still control it.
Just because I want to manipulate Hongyun to ride in the armor hiding place, Lu Keqin and I are very close to her. I didn’t expect that we would have a lot of troubles with her later …
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four Wounded tidings
As the saying goes, although Hong Yun has not been in contact with the outside world for many years in the trapped city, she can’t understand our words. When I told her that I agreed to take her with me, I didn’t tell her in detail that we were taking her to a ghost ship that could lead to the outside world and then let her leave on her own, but she was a demon after all, knowing that we agreed to take her, but she didn’t treat her as one of our own.
Colleagues can’t be a real member of us. The risks we face in this dangerous and dangerous environment are much greater than if we treat her as a real friend (as Lin Xianer said, I know that you will definitely protect us rather than others).
Therefore, after we set out, Hongyun’s surface was still so cautious, but it subtly brought her closer to us. She first failed to understand the language, so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding caused by everyone’s failure to understand my conversation with her every time. It was reasonable to ask me to let Moyu teach her our language, and she also avoided having too much communication with me. It was natural for Moyu to ask her to refuse. After she learned to speak Mandarin, it would be very inconvenient for her to tell her about the outside world by asking Lu Keqin. Lu Keqin said that Hongyun, a fox, killed Yu Mei, and the murderer was not worthy of sympathy.
As a result, because of two reasonable reasons, the two of us couldn’t refuse, which led to Lu Keqin’s girl and Hongyun chattering all the way and saying a lot of words. Lu Keqin already regarded her as a friend in his heart.
We set out at 10 o’clock that night, and we didn’t encounter anything dangerous except the red clouds in the shape and a lot closer to us. At 2 o’clock in the morning, we got out of the city well, and this river came to the underground river where ghost ships sailed.
When we came out, we saw that the city was indeed a tributary of the underground river, and the gap between the tributary and the main river would be so great. According to the sudden drop of the terrain after the river bifurcation, a huge waterfall was formed. From the city, it was a big head after passing through this fork.
"Let’s go to the riverbank in Wangtianhou, Zheng Shuang and wait for the boat." We know that not every place on both sides of the main river has a riverbank. After turning the corner from the fork, Liu Changzu, the front one, slowed down and asked back.
I waved at Liu Changzu to let him go ahead, even though we didn’t find a tributary here when we passed by on the huge ship, but the tributary was parallel to the main river, so it was easy to judge the distance from the river bank where Wangtianhou was, which means we have to fly for at least three or four hours before we can rest.
It’s a long story, but it’s shorter. After more than four hours, we went back to the place where we looked up to heaven and roared. This river bank stretched out from the mountain. Although we didn’t have the strength to fly while driving armored vehicles, we didn’t sleep for almost a day and a night. Everyone felt particularly tired
There is no danger to look at the river bank. Looking at the sky roar is the same as when we first saw it. We came to the place where the tent was once set up to unload the package equipment. We all started cooking together. After cooking and setting up the tent, we were busy for less than half an hour. Everything was ready for dinner. I, Lu Dachuan and Liu Changzu arranged the order of the duty post, and then the person on duty should sleep for one night (exactly, it should be one day).
In a blink of an eye, at five o’clock in the afternoon, everyone woke up and ate some dry food. Three people, Lu Keqin, Lin Xianer and Hongyun, greeted us and got into the tent. At this time, Lu Keqin and Lin Xianer and Mo Yu got along very well. They entered the tent not to sleep, but to rely on the "bed" to whisper. Three women cooed from time to time but could not hear clearly what they said.
It was also at this time that I knew that Hongyun begged me to let Moyu teach her to speak Mandarin because she had ulterior motives. I raised Yang to the tent and said to Liu Dachuan, "I’m afraid I can’t stop her from following when I get to the boat."
Liu Dachuan smoked a cigarette and said, "There’s nothing wrong with following. They haven’t been so heartbroken for a long time."
Liu Changzu turned his head and pricked up his ears. "What do you say about the three of them?"
I thought of the "man’s plan" and I joked with Liu Changzu, "You’re not just curious about what they say. No, I’ll set you up."
Liu Changzu gave me a contemptuous look and curled his mouth and said, "I mean everything now. If you are not afraid of someone twisting your ear, just go."
"Which pot is not which pot?" I kicked Liu Changzu’s ass with my leg lifts.
Liu Dachuan patted me on the shoulder with a smile. "Say a word in heart, Keqin has been spoiled by us for so many years, so please let her have more."
I nodded and said to myself, oh, my god, I’ve already let her go. How can I let her go?
At this time, Liu Changzu put his finger in his mouth and said, "Do you listen to the river?"
There is something strange about listening to the river. "You two tell them to hide behind the stone. I’ll go and look at it." I got up and knelt down and swept to the bank of the river. I looked down and saw that there was a monster rising on the river. Judging from the bright light in the water, it was a big head. Their flying saucers were about to turn around and warn Liu Dachuan to get ready for the battle. The flying saucers on the water stopped when they came out, and a door was punched at the edge of the flying saucers. I felt that if a big head without a helmet came out from the inside, They’re here to deal with us. They shouldn’t just reach out and cover the flying saucer slightly, giving off dazzling light. Take a closer look at what it looks like to show their heads. It was yesterday that I saved that woman.
Although we said that we were even when we said goodbye to her, I knew in my heart that this was not the case. There was no such thing as a stupid woman kissing a man. As soon as she felt that she had suffered, she wanted him to kiss her again and give her a kiss back. But now that I knew this, I was surprised that she appeared. At that time, I didn’t ask her name and couldn’t call her big head. I shouted to her like a friend, "Why are you here?"
When I saw it was her, she saw me and waved to me and said, "I was afraid you wouldn’t be here."
When I saw her waving, it seemed that she wanted me to go, but I was not sure, so I asked, "Do you want me to go?"
"It’s you who come quickly. I have something important to tell you," she nodded.
"Come on, I still have friends. I’ll introduce them to you." I asked her to come, which means one is to avoid suspicion, and the other is that I felt a little guilty yesterday because I didn’t know if this woman really helped us. She was injured and trapped in water for a long time, and she was extremely weak. She didn’t take her to the nearby Liu Dachuan, where they were hiding in the cave. She looked at the injury and gave her something to eat.
"When it’s inconvenient for you to come to me and there’s not much," she said, and her head was about to retract into the UFO.
"Wait a minute, I’ll say hello to my friend." I know that she said that it was inconvenient to move because her feet were injured and she couldn’t walk. When she didn’t have much time, she sneaked out behind her back to meet me. I couldn’t help but be more curious about what important things she had to tell me. I didn’t wake up after a sleep and found out that I had miscalculated the account yesterday. I thought about waiting for her to promise to know before turning back.
There are many big stones on the river bank. At this time, Lu Dachuan has called out Lu Keqin and others. Behind a big stone not far from the tent, they are ready to fight at any time. I looked at it and came back. They all came out with guns.
Lu Dachuan asked, "There is nothing in the river."
"Yes, I saved the big-headed woman and said she had something important to tell us." I turned and looked into the river and said.
"Drive a flying saucer" Liu Dachuan asked them all to look into the river.
"Then why don’t you let people come and help us so much? Just thank them." Liu Dachuan said and stepped along the river bank.
"It’s not convenient for me to talk about her foot injury." I looked at Lu Keqin.
"Oh," Liu Dachuan stopped. "Then you go and take us all to thank others."