I was very surprised to find that the magic bullet had been firmly locked in the magic bullet body, so I couldn’t get it into the things. Must I rob the elixir when it was born?


Heart awe-inspiring hand bottom but dare not neglect the large array and all kinds of preparation methods qi qi came out, and the drug god was armed with elixir to prepare for robbery.
Of course, before the robbery, the God of Medicine still gave medicine to the Gods of Shenshan. "Don’t be afraid to refine it into a peerless elixir. Now you are being robbed. Just do what you should do. By the way, get away from me. Don’t go near the Lei Yun shrouded area or don’t say I didn’t wake you up."
The mountain top of the drug god is the practice area of the drug god. Usually, the monks here are not many drug gods deliberately confessed. After that, some monks who stayed here drove their flying swords to the outside of Lei Yun.
Another mountain peak of the Antarctic old man star, which is slightly shorter than the medicine mountain, has a bit in his eyes and he can’t bear to give a leisurely sigh in his mouth. "Did your adult finally succeed?" Has Wu completely lost his will? It’s a pity that a good seedling! "
Dark and thick, I don’t know how many layers of thunder clouds have been brewing for a long time, and the more tired they are, the thicker they are.
Looking at Lei Yun’s thickness, the drug god’s face once again shows an expression of consternation. This is too outrageous, isn’t it? An elixir is just a robbery. Do you want to be so exaggerated? Look at this. The thickness of Lei Yun is even more than that of Du Jie in his previous years. I don’t know how many times!
According to the truth that the thunder clouds are thicker and the thunder is stronger, it is even serious to speculate that this thunder is serious! Fortunately, the elixir robbery should be a thunder. Although this thunder is strong, it should be all right.
Holding an elixir of medicine, the god trembled, but he also got up the courage to meet Thunder Wei.
This thunder is really powerful.
There was a sudden earthquake in the sky, and a harsh light flashed through the thunder. Dark purple thunder descended from the sky. Boy, it was a powerful thunder. The thunder was even stronger than the last thunder of the drug god crossing the body.
In my heart, I was shocked, and the drug god drove the mountain array to meet first.
Boom a huge earthquake, large array flashing violently, Guanghua failed to resist being ripped through a big hole.
Weakened, many thunderbolts still hit the drug god.
The medicine god shouted in his mouth, and the palm of his hand rose in one fell swoop, and layers of vines formed a huge cover to cover himself and his magic wand.
In the crackling explosion, the thunder of God defeated the layers of vines, but it was also consumed a little bit, and finally turned into a tiny thunder, which hit the magic in the hands of the drug god.
Magic shrugged his body as if nothing had happened.
The drug god’s heart is relaxed, and the elixir becomes an elixir. It should be over!
But the instant medicine god froze again, and looked at the sky through the big hole where the vines were smashed out. The dark clouds showed no signs of dispersing, and the second thunder was brewing again!
How did this happen?
The drug god froze. There was more than one robbery of the elixir? Didn’t it take a thunder to rob the elixir in the classics? How come there is no end to this?
Come to think about it, the sky has flashed a harsh light, and the second thunder is more fierce than the last thunder, and the thunder is splitting again.
I don’t know how this happened, but at this moment, the drug god can’t choose to be robbed.
It’s hard to refine it into a peerless elixir. You can’t just destroy it.
If you have to help the elixir, Du Jie, only after the real Du Jie can the elixir become its own opportunity and become its own advanced Mahayana ladder.
The second thunder fell from the sky.
The drug god swells up and moves his own ability. He should rob layers of vines and branches to cover up the drug god and the magic in his hand, and never let the thunder pass easily.
From a distance, the thunder reflected a huge semi-circular cover, surrounded by purple light, and many Lei Guang were directly introduced into the mountain of Yaoshenshan.
It was very difficult. After consuming a lot of branches and vines, the medicine god helped the elixir through the second thunder.
But it is the second thunder that scares the drug god, which is far from the end. The third thunder is brewing again!
How did this happen? Isn’t it weird that the drug god can’t figure out how to rob the elixir?
How come one thunder after another seems endless? Why are you acting like friar Du Jie? The drug god can’t help but seriously realize himself. After a while, he can be sure that his Mahayana robbery has not come.
This should be an elixir robbery. After all, if it’s really a Mahayana robbery, then it’s such a scale. How can the thunder itself not last?
That’s beyond my ability, so it should be the last three thunder in the Mahayana robbery to be normal.
What a peerless elixir! It’s so difficult to rob an immortal.
The god of medicine has expressed it, but he can also crustily skin of head and not help the elixir, Du Jie’s own planning for thousands of years, and those disgraceful means have all become a mirage, a dream?
Cheer up the spirit and drive the drug god to pick up the third thunder again.
Theoretically, a non-monk’s promotion is doomed. Three thunder should be the limit, and it should be over soon.
However, the elixir may really go beyond the rules of heaven and earth recognition, and may really offend heaven, which should not appear.
Three thunders, the day after tomorrow, Lei Yun is still there, and the trend has not stopped. Not only that, but there is also a faint light and a strong wind in the thunderclouds.
Perceiving Lei Yun’s misfortune, the drug god was dumbfounded!
Is it possible that there will still be fire, red-violet and heavenly winds in the elixir robbery? Isn’t it like a monk Du Jie?
If that’s the case, I’m afraid this elixir won’t make it! Wouldn’t it be a waste of time to do your best?
The fourth god, Lei Yaoshen, summoned up the courage to pick it up reluctantly. This has almost reached his limit, and even dzogchen Xiu can’t pick up the fifth god’s thunder.
That’s beyond his limit!
Holding an elixir of medicine, the large array dodges everywhere in its vines, but it is already difficult to escape the fifth thunder.
The fifth divine thunder accurately hit the elixir in his hand and dyed the crystal elixir into a dark purple.
Well, the fact that this lightning bolt has gone to the elixir has not been finally broken has given him a glimmer of hope.
But the sixth thunder came mercilessly!
He’s exhausted and can’t take it anymore.
Chapter 253 Heaven and earth robbery
The medicine god mustered up the courage and barely resisted a few who didn’t want to be killed by the thunder. He threw out the elixir in his hand and let the elixir go to Du Jie himself!
The sky is purple and Lei Heng is raging. Thousands of vines are riddled with holes and smashed into screens. Many places are forcibly ignited by thunder and fire.
The guardian mountain array has been completely smashed, and the divine power has been lost.
The medicine god vomited blood and foam, and his face was exhausted. It was unbelievable, incredible and unwilling. Nothing was worse than this when he practiced for so long.
How hard is it to practice an elixir? Who knows that after the alchemy, he encountered such an outrageous thing. An elixir robbery actually made him a fit. dzogchen’s mighty monk could not be hard-jointed. Once he was destroyed in the elixir robbery, wouldn’t everything go up in smoke?
On how the drug god is unwilling to talk about how the drug god blames his mother and curses the damn God. Things are still developing out of his control.
The sixth thunder falls!
Falling down the elixir is white and delicate, and the elixir is floating with a faint light. It is not hidden or flashed, and it is smashed by the thunder. The body of the elixir is surrounded by instantaneous purple light, and there is a constant flow of light.
The whole elixir also turned round and round.
The medicine god looked at this strange elixir nervously, so the elixir robbery is unheard of. According to the theory of what kind of quality will usher in what kind of divine thunder, it is reasonable that the elixir should have some resistance to this thunder robbery, and he has helped him block five thunder robberies. I don’t know if he can survive the next disaster.
In the purple and golden light of the elixir, there was a slight shock, and the body was furious. The thunder actually disappeared from the surface very strangely, and the elixir floated and stopped, and it bloomed faintly and white.
God of medicine couldn’t help thinking that it was an elixir, but he couldn’t stop himself from crossing the sixth thunder, just like that.
But then the drug god touched his head and wondered what kind of freak elixir he had refined into, and he himself had such a powerful ability to resist thunder.
What makes the drug god dumbfounded is that after the sixth thunder, the seventh thunder followed, and the thunder has undergone tremendous qualitative changes
This is a lightning robbery in 1999! What’s even more frightening is that this kind of thunder has gone beyond the radar of God to the level of social thunder.
Social thunder is also called demon thunder! There is a classical saying that "the demon is the club, and the thunder club makes the thunder fire and thunder break out …"
In ancient times, great demons were everywhere, which led to the disaster of heaven and earth, and the number of demon mines fell. That is why there are so many ethnic groups now.
Even now, there are still all kinds of animals in the virtual world, but it is difficult for them to be born with wisdom and become demons.
Otherwise, the demon race strength will even be a double day.
For example, there will be a small number of virtual beasts in the virtual wilderness, and there will be a greater chance to meet virtual beasts in the virtual wilderness. These are all monsters that cannot become demons, but they are stronger than powerful animals.